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Oracle's Fiscal 2010 First Quarter Results
Earnings Show Profits Rise, Sales Fall
Oracle's first quarter results for fiscal 2010 registered a net income of $1.1 billion, or 22 cents per share, for the three months ending Aug. 31. That was up 8% from earnings of $1.07 billion, or 21 cents per share, a year earlier. Sales for Oracle, the world's third largest software maker, fell 7% to $5.1 billion in the quarter. New software licenses sales dropped 17% to $1 billion, while software license updates and product support revenues rose 6% to $3.1 billion.
Oracle VM Template Builder
For Rapid Configuration and Deployment of Applications
Oracle VM Template Builder is an open source, graphical utility that makes it easy to use Oracle Enterprise Linux "Just enough OS" (JeOS)-based scripts for developing pre-packaged virtual machines for Oracle VM. End-users and ISVs have the option to either develop their Oracle VM Templates by using these JeOS-based scripts directly or via the graphical Oracle VM Template Builder.
Sun Tribute Celebrates Company History, Contributions
Employees Share Their Experience
Commemorating and celebrating the rich history and contributions of Sun Microsystems over the past 27 years is a virtual site accessible from the link where Sun employees are contributing digital artifacts to tell and preserve Sun's story.
Using ZFS to Leverage SSD as a MySQL Cache
Dish vs. SSD for Database Storage: Some Interesting Results

Blogger Charles Suresh faults the typical approach to ramping up MySQL performance by using SSDs, remarking that using the SSD to house the entire database makes for pretty expensive storage. The high-capacity disk is a more economical choice for the database, he writes.

MySQL Connector for 1.0
Easy Install of a Native MySQL Database Driver
Just released is the MySQL Connector for 1.0. This extension allows Sun's open source office suite to be connected to a MySQL server, versions 5.1 and later. This driver is compatible with 3.1.1, StarOffice 9.1, StarSuite 9.1 or newer, including the upcoming 3.2.
Cloud Computing
"Architectural Strategies for Cloud Computing"
Oracle White Paper Explains Basics, Offers Considerations
This 18-page Oracle White Paper covers the basics of cloud computing all the way through the option of creating a private cloud. Beginning with the evolution of the IT architecture and cloud computing's primary benefits as well as building blocks, the paper then moves into the different levels and architectures involved. The authors explain the variations in clouds - public, private, and hybrid - with the suggestion that a private version may be the best business and financial choice for larger IT enterprises.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 139 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 138 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 137 Issues 4, 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 138 Issue 3, the top 10 articles were:

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    Business Benefits of Terracotta for Java Developers
    Using the Open Source Software on Sun's CMT and x64 Solaris Servers
    Sun engineers have been working with the open source software Terracotta to optimize its technology on Sun solutions. Terracotta is an open-source product, entirely written in Java code, that simplifies scalability for Java applications by synchronizing user defined subsets of Java heap across multiple Virtual Machines for the Java platform (Java Virtual Machine or JVM) on different physical machines. A four-page PDF offers an overview of the business benefits of Terracotta for Java developers, plus some results of testing the team did with Terracotta on both x64 and CMT servers, reports George Drapeau.
    Using OAuth to Cover Security Issues for a REST Application
    Authors Use Stock Quote as Example
    The Sun Developer Network paper "Securing REST Web Services with OAuth" by Malla Simachalam and Rick Palkovic explores an example REpresentational State Transfer (REST) application that uses the open-source protocol OAuth to address security issues.
    Education and Research
    Speed, Power, Price of Sun Technologies Fit University's Needs
    Sun Servers Improve Performance, Ability, Stability With Less Space
    The University of Washington's Department of Mathematics needed a hardware upgrade in order to successfully expand the computational capabilities and overall performance of Sage, an open-source computational software program. A new Sun solution was chosen with Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4540 servers, providing a powerful, compact server technology for the department’s growing open-source mathematics software engine.
    What's New on BigAdmin
    As of September 17th, 2009
    Sun System Software Stacks

    Sun systems can run a variety of operating systems, software, firmware, drivers, and applications. The combination or set of these running on your Sun systems can be referred to as the software stack. On BigAdmin, you can find out which software is preinstalled and supported on Sun's servers running on the SPARC platform.

    Guides for Using Sun Storage Solutions on the BigAdmin Wiki

    We have gathered information for system administrators working with Sun's Storage offerings, including BigAdmin articles and other Sun resources. Read about using Sun gear with Zmanda products, Microsoft Exchange, and other third-party software. We feature a feed from the Storage Stop blog for the latest news and videos.

    Quick Start Guide: VMware on Sun
    VMware ESX on the SunFire x4150 and Unified Storage 7000 Series
    Ron Graham has written a 10-page PDF for system administrators outlining the basic steps of setting up VMware Infrastructure 3 functionality on the Sun Fire X4150 and implementing shared storage with the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System. The quick start guide covers installing VirtualCenter Server and VI Client, ESX Server installation, starting the VI Client and shared storage implementation.
    Virtualization News Bites
    Short Items of Interest

    • VirtualBox 3.0.6 Released
    • Managing Desktops Smarter
    • Using Roles in Sun xVM Ops Center
    • VirtualBox Rollback
    • Sun Virtual Desktop Solutions
    • Smart Groups in Sun xVM Ops Center 2.5
    • Sharing Data Between Host and Guest with VirtualBox

    Java Technology
    Fast, Energy-Efficient Web Portal on Sun GlassFish Platform
    Scalability and Reliability Lead French Radio Broadcaster to Sun Technologies
    Needing to completely rebuild its Windows-based Web portal and ASP.NET-based applications to support a larger audience with new services, radio broadcaster RTL France began shopping around for a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to manage IT environment that would be reliable and scalable. Open source solutions were its preference. RTL France decided to build a new portal infrastructure using Sun CoolThreads and x64 servers, running Solaris 10. For its applications, Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server proved fast and scalable.
    Commercially Supported OpenESB Component
    CORBA BC Allows Message Exchance with CORBA Interfaces Without Coding
    Imola Informatica, an OpenESB community partner, has released CORBA BC, the first commercially supported OpenESB component. CORBA BC enables developers to exchange messages with CORBA interfaces without any coding.
    GlassFish Web Stack 1.5 and Your AMP Deployments
    Webinar Examines the Benefits of the New GlassFish Release
    The webinar (55+ minutes) on GlassFish Web Stack 1.5 entitled "Turbo Charge Your AMP Deployments with GlassFish Web Stack," presented by Jeff Trawick provides an overview and demo of the new Enterprise Manager in GlassFish Web Stack and instructs viewers in how to leverage the AMP/SAMP stack with their existing in-house GlassFish Enterprise Server deployments.
    Financial Services
    Sun Identity Manager Improves on Financial Service Provider's Identity Solution
    Reduces Errors, Administrative Tasks; Delivers Scalability
    The Swiss companies Bâloise Insurance and Bâloise Bank SoBa operate jointly as a focused financial services provider, a combination of insurer and bank. Both entities are known for their integrated solutions in the areas of insurance, pension provision and asset formation for private clients and small and medium-sized businesses. The companies found an improved identity management solution from Sun.
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