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Must Have Applications for the Mac OS X
Includes IM Client, RSS Reader, To-do, VNC Viewer, IRC, Virtualization Software, and More
January 12, 2010,
Volume 143, Issue 2

Without my desktop I can't accomplish real work, but for the road I need my MacBook Pro.

-- Ben Rockwood

Ben Rockwood definitely uses a "real UNIX workstation" for his daily work needs; however, he does love his MacBook Pro for a few reasons, one of which is that OS X has UNIX underneath. Believing that there are others who too love Mac OS X, Rockwood lists what he identifies as his "must have apps" for his beloved Mac laptop:

  • iTerm: Although the default terminal application has improved significantly making iTerm unnecessary, Rockwood remains faithful.

  • Adium: In Rockwood's opinion, Adium is the best multi-protocol IM client available for Mac. "I just can't stand having a real discussion in those iChat balloons," he writes.

  • TrueCrypt: TrueCrypt makes it easy to create small encrypted drives on which to store sensitive data. Plus, the virtual drives it creates are cross-platform.

  • Things: Light-weight and easy to use, Rockwood names it the best to-do application available.

  • RealVNC: Maybe not as "sexy" as "Chicken of the VNC," but it works every time without a problem.

  • Colloquy: If you are an Xchat user who is looking for a nicely integrated IRC client for OS X, Colloquy is the best.

  • iShowU: Best screen recording app since it's easy to use, very flexible and lightweight. Rockwood recommends using the Quicktime Animation CODEC when creating screencasts.

  • Cornerstone: If you do a lot of SVN work, Rockwood states you won't want to miss trying Cornerstone.

His honorable mention list includes:

  • Textmate
  • iWork '09
  • iLife '09
  • Skitch
  • iStumbler
  • Netbeans
  • Navicat Lite
  • OmniGraffle
  • ...

Rockwood also discusses hardware and shares two lesser known points about Leopard.

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