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Transform Supplier Performance and Information Management
With Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management and Oracle Supplier Hub

Oracle's new supplier solutions - the Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management and Oracle Supplier Hub - are built on the Oracle Master Data Management (MDM) Suite and part of the Oracle E-Business Suite. The two solutions work together to track spending more effectively, enforce supplier compliance and streamline the procurement process.

New Arista 7500 High Speed Switching Device
Uses Ethernet, Off-the-shelf Chips: Another Win for Andy Bechtolsheim
Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim appears to have done it again with his new Arista 7500, a high speed switching device built with off-the-shelf components that is capable of using Ethernet in networking schemes. The Arista 7500 is designed to send data between thousands of servers for customers who demand extremely high computing performance, writes Don Clark in his WSJ blog "Bechtolsheim Thinks New Box Changes the Game Again."
Running Java Applications in a Virtualized Environment Now Easier and More Practical
With Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option
Oracle recently introduced two new products it says ease the use of Java applications in virtualized environments. One is the Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, which is designed to help organizations quickly and easily deploy multi-tier enterprise applications in virtualized environments. The other is the Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option that brings together Oracle WebLogic Server with the JRockit Virtual Edition to deliver higher application performance and increased hardware utilization.
Java Technology
Submitting Changes to OpenJDK 6
Release Manager Outlines Routines to Follow

The OpenJDK 6 processes release manager, Joseph D. Darcy, outlines the procedures involved in submitting changes to OpenJDK 6, which he identifies as an implementation of the Java SE 6 specification valuing stability, compatibility, and security, adding that as an implementation of the Java SE 6 specification, all changes to OpenJDK 6 must be allowable within that specification.

Sun Learning Services Customers Receive Welcome from Oracle
Sun Education (Certification, Courses) Continuing Under Oracle University
Oracle University has issued a welcome to Sun Learning Services customers with promises of teaching all active Sun Java, Solaris, MySQL, software, server and storage courses as well as continuing Sun's certification program and honoring Sun certification exam vouchers. Additionally, existing pre-paid training accounts will be honored.
Free and Open Source S/W
Status Update on OpenESB
Future Will Rely More on Open Source Community
Given that Oracle now has four SOA products under its roof -- one from BEA, CAPS and OpenESB from Sun, and its own Oracle SOA Suite -- questions have arisen over which will become the dominant product in the new organization. According to Frank Kieviet's blog "OpenESB under Oracle, the winner is, logically, Oracle's own SOA Suite. Still, in a gesture of cooperation and fostering, Oracle is doing everything it can to protect the interests of customers with investments in OpenESB," Kieviet assures his readers.
Managing Solaris OS System Processes
From the Book: "Solaris 10 System Administration Essentials"
Publisher Prentice Hall has made Chapter 6, "Monitoring Solaris OS System Processes," of the title "Solaris 10 System Administration Essentials" available online to readers. The chapter reviews the commands users can employ to monitor processes that are currently executing on a system.
How to Get Recognized in the Oracle Partner Network
Tools to Evangelize Solutions, Services, and Customer Wins in the Marketplace
One of the themes of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specialized Program is to help distinguish partner solutions. Oracle's Customer and Partner Reference program offers solutions to help evangelize and recognize customer wins and services. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Alliances Judson Althoff discusses five different opportunities available from the OPN Specialized Program to assist partners in accomplishing these goals.
MySQL Server 5.1.46 and MySQL 5.5.4
Recommended for Production Systems and Development Environments, Respectively
MySQL Community Edition is a freely downloadable version of the open source database that is supported by an active community of open source developers and enthusiasts, and now owned by Oracle. The latest general availability edition is 5.1.46 with 5.1.47 in the works. MySQL 5.5 is currently under development and is offered in a beta version.
Cloud Computing
IT Progressing Toward Cloud Computing
Question of How it Works Advances Past What It Is, Says Oracle's Hal Stern
The Cloud Computing Journal reported on Dr. Hal Stern's talk at SYS-CON's 5th International Cloud Expo, which took place on April 19-21, in New York City. At the heart of his talk was the architecture of cloud computing, advancing this year's considerations to how this type of computing works versus what it is all about, which highlighted his discussions with attendees last year.
Oracle HPC Consortium
To Showcase Benefits of the Oracle and Sun Oracle Combination
May 29-30 are the dates for the Oracle HPC Consortium in Hamburg, Germany, where the company plans on showcasing the benefits of the Oracle and Sun Oracle combination. Presentations will cover Oracle Sun Storage 7000 series, Exadata II, Oracle Grid Engine Update, Sun hardware update, Developer tools update, Trends in Open Source, and much more. Registration is underway. Spaces are limited and attendance at the HPC Consortium will be invite-only and subject to confirmation. The Oracle HPC Consortium is just prior to the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) scheduled for May 30-June 3.
The Impact of ZFS Dedup Procedures on System Performance
First, Avoid Procedures that Generate Duplication

What performance characteristics are we expected to see from ZFS Storage appliance Dedup in the wake of the Sun Storage 7000 2010.Q1, asks Roch "Mars" Bourbonnais rhetorically in the blog "Dedup Performance Considerations." By way of coming up with an answer, he reviews the basics of ZFS dedup operations, then proceeds to an examination of the implications for performance.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 146 Issues 1, 2, 3; Vol 145 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Vol 144 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 141 Issue 3, the top 10 articles were:

  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000-32 versus IBM p595
  • Patching Strategy for Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle and Sun: Engineering from Applications to Disk
  • Sorting Fact from Fiction on Virtualization Comparisons Between Solaris and AIX
  • Scripts for Oracle Solaris ZFS and UFS Filesystem Administration
  • Channel Partner Strategies for Sun's Product Lines
  • Lustre Strategy Update
  • Get Better Storage Performance
  • Sun Storage 7000 2010.01 Release Integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)
  • A Standards-based, Open Approach to Network Automation

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Sun Connector for SharePoint Server
    Enables to Cooperate with Microsoft SharePoint Services

    Microsoft's SharePoint Server provides a single workspace for teams to organize documents and participate in discussions. The Sun Connector for SharePoint Server enables to cooperate with Microsoft SharePoint Services and adds support for the OpenDocument Format (ODF). The newest release of this extension is version 1.1.

    Java Applets and the Java SE 6 Update 19 or 20
    Know How to Mix Signed and Unsigned Code
    If you upgraded to Java SE 6 Update 19 and/or 20 and are having issues with JavaFX applets, then you might be having trouble with a mix of signed and unsigned code. Not only is this bothersome but it also could potentially be unsafe unless the mixed code was intended by the application vendor. A Java SE document explains the issue and how to ensure application and applet security.
    Two Variations on Separating /var from /
    Interesting New Approaches When Dealing with ZFS, Solaris Containers

    Jeff Savit takes a new look at two variations on the old sysadmin practice of separating /var from /. The first involves restricting /var for a fresh installation of Oracle Solaris 10, while the second demonstrates how to interact something similar to control /var within Solaris Containers.

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