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"Oracle Solaris: In a Class by Itself"
White Paper Examines Features that Set this UNIX OS Apart
September 16, 2010,
Volume 151, Issue 3

Oracle Solaris includes many unique features based on innovative technologies that are not found in other operating systems, including: Oracle Solaris ZFS, Oracle Solaris DTrace, Predictive Self Healing...

This 21-page Oracle white paper offers a high-level discussion of the Oracle Solaris features, covering the following:

  • Reliability: Predictive Self Healing, Oracle Solaris ZFS, DTrace, Live Upgrade, Reliable Networking and I/O, Oracle Solaris Cluster

  • Scalable Performance: Multithread Awareness, NUMA Optimization -MPO, Oracle Solaris Internals Optimization, Sun FlashFire Storage, Network Performance

  • Security: Process and User Rights Management, Network Security and Encrypted Communications, Cryptographic and Key Management Framework, File Integrity, Common Criteria and Trusted Extensions

  • Oracle Server Virtualization: Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Oracle Solaris Containers, Dynamic Domains and Dynamic Reconfiguration, Working with Oracle Solaris Containers, Comprehensive Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

  • Developer Tools Optimizations: Oracle Solaris Performance Library

An emphasis is placed on the link between Oracle's operating system, virtualization, cluster, and development technologies for the integrated portfolio the company now offers - the application-to-disk integration or integrated stack. The merging of Oracle and Sun technologies has been a natural one since the two companies have been working together for years to improve customer experiences and return on investment, the paper reports. Statistics cited identify over 40 percent of Oracle’s customers who are using Oracle Solaris, and over 11,000 Oracle Solaris applications.

The paper also reports that Oracle is now stack testing pre-release versions of Oracle Applications and Fusion Middleware with Oracle Solaris, to reduce the number of patches required and further enhance quality and reliability while tuning for maximum performance and scalability.

There are several multimedia components included within this document, which provide additional information. Links to talks by Oracle EVP John Fowler and Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven are among them.

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