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Oracle Publicly Pledges 10 MySQL Commitments
Posts List on Website to Reassure EU, Customers, Developers, Users
Oracle has listed 10 promises on its Website in regards to maintaining MySQL when it acquires Sun. Oracle states that it has engaged in constructive discussions with the European Commission regarding the Oracle/Sun transaction, and in particular the maintenance of MySQL as a competitive force in the database market. It published this list of commitments in order to further reassure the Commission, customers, developers and users of its plans for MySQL.
Oracle Reports Quarter Profits Up, Sun Deal to Close
Executives Review 2QFY10 Along With Plans for Sun
Oracle's results for its fiscal second quarter showed profits jumped 13 percent. New software licenses rose 2 percent in the three months ending Nov. 30, which is better than the company's earlier prediction and comes after four straight quarters of declines, reported AP. Speaking during a conference call held Dec. 17 on the earnings report, Oracle executives also declared victory in their quest to acquire Sun.
Sun Wins Cases Against Two Intellectual Property Violators
Company Resolute on Protecting Investment, Value of Sun's Brand

Sun has won intellectual property cases in both the United States and Britain, reflecting strong efforts by Sun to protect its IP rights and market integrity, the company said. In the U.S. case, Sun obtained a federal court judgment against Sun Valley Technical Repair, describing it as a major counterfeiter of its products. The U.K. High Court of Justice also ruled in Sun's favor stating that British firm M-Tech Data infringed upon Sun's registered trademarks by importing Sun product into Europe without authorization.

    Hardening the Oracle Database with Solaris Security Features
    Brief Video Demonstration Shows Some of What Solaris Can Do
    Christoph Schuba in Solaris Security hosts a brief presentation on protecting Oracle applications with built-in Solaris Security features. Recorded during the Oracle Open World 2009 event, Schuba states that he along with Glenn Faden created a system that takes advantage of the security features available in Solaris.
    Zones and Ops Center 2.5
    Highlights on Ops Center Capabilities in Handling Zones
    Sun Ops Center 2.5 offers enhanced support for virtualization solutions such as Solaris Zones. Owen Allen briefly highlights what users can do with Zones in the latest release of this comprehensive management software for physical and virtual systems. This includes managing, monitoring and working with both global and local Zones.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    New Fine-Grained Entitlement Enforcement Engine and Directory Proxy Server
    Added to Sun's Identity Management Portfolio
    Sun announced the availability of a new, fine-grained entitlement enforcement engine as part of OpenSSO Express 9, and a next-generation directory proxy server as part of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2. The entitlement enforcement engine supports enterprise deployments and provides mass-scale extranet deployments with a complete off-the-shelf, standards-based solution that can externalize authorization for more than 100 million users. The new directory proxy server proactively maintains up-time as activity increases with a "global index" to help easily distribute and balance loads - based on factors such as any identity attribute or based on a traffic distribution algorithms.
    "Guide to MySQL Embedded Server for Microsoft Windows"
    White Paper Outlines Reasons MySQL on Windows is Preferred

    Seventy-two percent of MySQL ISV / OEM customers responding to a 2009 survey use Windows for development and 59% use Windows as their application's deployment platform. With these statistics in mind, a guide has been written pointing out the reasons MySQL on Windows is more popular than Microsoft databases along with tips and links to various resources on how to develop and optimize MySQL applications on Windows.

    More on Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7.0
    List of Features and Benefits
    Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 7.0 improves performance by more than three times when compared to its predecessor, Sun reports, and improves authentication and modification performance by 60 percent, allowing customers to accelerate their applications without changing one line of code. See a comprehensive list of DSEE 7.0's features and benefits for more information on this release.
    Database Study Observes Performance Gains of Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array
    Examines Query Performance for Data Warehousing Workload
    A database study comparing the performance of storage architectures using Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array and storage architecture based only on traditional hard disks was recently conducted, and its results presented by Chang Shu. Both atomic queries such as sorts / joins, and advanced queries containing complex business logic were tested in order to observe the performance gains in using F5100 Flash Array.
    A Look at the Advantages and Risks of Open Storage
    Bob Worrall and Art Licht Examine the Subject
    The advantages and risks of open storage, especially from the CIO's perspective, is the subject of Sun CIO Bob Worrall's discussion with Distinguished Engineer Art Licht of Sun Global Sales and Services. The talk begins with a definition of open storage, which is, "... a new way to build a storage product by using open, industry-standard components ... that offers a simpler, less-expensive way to manage data," in Licht's words.
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