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Start Enjoying the Benefits of Solaris 11 Now
11 Suggestions on Preparing to Take Advantage of the Upcoming OS
September 8, 2010,
Volume 151, Issue 2

start enjoying the benefits of Solaris 11, get ahead of your system peers and be a part of the future of Solaris now!

-- Constantin Gonzalez, Oracle

To prepare for the major upgrade of Solaris 11, whose preview release is expected later this year and its general release is planned for 2011 availability, Oracle Consultant Constantin Gonzalez outlines 11 suggestions interested users can do right now to begin to enjoy the benefits of the upcoming OS.

A condensed version of Gonzalez's recommendations follows:

1: Check out a Preview of the Preview

OpenSolaris 2009.06 is technically a preview to Oracle Solaris 11. Developer Build 134 is the most recent publicly available developer build.

2: Find Hardware On The Compatibility List

Hardware tested with OpenSolaris is documented on the Oracle Solaris Hardware Compatibility List. If the exact hardware component is not found, users may find the hardware's chipset or one close enough to run OpenSolaris.

3: Virtualize Hardware For Oracle Solaris 11

Get familiar with new technologies by using a virtualized server. "This also allows you to preview Oracle Solaris 11 on your laptop without having to reinstall everything," writes Gonzalez, who links to VirtualBox and Oracle VM for x86 as options.

4: Join a Local OpenSolaris User Group

"Don't get hung up on the naming details between 'OpenSolaris' and 'Solaris 11'," Gonzalez assures users. "It's all Solaris, and its all about great OS technology!" He links to the OpenSolaris Main User Groups, which are located world-wide.

5: Join One or More Solaris Related Discussion Lists

OpenSolaris discussion lists are worth looking into for assistance with technology problems and general understanding of Solaris.

6: Get Ready for the Future of Solaris Networking with Crossbow

Gonzalez instructs users to investigate Project Crossbow, which provides the building blocks for network virtualization and resource control. "It was introduced with OpenSolaris 2009.06," he writes, "and it will completely change the way you think about networking."

7: Get Ready for the Future of Storage Virtualization with COMSTAR

COMSTAR is a software framework that enables users to turn any OpenSolaris host into a SCSI target that can be accessed over the network by initiator hosts. Together with ZFS volumes (ZVOLs), this is the ticket to storage virtualization, he proposes.

8: Check Out Some Advanced ZFS Features

Some insight into ZFS enhancements are available in the ZFS: The Next Word talk.

9: Get Familiar With the Image Packaging System

To learn how to write software for, install, and patch (both manually or automatically over the network) Solaris 11, then study these two projects: the Image Packaging System (IPS) and the Caiman installer. Gonzalez also advises checking out the Software Porters community since many packages are waiting to be integrated with IPS and Solaris 11.

10: Get Ready for Migrating Solaris 10

Create Solaris 10 branded zones inside OpenSolaris. This provides an elegant, efficient and convenient way for easily migrating existing Solaris 10 deployments into more recent versions of Solaris.

11: Get Ready for Oracle OpenWorld

Expect more information on Oracle Solaris 11 at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 on September 19-23. If attending the event is not an option, then follow the conference on the web or plan on attending one of Oracle's customer events taking place around the world after the OpenWorld conference.

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