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Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Sun VDI)
Product Page Has a New Location

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), formerly Sun VDI, is a solution for managing, hosting, and providing access to virtualized desktop operating systems hosted in the datacenter. Desktop virtualization with Oracle VDI allows users to access the same desktop environment from many different client devices and locations, enabling disaster recovery, remote office and work from home, and green computing through the use of low power thin client devices such as Oracle's Sun Ray Clients. Oracle VDI home page is now located under Oracle Virtualization.

Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Applications
Oracle Solaris, Database, Enterprise Linux, Fusion Middleware are Just a Few
Oracle VM Templates provide an innovative approach to deploying a fully configured software stack by offering pre-installed and pre-configured software images. Use of Oracle VM Templates can eliminate the installation and configuration costs, and reduce the ongoing maintenance costs. The latest templates target Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle's PeopleSoft.
Java Technology
Oracle GlassFish Server Control
GlassFish Solutions Now Available from Oracle E-Delivery, Oracle Online
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager is now called the Oracle GlassFish Server Control, and it is available from Oracle's one-stop download site Additionally, the Oracle GlassFish Server can now be purchased from the Oracle Online Store.
Configuring a Java EE 6 Project on GlassFish Version 3
Blog Details Process That Should Take Just 30 Minutes
Find out how to set up a simple Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 project on GlassFish v3 in 30 minutes or so by following Ant Kutschera tutorial. This novice to Java EE 6 and GlassFish found the open source software quite easy to use. He discusses some of the benefits in using Java EE 6 versus his usual Spring, and details how configuring his project with JMS, JPA, Web, EJB (session bean, message driven bean and a timer bean), security, and transactions was quite a cinch to do.
Live Virtual Class on Oracle Exadata Storage Server Version 2
Focus is on Features and Capabilities

Learn the key features and capabilities of the Oracle Exadata Storage Server, including an introduction to the Sun Oracle Database Machine in a new live virtual class offered at Oracle University. The one-day course introduces students to Oracle Exadata Storage Server Version 2 (Exadata) where they can walk away with an understanding of its architecture and how to configure, monitor, and optimize it.

Virtualizing Applications on Oracle Solaris
An Oracle Tech Days Presentation
During the Oracle Tech Days held in Hyderabad, India, on March 2010, Mayuresh Nirhali in Solaris Revenue Product Engineering presented "Virtualizating Your Applications." In the replay of this session, viewers will get an introduction to basic virtualization concepts and an overview of the built-in alternatives the OpenSolaris OS offers, including Containers, VirtualBox software, the OpenSolaris xVM hypervisor, and LDoms, now known as Oracle VM Server for SPARC. In this presentation, Nirhali compares the capabilities of the various alternatives, showing their trade-offs and providing a basis for deciding when to choose one or the other.
Tadpole Topaz V2 - Ultra Rugged Mobile Computer
Security, Flexibility and Speed in the Toughest Tactical Environments
Tadpole Topaz is a state-of-the-art ultra rugged mobile computer designed to withstand the toughest environments, with a magnesium alloy chassis in an integrated rubber over-molding that provides exceptional protection against extreme field conditions. The newest member of the General Dynamics line of rugged computers, the ergonomic Tadpole Topaz provides the security, performance, connectivity and display quality required in the toughest tactical environments at a commercial off-the-shelf price (COTS). "The Topaz is a veritable bargain," writes Conrad H. Blickenstorfer in a review by
Exadata May Be Oracle's iPhone Says Ellison
Partners Advised to Get Specialized in Sun-Oracle Solutions
The big game channel changer for Oracle this year is Exadata, says John Gray, group vice president of North American alliances and channels at Oracle, who spoke to Steve Burke, editor/news of Everything Channel on the Exchange Solution Provider segment of CRNtv's ChannelWeb. "Our pipeline has exploded around Exadata," reports Gray. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison more specifically told Reuters: “Right now our pipeline is approaching $1 billion for a fairly new product. I think in a few years the Exadata business will be measured in the billions of dollars per year of new sales. If you will, our iPhone.”
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 147 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4; Vol 146 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 147 Issue 4, the top 10 articles were:

  • Solaris is Still the OS of Choice for Mission Critical Systems
  • Configuring Oracle Solaris ZFS for an Oracle Database
  • Oracle's Strategic Acquisitions
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • The GlassFish Project Heats Up
  • Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems for Oracle Databases
  • Using Dynamic Resource Management in Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Sun Partner Frontline Discusses Shift to Oracle Practice
  • Oracle's Buy of Secerno
  • Oracle Sets World Record on Non-clustered TPC-H Three Terabyte Benchmark

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Research Group Recommends OpenOffice over Google Docs
    Discontinuation of Microsoft Office Versions Has Organizations Considering a Switch
    A recent survey by Info-Tech Research Group shows that 54% of organizations that have decided to switch from the discontinuing Microsoft's Office 2003 or older suites are turning to OpenOffice. These former Microsoft Office customers are having to make the decision to either upgrade to Office 2010 or select an alternative. For those who have made the switch, OpenOffice has answered their need and done so quite successfully.
    Performance Monitoring Tool dim_STAT
    Free Tool for Performance Analysis of Solaris and Linux Systems
    dim_STAT v8.5 was released in April. For any system administrators unfamiliar with the tool, dim_STAT is designed for for both high-level and detailed, monitoring and performance analysis of Solaris and Linux systems, and it is highly recommended by most working with these OSes. Amir Javanshir shows how the tool assisted in analyzing a Sun Startup Essentials member's system performance issues with an Oracle database.
    The Purpose for IPS
    Understanding the Motive and Importance of the Image Packaging System

    Although Ben Rockwood proclaims himself as one of the first IPS haters, he actually makes a case for the cross-platform package management system created by the OpenSolaris community. "IPS first and foremost is about solving that very problem of patch management and going from one known state to another known state," he writes. "It's not about being easier to use ... It's not about being more like Linux ... It's not about moving from a bunch of DVD's to a network repository... if you, like myself, just accept that explanation and take it to heart, all the other weird and bizarre changes they are making seem to make sense."

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