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Oracle's Desktop-to-Datacenter Virtualization Solutions
Overview of Server, Desktop, Storage Virtualization Solutions and How They Work in Unison
An integrated virtualization strategy is needed to optimize the datacenter and gain greater efficiency and improved flexibility at less cost, asserts the Oracle white paper "Virtualization with Oracle Solaris 10" that describes server, desktop, and storage virtualization from an Oracle product solutions perspective.
VirtualBox Bug Disrupts Autoreset of Differencing Disks
Blog Discusses Bug, Explains Differencing Disks and Immutable Images

VirtualBox 3.2 and up, at least to version 3.2.4, ignores the autoreset property of differencing disks, according to The Grey Blog, whose author explains, "This basically means that, after stopping and starting a virtual machine, the differencing disks won't be wiped off automatically hence changes made into your guest instance will be persisted upon reboot." He also offers an introduction to differencing disks and immutable images in a secondary blog entry.

Java Technology
Java Hotspot VM 17.0 and Garbage First (G1)
Learn More About These Technologies Included in Java SE 6 Update 21

Learn more about the Java Hotspot Virtual Machine (VM) 17.0 included with the release of the Java SE 6 Update 21 as Markus Eisele focuses on the latest improvements primarily made to the Garbage First (G1) garbage collector (GC) in a recent blog entry. The G1 is a new GC that is being introduced in the Java HotSpot VM in JDK 7. It is considered experimental and is available in Early Access only. Eisele shows how users can enable it and work with this "server-style" GC.

"How to Move an Oracle Solaris Container"
Three Scenarios Cover Basic Setups
"How to Move an Oracle Solaris Container," an Oracle white paper, instructs users, system administrators and developers experienced in the use of Oracle Solaris 10 on the procedure for moving an Oracle Solaris 10 container from one computer to another. The white paper leads readers a step at a time through this process, offering both code samples and illustrations.
Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation and Configuration White Paper
Configuring Oracle VM Server for SPARC Guest Domains as Oracle Solaris Cluster Nodes
An Oracle white paper sets out to teach readers how to quickly install and configure Oracle Solaris Cluster software for two nodes that are Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Sun Logical Domains) guest domains. Using the interactive scinstall utility, which is menu driven, users can configure all the nodes of a new cluster easily.
The Opportunity for Parallelism Is Where You Find It
Multicore Can Be More Useful than You Might Think
Ponder this: " ... multicore processors are a hardware development that software is poorly equipped to utilise." That, writes Darryl Gove in his blog on multicore processing and quoting David Patterson's IEEE Spectrum article entitled "The Trouble with Multicore." Gove takes issue with Patterson; in Gove's view, multicore is the solution, not the problem.
Sun Fire Midframe & Entry-Level Servers Best Practices Update
Includes Improvements with Firmware 5.20.x
Users of Sun Fire midframe and entry-level servers may want to read a July 2010 best practices paper which offers the latest information on improvements provided by the current firmware 5.20.x, and describes how to implement the new features to improve the overall system reliability, availability, and serviceability.
Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 Server Architecture
Specifics on the New High-end x86 Enterprise System
Find out more about Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 server architecture in a white paper that details the Intel Xeon 7500 technology and the inner-workings of the X4800, along with its systems management and operating systems choice. The Sun Fire X4800 is a new high-end x86 enterprise system, providing up to 8 sockets of Intel Xeon Processor 7500 series CPUs, huge memory, hot-plug PCI-Express gen 2 IO options, including access to up to 8 x 1GbE and 8 x 10GbE NICs and compute scalability up to 64 cores (128 threads with Intel Hyperthreading enabled).
A Petabyte: Not as Much as You Might Think
So Don't Waste What You Do Have: Oracle Unified Storage
From the days of thinking a petabyte of storage was unattainable and unnecessary to the present, when a petabyte is scarcely enough, follow along with Marc Hamilton whose blog on the subject leads readers, finally, to what he recommends as the solution: Oracle Sun Unified Storage.
Client Side Partition Alignment and Its Impact on Performance
Some Recommendations on How to Address the Problem
This blog is for users who create and access LUNs from their Sun Unified Storage appliances using either iSCSI or FC and who might not realize the impact on performance that client side partition alignment can exert. Blogger David Lutz characterizes this issue as generic rather than one that involves only Unified Storage appliances but adds, reassuringly, that achieving proper alignment is relatively simple.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 149 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 148 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Vol 147 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 148 Issue 1, the top 10 articles were:

  • Sun Hardware's Value Proposition for Oracle
  • Sun Ray Software 5 Enhanced
  • Ideas for Building Your Next x86 Cluster
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Enabling a Flexible, Efficient IT Infrastructure
  • What Does the rPerf Value Touted by IBM Really Mean?
  • Sun Blade 6000 Modular Systems from Oracle
  • Using the JavaFX JDBC Data Source
  • Java SE 6, Update 21
  • MySQL High Availability - Tools for Building Robust Data Centers
  • Open-Source Solutions Make Inroads in the Enterprise

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Presenter Console Extension Gives More Control to Slide Show Presentations
    Available with Oracle Open Office and Freely Downloadable with OO.o
    Slide presentations can be relatively stress-free according to Iain Curtain, who shares his recent experience using Open Office installed with the Presenter Console extension at the UK Hyperion conference. Its key feature is the way a presenter views the slide show versus the audience. The presenter is privy to a view of the upcoming slide, the slide notes, and a presentation timer, while the audience only see the current slide being presented.
    Zetaback - Thin-agent Based ZFS Backup Tool
    Perform Backup, Restore and Retention Policies for ZFS Backups
    Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. This freely downloadable tool is designed to:

    • run from a central host
    • scan clients for new ZFS filesystems
    • manage varying desired backup intervals (per host) for full backups and incremental backups
    • maintain varying retention policies (per host)
    • summarize existing backups
    • restore any host:fs backup at any point in time to any target host
    "Strategies for Solving the Datacenter Space, Power, and Cooling Crunch: Sun Server and Storage Optimization Techniques"
    Oracle Reduces Datacenter Space by 66%; Operating Costs by 30%
    Recognizing the possibility for economies in datacenter design and management, Oracle has taken on the challenge of finding those economies in its datacenters worldwide. Using the two-fold approach of optimizing power and reconfiguring datacenter real estate, the company has realized reductions in datacenter space of up to 66 percent and decreases in operating expenditures of up to 30 percent. The Oracle white paper "Strategies for Solving the Datacenter Space, Power, and Cooling Crunch: Sun Server and Storage Optimization Techniques" details how this was done.
    The Issue with Incompatible Cables
    Standards are Not Used by All Vendors
    If you have ever experienced incompatibility with cables, know that you are not alone. Joerg Moellenkamp takes a brief look at the common problem, noting that although there is a standard interface that connects DACs to the switches/NICs (SFF 8431), the reality of cable lock-in is quite different.
    July 2010 Critical Patch Update Released
    Includes 21 New Fixes for Oracle Sun Product Line

    The July 2010 Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) contains 59 new security fixes across all of Oracle's product families, including 21 new fixes affecting Oracle Sun products. Former Sun technologies patched in this update are Solaris/OpenSolaris, Sun Java System Web Proxy Server, Sun Convergence, Access Manager/OpenSSO, Solaris Studio, and Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server/Sun Java System Application Server. According to Oracle, seven of these 21 vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, meaning they may be exploited over a network without the need for a username and password.

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