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Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Tools
Answers to the Questions Users Typically Ask
November 16, 2010,
Volume 153, Issue 3

The 35-page Oracle white paper "Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Tools" presents the kinds of performance questions users typically ask about Solaris Studio (What can I change to improve performance? Which Java program methods are expensive and how are they affected by HotSpot compilation? How are the threads in multithreaded executables used and what costs are involved in synchronizing them? ), and then describes the user model and its several steps for using the tools: building the target executable; collecting and examining the data; and using the Performance Analyzer and its displays. Finally, it reviews a number of examples of what the tools can do, including: synprog; jsynprog; cachetest; mttest; and mcf.

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Developing Enterprise Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio

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