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NetBeans Supports Brazilian State's Financial Management System
Developer Explains Choice of the Open Source Platform
October 21, 2009,
Volume 140, Issue 3

With the NetBeans Platform, we don't need to worry about the basic needs common to all desktop applications, such as a window system.

-- Paulo Canedo

The financial management system of the state Tocantins in Brazil is based on the NetBeans platform. Recently, Geertjan Wielenga interviewed developer Paulo Canedo who worked on the application and shares information about its purpose, features, and the benefits derived from the NetBeans platform.

Canedo explained that the application created on the NetBeans Platform analyzes financial data and performs various verification checks. There is also a digital sign-on system that guarantees the data sent is by the certified person of the business unit.

The project's developers chose NetBeans primarily because of its capabilities in programming and distributing modules as well as the simplified approach to development. "The first application version was built in plain Swing. However, as time passed, we realized we were wasting a lot of time focusing on low-level details that weren't important to our end users," Canedo said. In fact, users preferred the NetBeans version when compared to the prior one that was offered.

In his experience, Canedo advises development teams to consider NetBeans if creating an extensible application, particularly if they would rather not spend time working on the standard needs common to Swing applications, such as a window system and update management. The Brazilian team's favorite NetBeans APIs are the classes that relate to the window system, the auto update feature, and the wizard component, he said.

Canedo added that the team's initial work with Swing "had complicated demands relating to the distribution of software updates" and NetBeans had the added appeal of ease when considering updates and distribution.

Wielenga's interview with Canedo offers screenshots of the application along with links to the site where the application can be downloaded. Canedo also shares his resource suggestions for anyone getting started with NetBeans, which Wielenga aptly links.

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