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Java Technology and Oracle Solaris Travel-Free Training
Learn At Your Own Pace and Convenience

Oracle offers Self-study CD-ROM (SSCD) Libraries that allow individuals who cannot schedule time away from the office and/or prefer to learn new skills or hone their knowledge at a self-pace to do so. Topics include Sun System Administrator, Sun Network and System Administrator, and Sun Java Development. For a limited time, these specific SSCD Libraries can be purchased at a 35% discount.

Oracle and Open Source, Open Standards
Interview with Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven
Oracle's Chief Corporate Architect, Edward Screven, elaborated on the company's policies with regard to open source and open standards in an interview with Oracle Magazine writer Rich Schwerin. Topics included MySQL, InnoDB, Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware. Linux, virtualization, and OpenOffice. Screven summed things up in saying, "Focusing on open standards gives customers a way to create an infrastructure where they have a chance to integrate things, where they can avoid creating islands of applications and databases that they cannot integrate unless they take extraordinary, expensive measures."
Oracle's Plans to Work With OpenSolaris and Other User Group Communities
New Framework Offered to Collaborate With User Groups

In an email message posted on the OpenSolaris Forums, Jeb Dasteel, senior vice president and chief customer officer at Oracle, sent a welcome to all Sun user groups and encouraged user group leaders around the world to explore new ways to share ideas and collaborate on topics that are important to everyone experiencing the integration of Sun and Oracle technologies. He identified a newly developed framework put into place to assist in working with the 900 user groups that are now associated with Oracle and the International Oracle User Group Community (IOUC).

Oracle Solaris Video Blog
Various Tips and Techniques Offered
A truly handy reference for Oracle Solaris users is its video blog site where informative webcasts are uploaded to assist in working with the OS and various situations its customers may find themselves faced with. A recent example brings Brendan Gregg and Roch Bourbonnais, now Oracle performance experts and Fishworks engineers, to the screen to discuss the art of performance experimentation and how this skill can help tackle complicated performance issues.
Oracle Solaris 10's Partner Database
Where to Find Partner Apps for the OS
The Sun Software Library which used to let users search through Sun's partner database to find applications that ran on Solaris 10 is no longer available. The new location for this type of information can either be found at the Oracle Partner Network Solutions Catalog or the Sun Partner Advantage Program Partner Directory.
Java Road Trip: Code to Coast
Oracle's Java Bus Demos JavaFX, GlassFish, and More
The Java Road Trip: Code to Coast tour is traveling to 20 cities across the United States showcasing Oracle's commitment to everything Java. The Java Code to Coast bus is what Oracle is calling a "high-tech block party on wheels" with key Java technologists from Oracle, who will present demos on Java FX, Oracle ADF, Java EE 6, JDK 7, GlassFish, and Java ME.
Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VirtualBox VM, Sun Ray Server Software
Configuring a VM and Setting Up the Software with the OS
The process of configuring Oracle VirtualBox VM for Oracle Enterprise Linux and installing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 for Sun Ray Server is the subject of two blog entries by Jaap Romers.
The Current Shifts in Server Architecture
It's Not Just About Speed Anymore; Virtualization, Manageability, Eco-efficiency Also of Consideration
The news from the field, as discovered by an InformationWeek survey of 579 IT professionals who responded, is that system consolidation and increased use of virtualization are the forces driving server updates in the face of the need to extract maximum usage from available resources. Writer Alexander Wolfe reports businesses upgrading take the view that boosting capacity is no longer just about buying more boxes.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 148 Issues 1, 2, 3; Vol 147 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4; Vol 146 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 148 Issue 1, the top 10 articles were:

  • Slide Presentation Hints at OpenSolaris Road Map
  • Solaris 10 System Administration Essentials
  • Virtualizing Mac OS X Client with VirtualBox
  • Oracle GlassFish Server Released - Community and Commercial Versions
  • Oracle Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Sets World Record SPECjAppServer2004 Mark
  • Teleportation and VirtualBox 3.1
  • Oracle Solaris Certification
  • Cloud Computing and Java Technology
  • The NetBeans IDE 6.9 Release - First Under Oracle's Leadership
  • Sun Customers and Oracle's BPM Products

