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Oracle Solaris ZFS and Sun Fire Storage Stores NASA Solar Images
Holds 144TB of Data for Further the Study of the Sun and Solar Activity
Oracle Solaris ZFS and Sun Fire storage server are helping warehouse close-up pictures of the real Sun for the University of Central Lancashire which is distributing NASA-supplied solar images from a new solar observation satellite designed to study the Sun and solar activity.
Download Available for Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2.4
Maintenance Release Improves Stability, Fixes Regressions
Within a five-day span, two VirtualBox maintenance releases were issued. The first was version 3.2.2, which was made available on June 2. It offered 38 fixes to improve VirtualBox's stability and correct regressions. Then on June 7, VirtualBox 3.2.4 was released to fix a couple of regressions found in version 3.2.2. Nine items were fixed in this latest addition. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware targeted at server, desktop and embedded use. This virtualization solution is open source and available as a free download.
Free and Open Source S/W
A Look at OpenESB from the Standpoint of Development, Administration, and Management
Includes References to Similarities with GlassFish ESB
In his article "OpenESB: the JBI Implementation" Massoud Kalali discusses both the new features and the basic classes one needs to work with in order to accomplish file system operations like copying a file, dealing with symbolic links, and deleting a file.
Open-source R Interface Available for Oracle Data Mining
Access Oracle Data Mining's In-database Functions Using the R Syntax
The open source 'R' programming language is now available as a user interface for Oracle Data Mining (ODM) software. According to the ODM blog, the R interface will assist the many statisticians and data analysts who work with R but are unfamiliar with the Oracle database environment or PL/SQL to use ODM's in-database functions easily.
Oracle Support Communities
Login and Engage with Peers on the Latest Oracle Technologies

There are more than 140 online Oracle Support Communities where participants can learn more about a particular technology - such as the Oracle Solaris Cluster - ask specific questions regarding issues they may be having, or share their knowledge and help grow the communities' think tank.

Still Using MySQL 5.0?
Security Updates Make this a Good Time to Move to 5.1
MySQL 5.0 is currently in Extended Support state, blogs Giuseppe Maxia, which means that the binaries are not in the main download pages, but only in the archives. As stated in the MySQL Lifecycle Policy, according to Maxia, only serious security bugs are fixed, and the binaries are provided at the company's discretion. Time for an upgrade to 5.1.? He thinks so.
Cloud Computing
Data Integrity in the Cloud
Drive Reliability as a Limitation
Henry Newman's ability to analyze complex systems and explain them in accessible terms was most recently applied to a discussion of cloud storage that blogger Marc Hamilton drew attention to. Newman's article "Cloud Storage Will Be Limited by Drive Reliability, Bandwidth," which appeared in, explains the statistical reasons behind the inadequacy of a multi-petabyte cloud storage environment that relies only on data replication across two sites to protect data, as Hamilton summarizes the argument.
Oracle Solaris Studio Express 6/10
New Release Comes with Build, Debugging, and Tuning Improvements
Just released June 3 is the Oracle Solaris Studio Express 6/10, formerly Sun Studio Express, and its Customer Feedback Program. The new release is available on Solaris 10 (SPARC, x86), OEL 5 (x86), RHEL 5 (x86), SuSE 11 (x86) and will be available for OpenSolaris in the near future. Its compilers, libraries and tools have been tuned and optimized to support the latest architectures. There also are enhanced debugging and code coverage tooling as well as improved application profiling and observability. Its integrated IDE has been updated and is now based on NetBeans 6.8.
Sun SPOT Repriced
The Sun Small Programmable Object Technology Project Still Active
Sun SPOT devices have been repriced and they are selling out fast. As of this writing, there were still availability for Sun SPOT Java Development Kits for commercial orders only in the United States and Canada at the selling price of US$399.00 and 415.00CAD.
Consolidation and Virtualization in the Mid-sized Enterprise
Oracle Sun IT Systems Deliver the Goods, Enable Significant Cost Reductions
Oracle's white paper "The New Economics of Midsize Enterprise Computing: Oracle’s Sun Systems Based on the Intel Xeon Processor 5500 Series" cites a recent CIO Insight magazine finding that notes increased IT spending in companies committed to cost cutting, a finding that appears to apply especially to the mid-sized enterprise. In that arena, with its typically smaller IT budgets, making purchases that offer the most efficiency and the best TCO is a critical exercise. This is where Oracle's Sun systems deliver solutions that lower total cost of ownership compared with previous generations of server platforms.
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We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 148 Issue 1, the top 10 articles were:

  • Exadata May Be Oracle's iPhone Says Ellison
  • Performance Monitoring Tool dim_STAT
  • Live Virtual Class on Oracle Exadata Storage Server Version 2
  • Virtualizing Applications on Oracle Solaris
  • Is it Per-core Performance or System Design That Really Makes a Difference
  • 'Single Pane of Glass' Monitoring Takes the Complexity Out of IT Systems Management
  • Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Applications
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Sun VDI)
  • The Purpose for IPS
  • Tadpole Topaz V2 - Ultra Rugged Mobile Computer

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Cloning a VMware Guest on a ZFS NFS Share
    Basic Steps in Creating the Setup
    Working with the ZFS file system and NFS share, computer consultant James D from the UNIX Admin Corner blog describes how to create a base image to use for Windows on a ESXi box to avoid having to wait for a Windows install.
    Solaris Recommended and Sun Alert Patch Clusters Now Merged
    Support Contract Required for Access

    The newly merged Recommended and Sun Alert Patch Clusters are discussed in the blog on that subject by Gerry Haskins, who writes that the Recommended patch cluster contains the latest revision of Solaris OS patches that fix Sun Alert issues (i.e. Security, Data Corruption, or System Availability issues). These are the top-of-tree patches that fix Sun Alert issues. He adds that the Sun Alert patch cluster contains the minimum revision of Solaris OS patches that fix Sun Alert issues.

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