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Sun Oracle Database Machine Deployments
Customers Report Reliable, Flexible, Scalable and Secure Infrastructure with Performance Benefits
Recent customers of the Sun Oracle Database Machine selected the online transaction processing (OLTP) database machine for performance and expectations of responding to business challenges with speed and efficiency. The Sun Oracle Database Machine incorporates Exadata Smart Flash Cache based on Sun FlashFire technology to deliver extreme performance and scalability for OLTP.
Volume of Digital Data File Generation Exceeds Projections
By 2020, IDC Predicts 35 Zettabytes
The generation of digital information has not been affected by the current economic downturn reports Data Center Knowledge, claiming the volume is approaching 1.2 zettabytes, based on figures from IDC. At this pace, the report continues, the volume will reach 35 zettabytes by 2020, enough data to fill a stack of DVDs reaching halfway to Mars.
An Introduction to Virtualization with VirtualBox
A Developer's Tool that Should Not Be Overlooked
For developers who need to test network code for an application distributed across multiple machines, Eric Bruno proposes using virtualization with VirtualBox as an attractive alternative to maintaining separate servers. In his post on Dr. Dobbs, Bruno begins at the very beginning with instructions on installing VirtualBox.
VirtualBox 3.2 Now Available
Advances VirtualBox in Performance, Power, and Platforms
VirtualBox 3.2 is now available for download. This release is the first Oracle-branded one since the acquisition of Sun and it offers significant improvements in performance, power, and supported guest operating system platforms. The software is free of charge for personal use. Organizations with wider deployments can obtain enterprise licenses starting at $50 (USD) per user. Partners can redistribute VirtualBox technology as part of their own solution via Oracle's OEM licensing program.
Java Technology
Using GlassFish Without an IDE
CLI asadmin Commands Shared

Get a few basic CLI asadmin tips for GlassFish v3 without the use of an IDE tool. Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine explains how to start and stop GlassFish, create connection pools and data sources, and set up auto deployment.

Free Oracle Solaris Training
Available from the Oracle Open Learning Center
Learn about ZFS pool, snapshot, rollback and more at the Oracle Open Learning Center for Solaris. The site is offering some free Oracle Solaris training with content covering UFS, ZFS, Backups, and Restores for those wanting to become a Sun Certified System Administrator. There is also a free Solaris 10 Patching course that promises to help simplify patch management and save time.
Oracle Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Support for HP
Collaboration Begun with Sun Continues with Oracle
An HP QuickSpec pdf provides information on running Oracle Solaris 10 OS on certified ProLiant servers. The pdf notes that HP has long undertaken to ensure compatibility between its servers and the Solaris OS. Collaboration with Oracle has resulted in HP being able to offer the subscriptions and support for the Oracle Solaris 10 on certified ProLiant servers, while Oracle will provide patches and updates directly to HP's customers through Oracle SunSolve.
New Certifications Introduced at Oracle
For Partners and Customers
The Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS) are a new series of partner-focused certifications. Paul Sorensen, global director of Oracle Certification at Oracle University, provides an overview of these certifications in a 5:38 minute video. Targeted at professionals that work for Oracle partners, but not exclusive to partners, the certifications are designed to help those interested in Oracle certification to learn, validate, and verify their implementation skills.
Spring 2010 Release of MySQL Enterprise
Includes MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 with Advanced Query Performance Monitoring
The Spring 2010 release of the MySQL Enterprise Server is immediately available. A key component is the MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2, which Oracle states delivers enhanced query performance monitoring, improved security, and time-saving integration with MySQL Support. The monitor feature helps manage MySQL servers and reduce downtime by identifying problems before any outages occur.
Oracle PartnerNetwork Days - Virtual Event
Next One Set for June 29th
Discover what the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is all about by setting aside some time, beginning at 01:00 GMT/UTC (6 p.m. PDT/ 9 p.m. EDT) on June 29 to attend a virtual event where attendees can learn about Oracle's latest technologies and acquisitions, and how they can help partners build revenues via a complete software and hardware offering. Other highlights will include interviews with existing Oracle Specialized partners, virtual booths packed with downloadable information, and the chance to discuss the program with Oracle staff and peers - live and online. Registration details have not yet been released, but are expected soon.
Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server Released
Server Refresh Brings in Sun FlashFire, Intel Xeon 5600 Processor
Billed as an ideal system for building a cloud or technical computing infrastructure, the Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server is powered by the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series and supports up to two Sun Flash modules. The compact 1RU entry-level server is noted as one of the first servers refreshed by Oracle since the Sun acquisition.
RAS and the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
Economical Approach to Maximizing Data Availability
Get a detailed review of the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) of Oracle's Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems in a technical white paper that looks at each layer of the OpenStorage system and describes additional RAS features provided by Oracle’s storage appliance management software, phone home support, and upgrade procedures. Information on Oracle’s approach to managing and preventing fault events is also covered.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 147 Issue 1, 2; Vol 146 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4; Vol 145 Issues 3, 4, 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 147 Issue 2, the top 10 articles were:

  • ORCL in the Eyes of Wall Street
  • DTrace Solves Load Spikes Mystery
  • How SunSolve Entitlement Works
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox Tips
  • Looking at Performance Improvements Stemming from ZFS Appliance 2010/Q1
  • Tape Storage's Future Secure Under Oracle
  • iTouch App Allows Users to Monitor OpenSolaris
  • Support Policy Update on Some Sun Products
  • VirtualBox 3.1.8 Released
  • Sun Java Communications Suite VMware Image in VirtualBox

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    System and Application Performance, Monitoring, and Tuning
    Wiki Page Offers Multiple Article Resources

    The Oracle Wikis page "System and Application Performance, Monitoring, and Tuning" provides a wealth of information on Sun storage, software, and tools. Topic headings cover open storage, flash storage, CMT, M-series and network performance; ZFS, Oracle, MySQL, Web and other software performance; and DTrace.

    "Deploying Web 2.0 Applications on Oracle Servers and the OpenSolaris Operating System"
    Demo Uses Olio Toolkit to Simulate Workloads
    Oracle created Olio as a solution to provide a realistic workload for the assessment the performance and scalability of Web 2.0 technologies in response to the demands placed on the web by the phenomenal growth in social networking users. The Oracle white paper "Deploying Web 2.0 Applications on Oracle Servers and the OpenSolaris Operating System" by Shanti Subramanyam, Richard Smith, Paul van den Bogaard, and Adam Zhang describes a reasonably sized, scalable Web 2.0 deployment that was validated and tuned with Olio, resulting in several best practices for deployment.
    Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Manager and the NetBeans Platform
    Only One of Many Applications that Employ NetBeans Technology
    The pervasiveness (often undisclosed) of the NetBeans Platform is the subject of comments by Geertjan Wielenga in his blog "Oracle GlassFish Server and the NetBeans Platform." He points out that the performance monitor, which is part of GlassFish Enterprise Manager and allows for a window into Oracle GlassFish Server performance runtime behavior, uses NetBeans technology.
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