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Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle: White Paper
Systems Optimized for Performance, Efficiency, and Density
November 24, 2010,
Volume 153, Issue 4

Oracle's innovative technology and open-systems approach make modular systems -- and the Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems in particular -- attractive across a broad set of applications and activities from consolidating infrastructure through virtualization to deploying dynamic enterprise applications or cloud computing, asserts the Oracle white paper "Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle." Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle provide open modular architectures that deliver on the promises of blades without compromising features or functions, the 56-page white paper continues. The Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems present a comprehensive multitier blade portfolio that organizations can use to deploy the broadest range of applications on the most ideal platforms, such as Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM. They are also certified, according to the white paper, to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Windows Server and VMware. Optimized for performance, efficiency, and density, these solutions take an open systems approach that employs the latest processors, operating systems, industry-standard PCIe I/O modules, expandable storage, transparent networking, and consolidated management. With a choice of server modules based on the latest Oracle SPARC and Intel Xeon processors, organizations can select the platforms that best match their applications or existing infrastructure, without worrying about vendor lock-in.

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Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle

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