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White Paper Details Sun's 50,000 User Benchmark Results on Oracle BI EE
Sun Software Engineer Also Adds Some Interesting Insight
An Oracle white paper explains how the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE) Release performs under high user-loads, and how well it scales vertically and horizontally on two Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 servers running Solaris 10. The two identical T5440 servers, each with 4 x 8-Core 1.6 GHz UltraSPARC T2 Plus processors delivered the best performance of 50,000 concurrent BI EE users at around 63% CPU utilization.
Improved Management, User Experience, Power Consumption Woos Online Map Provider to Sun
Mapion Achieves 99.999% Availability with Sun Technologies
The Japanese online map search service Mapion recently standardized its systems environment on Sun, running Solaris 10 and deploying Sun servers, Sun StorageTek 9985V system for storage, and Solaris Containers to improve performance in its data center. Mapion Mobile leveraged MySQL Cluster Database to create a database with 99.999% availability; while Mapion BB for its broadband users deployed open source technology using the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server to reduce application management time.
Java Technology
Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 Now Available
Platform Flexibility, Development Simplification Enhance Latest Version
The much anticipated Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) has been released. New additions include Java Context and Dependency Injections (CDI), Java EE Profiles, the new Web Services and Interoperability (WSIT) features that came from the Microsoft collaboration, and many new APIs for REST-based services, and REST-based administration of enterprise applications. Additional updates to the platform include Servlets 3.0, JSF 2.0, EJB 3.1, Java Persistence 2.0, Java EE Connector API updates, among others.
Modular Version of Java ME in the Works
To Bring Mobile Features to Netbooks

A modular version of Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) could be on the horizon, at least that's what Jeet Kaul, vice president of Sun's client software group, told The Register. The goal is to make this version available sometime in 2010, allowing netbooks running Java to offer more of the kinds of features used in cell phones and bring functionality found on laptops to some smart phones.

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3
Reduces Application and Deployment Complexity
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 is the latest release of Sun's commercial Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application server. Its open source counterpart is GlassFish v3. The Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 provides features to help improve start-up time and reduce resource utilization, and introduces new features to its management and monitoring capabilities including fine grained and low overhead monitoring. It fully supports the new Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6).
Sun White Paper Describes Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0
Discusses Features, Benefits, Installation and Configuration
Curious about the Sun GlassFish Web Space Server? A Sun white paper provides a brief technical overview of this next-generation portal server platform, as well as the steps to install and configure it. The 44-page PDF details the features and benefits of the GlassFish Web Space Server, highlights its architecture, and then describes the installation and configuration process.
Tutorial: DTrace by Example
Practical, Real-world Use Cases Presented

Senior Engineer Rickey C. Weisner has written a tutorial on DTrace to illustrate how the diagnostic tool can be used to help analyze real-world applications. With an emphasis on practical use, Weisner employs DTrace to analyze several applications and uses mpstat and prstat information to show which questions one should ask and how one can use DTrace to answer these questions.

10 Reasons ZFS is Insanely Great
Some of the Amazing Features in Sun's Open Source ZFS File System
Paul Rubens with Enterprise Networking Planet lists what he believes are the top 10 features of Sun's open source ZFS file system. These include checksums in metadata for data integrity, copy on write, data snapshots with Time Slider, pooled data storage, RAIDZ and RAIDZ2, among others.
Sun Identity Management Suite Partner Integrations
New Summary Briefs Highlight Available Integration Solutions

According to Daniel P. Raskin in Sun Identity Marketing Division, the company works hard on ensuring its Sun Identity Management solutions can be integrated with all kinds of popular third party solutions. Recently, Sun published five new solutions briefs on this type of integration. These PDFs provide information on Sun Identity Management Suite partner integrations with Sun ISV partners ARCOT, BrinQa, Cyber-Ark, Intellitactics and Passlogix.

Visual Guide to Importing/Exporting Data Between Excel and MySQL
Uses MySQL's ODBC Connector
The Sun/MySQL white paper "A Visual Guide to Importing and Exporting Data Between Microsoft Excel and MySQL" discusses the process using MySQL’s ODBC Connector in conjunction with Excel 2007 and Access 2007’s native import/export capabilities.
Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 4
Information on Latest Update Along With a Beginner's Guide
Sun Grid Engine is a distributed resources management (DRM) system that maximizes resource utilization and workload throughput while adhering to resource allocation policies and business rules. Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 4 release is the latest available version. It is a bug fix update release and delivers no new features. Anyone interested in the DRM system may want to read a blog entry authored by Dan Templeton that provides the basics on the Sun Grid Engine to help new users get started.
Sun Tech Days Conference World Tour
More Than 40 Expert-led Sessions Across Four Tracks
The Sun Tech Days worldwide developer conference for 2009-10 is a multi-city world tour designed to showcase how the developer community can leverage Sun technologies, services and products to drive the next generation of industry innovation. Each Tech Days event for 2009-10 has four tracks: Enterprise Computing, Client Technologies, OpenSolaris and Hands-on Labs. There also is a demo showcase of open source technologies and Sun partners' solutions as well as lighting talks.
Mobility, Flexibility, Small Form Factor Set Tadpole Rack Mount Servers Apart
Systems Provide Universal Building Blocks to Deploy Virtualization, Mobile Environments
Ensuring that critical, decision-quality information flows seamlessly, securely and expediently in the most demanding field conditions, Tadpole Rack Mount Servers offer rapidly deployable, mobile-rugged computing systems to meet current systems needs as well as those planned for the future.

The expense and complexity of supporting existing infrastructure investments through a standard program life cycle has become increasingly challenging as rapidly evolving requirements are demanding support for multiple IT environments. Tadpole systems support SPARC and x64 environments as well as multiple OS options, providing a universal building block to extend the life of existing infrastructure while laying the groundwork to deploy next generation requirements.

Flexibility in the Tadpole Rack Mount Servers provides users with the capability to meet new demands and engage emerging trends like virtualization and cloud computing, along with a choice in operating systems and long-term support.

Learn about Tadpole's year end promotion.

Details on Sun Storage 6180 Array
Get Better Performance With Fewer Drives
The power to achieve better performance with fewer drives - lowering acquisition, support and operational costs - is what Sun proposes the Sun Storage 6180 Array offers customers. It also scales and integrates seamlessly all the way up to the flagship Sun Storage 6780 Array. Offering redundant components, the Sun Storage 6180 Array provides automated I/O path failover, and extensive online configuration, reconfiguration and maintenance capabilities.
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    Case Study: Web Application Tuning on Chip Multithreading Platforms
    Finding and Fixing Bottlenecks Quickly

    A Sun case study focuses on its CMT series, including the UltraSPARC T1, T2 and T2 Plus processors. Author Wynne Wang looks at how a slip in the performance of a non-CMT platform might become a bottleneck in the CMT environment and the possible solutions that could alleviate these type of data center issues.

    NetBeans IDE 6.8 Full Support to Latest Java Technologies
    Including Java EE 6 and GlassFish Enterprise Server v3
    NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.8 just released not only expands PHP support, tightens integration with Project Kenai, improves C/C++ profiling and interoperates better with JavaFX, it also provides complete support for the newly released Java Platform Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) and Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3.
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