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    OpenDS 2.3.0-build003 Now Available
    Free LDAPv3 Compliant Directory Server Written Entirely in Java
    The OpenDS Directory Server offers a fully featured LDAPv3 compliant directory server with multi-master replication, advance command line interface, graphical user interface and much more. The open source project recently released OpenDS 2.3.0-build003. Visit the promoted build page and the Changelog for the latest on this release. More general information on OpenDS is available from its home and wiki pages.
    "Optimizing Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers and Tools"
    Oracle White Paper Demonstrates Resulting Performance Gains
    "Optimizing Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Compilers and Tools" is an Oracle white paper that offers an overview of Oracle Solaris Studio 12 Update 1 software. It includes recommendations for selecting the compiler flags, options, and development tools necessary for the optimal compiling and tuning of the high performance SPARC and x86 processors commonly found in current server product lines.
    Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000, Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Set Payroll Processing World Record
    On PeopleSoft Payroll 9.0 (North American) 500K Employees Benchmark
    The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server together with the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array system processed payroll for 500K employees using 32 payroll threads with a payroll processing result of 50.11 (time in minutes). The world-record result proved to be 92% faster than an HP rx7640 and 18% faster than the IBM z10 EC 2097-709 mainframe as measured for payroll processing tasks in the Peoplesoft Payroll 9.0 (North American) benchmark.
    Overcoming the Absence of ZFS in the Mac OS X Road Map
    Step-by-step Method Enables Legal, Workable Installation

    Given the removal of ZFS from the Mac OS X road map, Apple hardware (HW) users will welcome the method proposed in the blog "Installing Mac OS X in a ZFS Partition" by Karim Berrah, which allows Mac OS X to run in a native ZFS partition.

    Sharing ZFS File Systems with Windows Clients
    How to Use Microsoft Windows "Previous Versions" Extension with ZFS Snapshots

    An entry from The Grey Blog highlights how to use Microsoft's Previous Versions shell extension to browse through ZFS snapshots. Previous Versions was developed to allow users to browse through the previous versions of a file that have been shadow copied. With this extension - a new tab in a Windows Explorer's File Properties window - users can browse and restore a previous version of a modified or deleted file, including ZFS snapshots.

    Discounts on Technology Books for OTN Members
    Save up to 50%
    Oracle Technology Network members receive discounts on select technology books from Apress, Pearson, CRC Press, and Packt Publishing. This membership perk is just one of a few new benefits OTN expects to pass along to members. Find out what books are being offered and their subsequent discounts.
    Oracle VirtualBox 3.2 vs. VMware Workstation 7.1
    Two Reviews, Somewhat Similar Conclusions
    Two reviewers pit Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2 against VMware Workstation 7.1. One reviewer is Jason Perlow writing in ZDNet and the other is Cameron Sturdevant writing in eWeek.
    Migrating a Windows XP VM from VMware to VirtualBox
    Takes Just Four Basic Steps

    Microsoft Windows users who would prefer to use Oracle VM VirtualBox instead of VMware can follow steps outlined in a blog where the basic steps of moving a Windows XP virtual machine (VM) from VMware Workstation 7.1 to VirtualBox 3.2 are described and screenshots posted.

    James Gosling Explains Why NetBeans is Better Than All the Rest
    Cites Five Features That Make the Free, Open Source IDE His Preference
    Before the recent release of NetBeans 6.9, James Gosling detailed why NetBeans 6.8 was his Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of choice, listing five features of the free, open-source IDE as reasons.
    OpenSolaris Sun Security Toolkit (SST) Conference Call
    Get the Latest on the Project's Current State and Direction

    The OpenSolaris project Sun Security Toolkit (SST) is a flexible Unix and Linux hardening tool. A June 4 conference call, discussing the open source project's history, goals, use cases, and future, was held. Minutes have been posted. For those wanting to hear the information firsthand, a recording of the event is also available.

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