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"Solaris 10 Security Essentials"
Guide to Deploying and Managing Secure Computer Environments
December 29, 2009,
Volume 142, Issue 5

While the title suggests this is only for Solaris 10, all of the concepts are applicable to OpenSolaris as well

-- one of the book's authors

"Solaris 10 Security Essentials" describes the various security technologies contained in the Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems. The book describes how to make installations secure and how to configure the OS to the particular needs of your environment. The authors present the material in a straightforward way that makes it accessible to system administrators at all levels.

"While the title suggests this is only for Solaris 10, all of the concepts are applicable to OpenSolaris as well, though some of the examples may differ slightly in OpenSolaris," writes one of the authors.

The strengths of Solaris' security model are its scalability and its adaptability. It can protect a single user with login authentication or multiple users with Internet and intranet configurations requiring user-rights management, authentication, encryption, IP security, key management, and more. This book is written for users who need to secure their laptops, network administrators who must secure an entire company, and everyone in between.

The book's topics include

  • Zones virtualization security
  • System hardening
  • Trusted Extensions (Multi-layered Security)
  • Privileges and role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Cryptographic services and key management
  • Auditing
  • Network security
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)

In one informal review, a customer writes, "Just as it says on the cover, it's essential. I've had it for a couple days and now I can't live without it. It's answered so many nagging questions. Yay Solaris!"

Solaris 10 Security Essentials is the first in a new series on Solaris system administration. This guide is meant to assist its readers in deploying and managing secure computer environments.

It is available on Amazon, Kindle, Safari, and in bookstores.

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