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Eco-friendly Oracle
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October 12, 2010,
Volume 152, Issue 2

Oracle keeps to the green road

With the addition of Sustainability Sensor Data Management -- a new solution that helps organizations monitor their environmental performance -- to its Manufacturing Operations Center solution, Oracle has taken a big further step toward enabling its customers to monitor, manage and advance environmental programs, and, as a result to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, protect the environment and ensure regulatory compliance.

As reported in Environmental Leader, Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center with its new feature can be seamlessly integrated into existing Oracle and even non-Oracle process control systems, smart meters and building management systems. What is more, the offering can be implemented as either a standalone solution or as part of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Environmental Leader reports that the Sustainability Sensor Data Management solution also supports the collection of non-sensor based data, enabling the assembly of a comprehensive picture regardless of the extent of sensor automation, which further helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance for both mandatory and voluntary programs.

Oracle has also brought additional capabilities to its Oracle Depot Repair solutions with the addition of extensions to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3. These extensions now feature business intelligence dashboards that help organizations reduce waste, reuse and recycle returned materials more effectively, improve product designs and comply with environmental laws, according to Oracle.

Environmental Leader reports that the new Oracle Depot Repair now includes reporting and analytics to aggregate and parse comprehensive return and disposition data, including information collected directly from third-party logistics providers, processors and recyclers. This functionality, according to Oracle, is not available in other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions

Oracle Depot Repair delivers a single view of all return and disposition information from multiple disparate data sources that enables organizations to reduce environmental impact through goal setting and progress tracking for re-use, recycling and landfill avoidance, while also increasing value recovery, minimizing regulatory penalties and reducing returns.

Yet another new green release from Oracle is its Oracle Utilities meter Data management 2.0 solution that, Environmental Leader reports, helps utilities manage customer energy and water consumption data gathered from smart meter deployments and simplified environmental reporting. This is accomplished by pre-integrating green house gas accounting software from Ndevr with Oracle’s E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications, Environmental Leader writes.

Additional new product information from Oracle has to do with Colorado State University's use of Oracle Sun Servers and Sun Ray Clients to create an eco-friendly learning environment.

CSU's Academic Village, a combined residence and learning environment, uses Oracle’s Sun Fire x86 clustered systems to deliver maximum computational power for the residence’s engineering students who run Linux- and Oracle Solaris-based programs such as AutoCad, Fluent, Matlab and Pro-Engineer.

In addition, Oracle's press release continues, all Academic Village residents have Sun Ray Clients in their rooms. This allows them to access the servers in the lab for their assignments from a simple, low power consumption thin client. With all work being done on the server, students can seamlessly shift locations by simply logging into one of the almost 600 Sun Ray Client locations around campus and resuming their sessions with the server. Oracle’s Sun SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris are used to run the Sun Ray Software.

This centralized management using Sun Ray Software and Sun Ray Clients has enabled the CSU IT staff to improve security and drastically reduce system maintenance time by 97 percent for the Academic Village. Further, the Oracle release notes, Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients help support CSU’s commitment to promoting green IT in its datacenter, taking up only half the space and consuming less than 10 percent of the power of a typical PC.

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