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The Keys to Combining Two Very Different Organizations
Forbes Take on Oracle's Acquisition of Sun
For a management consultant's view of the prospects for the new Oracle-Sun entity, readers may wish to have a look at "More Than the Sum of Its Parts" by Reshmi Paul on The author analyzes the Oracle-Sun acquisition from the perspective of both parties and offers suggestions designed to facilitate a smooth, fruitful integration.
Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy
Documents List End of Support for Technology, Fusion Middleware Products and Applications
Steven Chan, senior director in the Oracle Applications Technology Integration group, advises E-Business Suite systems administrators to review the Oracle Lifetime Support brochures. This is of particular importance to those with Oracle Application Server 10g whose Premier Support is ending this December.
Oracle Leads in Predictive Analytics and Data Mining, Forrester Reports
Depth of PA/DM Tool's Integration into Enterprise Database, Application Portfolio Distinguishes Oracle
Oracle has been named a leader in predictive analytics and data mining (PA/DM) from independent analyst firm Forrester Research. In "The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics And Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010,” Oracle Data Mining with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 were evaluated. Senior Analyst James G. Kobielus writes that the company positions its PA/DM portfolio as a key enabler for both traditional data mining as well as the new world of real-time decision automation, content analytics, and social network analysis
Virtual Machine Migration
Migrating the Guest OS Oracle Enterprise Linux from VMware to VirtualBox
If considering moving a virtual machine (VM) from one virtualization platform to another, you might want to think about just creating a new VM on the preferred platform. However, if you would rather avoid a complete reinstallation and are interested in trying a VM migration, then read on to find out some tips on making the move as smooth as possible.
Free and Open Source S/W
Will IT Be More Open in 2010?
Three Reasons Why it is Inevitable

Inevitably IT will be more open by the end of 2010, contends Evan Powell, who cites these three reasons on why the momentum toward openness is certain:

  • 1. Moore's Law -> abstraction -> freedom and flexibility and openness
  • 2. Tight budgets -> open minds
  • 3. Open source critical mass cannot be stopped

Visit Powell's blog for details.

Pondering the Dedup Process: Synchronous or Asynchronous
A Primer by Joerg Moellenkamp
Seeking to address some misconceptions on the subject of deduplication, Joerg Moellenkamp's blog "To dedup or not to dedup - that results in a lot of questions" provides a primer on the process. There are two major ways to deduplicate, he writes: synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous variant does the deduplication while writing to the disks, so duplicates aren't written to disk; the asynchronous variant writes every block to the disk and later on it deletes duplicated blocks by searching possible candidates.
Cloud Computing
Oracle Magazine Feature Cast: "Clouds Bring Agility to the Enterprise"
With Sushil Kumar, Oracle VP of Product Strategy and Business Development

An Oracle Magazine Feature Cast discusses cloud computing with Sushil Kumar, vice president of Product Strategy and Business Development at Oracle. It is a two part podcast entitled "Clouds Bring Agility to the Enterprise." Part one covers where cloud computing is today, what the drivers are, and what are some of the concerns. Part two discusses what the objectives are for Oracle is in this space and where the company is in providing these types of solutions.

How Service Domain Manager Works
Sun Grid Engine 6.2ut Add-on Manages Shared Resources

The nature and functions of Service Domain Manager (SDM), an add-on component for Sun Grid Engine 6.2u5, are described in DanT's GridBlog. He writes that SDM is designed to allow for services of all types to share resources with each other. He explains that each cluster has a set of performance metrics specified via service level objectives (SLOs). If at any point a cluster is in violation of its SLOs, it appeals to the SDM resource provider service for additional resources. The resource provider will look for resources wherever they're available and, finding them, will re-assign the resources to the cluster in need.

MySQL Conference and Expo Set for April 12-15, 2010
Save Up to $250 by Registering Before March 19
The MySQL Conference & Expo is set for April 12-15, 2010, in Santa Clara, Calif. Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle Edward Screven is set to speak along with Kaj Arno, VP of the MySQL Community; Johan Andersson, a senior manager with MySQL; and a number of other industry professionals. To save $250 off the conference plus tutorials price, register before March 15, 2010.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 144 Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4; Vol 143 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 143 Issue 4, the top 10 articles were:

  • What Customers Can Expect from the New Sun
  • Sun's Niagara 3
  • Oracle Rebrands Solaris and Associated Products
  • Oracle Expects Profit from Sun Sooner Rather Than Later
  • Home Server Users, Here Are Seven Useful Tips
  • Sun HotSpot Java Virtual Machine and JRockit JVM Will Likely Merge
  • VirtualBox Joins Oracle's Enterprise Virtualization Portfolio
  • Installing Solaris 10 OS as a VM Under an Oracle VM Environment
  • How to Spec (or not) with HTML5 as an Example
  • JavaOne Conference Call for Papers Issued

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    NetBeans IDE Java Shortcuts
    10 Keyboard Shortcuts You May Have Never Known About
    Although Geertjan Wielenga has been working with the NetBeans IDE and Platform for some time, he recently was introduced to a few NetBeans IDE Java shortcuts. He will be adding these to the NetBeans IDE Keyboard Shortcut Card, which can always be found under the "Help" menu in the IDE, for version 6.9. He decided to share his top 10 recently realized shortcuts in a blog entry.
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