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"Web Site Performance Tips and Tools"
Simple Suggestions, Resource Links Offered
November 23, 2009,
Volume 141, Issue 4

make your web site more efficient

Java Technology Evangelist Carol McDonald has posted a list of web site performance tips and tools with simple suggestions on how to improve web site performance along with links to a variety of tools to help resolve common issues faced by many users.

McDonald's blog begins with a list of 18 web site performance tips, such as the idea of making fewer HTTP requests in order to reduce the number of components in a page by combining CSS into single stylesheet, JS single script. Others include:

  • Using A Content Delivery Network
  • Adding An Expires Header
  • Incorporating GZIP Components
  • Putting Stylesheets At The Top
  • Putting Scripts At The Bottom
  • Avoiding CSS Expressions For Dynamic Properties
  • Making JS and CSS External
  • Reducing DNS Lookups
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Avoiding Redirects
  • Removing Duplicate Scripts
  • Configuring ETAGS
  • Optimizing Images
  • Reducing Cookie Size
  • Avoiding 404 errors
  • Use of JavaScript:
  • Only Generate Content when Things Change

Each of the above are explained with information on how and/or why these recommendations can speed performance.

Following these tips are a catalogue of performance tools, such as HttpWatch, Firebug, Fiddler, Burp Proxy, YSlow, Pagetest, etc., with links and short synopses for readers to determine which would be of interest for their particular use and where to get them.

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Web Site Performance Tips and Tools - McDonald's blog entry

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