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Scripts for Oracle Solaris ZFS and UFS Filesystem Administration
Screenshots and Code are Provided
April 23, 2010,
Volume 146, Issue 3

Scripts on administrating Oracle Solaris ZFS and UFS in Oracle Solaris 10 are offered by Prashant Pilankar in a tech tip on Oracle BigAdmin. Some of the tasks these scripts can be used to perform include creating an Oracle Solaris ZFS storage pool, adding a device to a storage pool, creating a filesystem in a storage pool, setting quota on an Oracle Solaris ZFS filesystem, creating a mirrored storage pool, adding devices to a mirrored storage pool, creating a RAID-Z (Enhanced RAID5) storage pool, adding devices to a RAID-Z storage pool, destroying a storage pool, determining if problems exist in a storage pool, and creating a UFS filesystem and mounting it.

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