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E-Business Suite Release 12 Certified with New Virtualization + Partitioning Technologies
New HP, IBM Certifications also Available
There are now new virtualization and partitioning technologies with which Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 has been certified. These are Dynamic System Domains, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and Oracle Solaris Containers. The blog also mentions new certifications from HP and IBM.
Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
Outperforms VMware by a Large Margin
Only Oracle offers integrated virtualization in the industry's most complete form that extends from desktop to the datacenter and offers far more than mere consolidation.

Access and watch the following flash demos to learn more:

  • Flash Demo: Oracle VM Server for x86
  • Flash Demo: Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Flash Demo: Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Flash Demo: Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle enables users to virtualize and manage their full hardware and software stack.

White paper: The Most Complete and Integrated Virtualization
From Desktop to Datacenter
A new white paper on Oracle's Virtualization Strategy discusses the new trend that data centers are now becoming service centers,which means virtualization technologies need to evolve to keep pace with changing IT demands.

"As IT organizations look to deliver on-demand services, virtualization requirements continue to advance -- and companies are realizing that server virtualization is only a partial solution. Without the ability to package complete application environments that can be deployed on demand, IT staff must manually customize solutions in order to deliver services."

Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 Download Available
High Availability and Disaster Recovery in a Single Solution
The new features of Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 can be conveniently browsed in the blog of Juergen Schleich, which includes a link to a three minute 45 second video that notes the solution's proven integration with Sun server and storage systems and its ability to support a wide portfolio of mission-critical applications and databases while offering high availability and disaster recovery for both physical data centers and virtual environments. Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 offers support for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Weblogic Server, MySQL cluster, PeopleSoft and TimesTen.
LogLogic Leverages MySQL and Oracle Linux
Delivers Improved Performance and Reliability for its Critical Business Offerings
A recent Oracle press release announces that LogLogic Leverages MySQL and Oracle Linux to Improve Performance and Reliability for its Critical Business Offerings. LogLogic, the release continues, has integrated the combination of MySQL and Oracle Linux into its comprehensive suite of security information and event management (SIEM) products designed to help its more than 1,000 large enterprise customers achieve regulatory compliance, protect valuable customer information, and improve the efficiency of IT operations. Using MySQL and Oracle Linux enables LogLogic to deliver a reliable and scalable foundation for its product suite and quickly provide a 360-view into customer operations, security stance, and more.
IDC Insight Report: "MySQL Thrives"
Solution to Remain Autonomous
In his IDC Insight report on Oracle OpenWorld 2010, Carl W. Olaofson writes, " ... MySQL users should take heart from the 5.5 release candidate and the ongoing support that Oracle has shown to this important open source RDBMS. It is unlikely that Oracle will try to cannibalize or otherwise compromise its open source nature or the community, and it can feel comfortable with its continued involvement in MySQL." He also found satisfaction in the continued assurances from Oracle that MySQL will remain an autonomous solution, even though, as Olaofson suggested, MySQL IP may find its way into other Oracle products.
Cloud Computing
Oracle Cloud API and an Archived Video
Jack Yu Peers into the Oracle Cloud, Shares His Insights

A link to the Oracle Cloud Resource Model API can be found in Arun Gupta's blog that also leads readers to the archived 21:28 video interview on Oracle Tech Net with Jack Yu, Engineering Manager at Oracle, who provides an insider's view of the Oracle Cloud.

Not all x86 Servers Are Created Equal
Oracle Sun x86 Clustered Systems Are More Equal than Others
Given that "Not all x86 Servers are created equal" blogger Ferhat Hatay recommends using Oracle Sun x86 Clustered Systems to ensure maximum performance. The newest Intel Xeon processor 5600 and 7500 series, Hatay writes, are based on open industry standards--and provide superior performance, scale, and efficiency because Sun x86 systems are optimized to run with Oracle's portfolio of storage, operating systems, database, middleware, applications, and management software, so users can reduce complexity and accelerate ROI.
Get Your Guide To Simple, Scalable Unified Storage
Features IDC Whitepaper on Improving Storage Efficiencies with Data Deduplication and Compression
Oracle's next generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is the ideal Unified Storage platform for customers facing storage efficiency, capacity and complexity challenges. This innovative platform offers up to 15X more processing power, over 1.6X more density, and unique features like our Flash-based Hybrid Storage Pools and DTrace Analytics for better diagnosing performance and SLA issues.

Learn more by accessing the ZFS Storage Appliance Resource Kit, including this featured IDC White Paper:

  • Improving Storage Efficiencies with Data Deduplication and Compression – Discover how IT organizations worldwide are dealing with the tremendous growth of data and the complexity of managing the storage for that data.

Many other resources are also available.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 153 Issue 1; Vol 152 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 151 Issues 3, 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 148 Issue 1, the top 10 articles were:

  • Timothy Prickett Morgan Says Oracle is Back in the UNIX Game
  • Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Software
  • Oracle Buys ATG for about $1,000 Million
  • Unified Storage For Dummies
  • Oracle Virtualization Overview -- Financial Analyst Webcast
  • Oracle Is a Leader in User Provisioning
  • Graphical Console in Oracle VM
  • SPARC Enterprise Servers See Expanded Deployment at Qualcomm
  • Sun Ray Software 5.1
  • The Oracle Academy Adds Sun Products to its Portfolio

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Manage Mass Provisioning Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
    Blogger Outlines Step-by-step Approach
    With Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control it is possible to provision an entire software stack -- operating system, middleware, and applications -- while simultaneously cloning databases, whether clustered or non-clustered, and all of this can be accomplished on thousands of systems in one operation. Porus Homi Havewala outlines the procedures in detail, step by step, for installing and using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control in his blog.
    Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch
    A Gateway Is a Gateway Is a Gateway
    As he sees it, the Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch enables users to employ Infiniband, with a single cable, as a single fabric on their servers as a gateway to connect to an existing Ethernet network, blogs Joerg Moellenkamp. Citing the FAQs on the Sun Oracle link, he points out that, "The gateway presents itself to the Ethernet fabric as a collection of Ethernet NICs." In other words, no new management issues as a consequence of adopting the gateway.
    Firesheep Killed HTTP
    Corral that Pesky Mammal with Free SSL Acceleration, Courtesy of SPARC/Solaris
    In case you hadn't noticed, Firesheep just ate HTTP. What, you ask, is Firesheep. According to Oracle consultant Constantin Gonzalez, Firesheep is " ... a free Firefox extension that makes it trivially easy for that kid sitting next to you in that Wifi hotspot to steal your Facebook, Twitter or other web services' identity." That could hurt, right? But what to do? Gonzalez suggests that the web servers need to move to HTTPS, but that can have a costly effect on server performance. His recommendation? The SPARC T-Series -- in particular the latest SPARC T3 processors -- which solve this problem by providing crypto-acceleration on the CPU, together with 2x10GBE networking capabilities.
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