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As of December 31st, 2009
December 31, 2009,
Volume 142, Issue 5

Community Article: Plex Mirroring for Business Continuity With Veritas Volume Manager and the Solaris 10 OS

This community-submitted article shows how to configure a business continuity setup for a small IT environment using Veritas Storage Foundation version 4.1 (VxVM) from Symantec and the Solaris OS. The author used vxmake to create the individual elements such as subdisks and plexes. This article can provide an idea of how to handle the virtual entities of Veritas Volume Manager.

Community Tech Tip: How to Leave Scripts Running When You Log Off

A BigAdmin user posted this on our community wiki. The tech tip highlights the usefulness of the trap command for trapping the SIGTERM, 1, signal to enable scripts to keep running after the user who started the process logs off. It also shows the usefulness of trapping the SIGTERM, 15, signal and running commands just before a script exits.

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