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Get to Know New Java Champion Josh Marinacci
Stresses Importance of Focus on Workflow in Application Design
August 25, 2010,
Volume 150, Issue 4

[Java has] found a good home at Oracle

-- Josh Marinacci, Java Champion

Newly named Java Champion Josh Marinacci, whose involvement with Java programming language dates from Java Beta in 1995, now views Java, he says, as " ... the language I go to for everything I work on." Readers can learn more about Marinacci in Yolanda Poirier's August 2010 interview with him.

In 2004, Marinacci co-authored the book "Swing Hacks" with Chris Adamson, as a result of which he was offered a position on the Swing team at Sun. As a team member, he told Poirier that the most interesting projects he worked on were the look and feel of the Swing windows and the Java Store - the first project he was assigned to that targeted the end customer. He considers his work on Java Store his best effort at Sun.

At Palm, where he now works, Marinacci told Poirier that he has built Websites using server-side Java technology, JavaServer Pages and servlets. He also does work on open source projects at Palm, he reported.

Marinacci told Poirier that, as a programmer, he has learned a great deal through his work on user interfaces, which has helped him become a better designer of applications. He stressed the importance of learning priorities in the development process, such as concentrating on workflow before tackling look and feel issues.

Poirier inquired about Marinacci's work with mobile applications, asking what he found to be the specific design challenges in that realm. Marinacci replied that his priorities in designing for the mobile screen were deficiency and respecting the limitations of the small screen rather than focusing on speed of response. "The design principles include fewer controls, making the most important task the easiest to do, and removing unnecessary features. The design also needs to be intuitive and fun for a broad audience," he said.

As to the future of Java, Marinacci said he sees the demise of the PC, which will be replaced by cell phones, tablets and netbooks -- all smaller and more personal devices -- which will run on Java technology, which he remarked has " ... found a good home at Oracle."

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