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Mobile Desktop Grid
Harnessing Available Global Clustered Computing Resources
March 16, 2010,
Volume 145, Issue 3

MDG solution enables users to obtain either homogeneous or heterogeneous cluster resources, different CPU processing speeds, and various combinations of cluster CPU-memory-network environments

The Mobile Desktop Grid is a project designed to interconnect institutions that have clustered and non-clustered computers, with the objective to assist researchers who are addressing global issues in completing their intensive computational jobs in a shorter period of time.

Basically, the MDG project aims to assist physicists, biologists, chemists, laboratory assistants/researchers, computer scientists, university students, etc., who require the intensive computational power of clustered systems, but are unable to purchase the technology due to financial constraints. For example, researchers who are working with computationally-intensive software, such as biological modeling of diseases, might be able to find solutions to global problems more quickly, through shared global computing resources, reports the MDG project site located on

Institutions that have clustered computers and want to make those resources available to researchers around the world can sign up with the project. MDG uses open source technologies, including the Java platform which can run on any operating systems. Its hardware requirement is small - similar to any hand held devices that support J2SE, the project's site reports.

A 51-page MDG User and Developer Guide written by Tan Choo Jun and Ang Wai Heng covers MDG Version The guide documents the steps for utilizing the software, including registering a new account, adding a new cluster, finding MDG solutions resources, submitting jobs, etc. The MDG software (both server and client) has been deployed on Open Solaris, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Microsoft Windows XP. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL v. 3.0).

The MDG team, which works from Universiti Sains Malasia, won a Sun Technology award at OpenJive 2009 in Singapore for its work on the MDG project.

Institution with clustered computing resources that could be shared with global researchers are invited to contact the MDG team. Also, researchers seeking clustered resources, or anyone wanting to assist the MDG team in developing and enhancing the MDG software are welcomed to visit the MDG project site and get involved.

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Mobile Desktop Grid User and Developer Guide

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