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Sun's New Chip Designs
Next-Generation UltraSPARC T2 Processor and Security Coprocessor
The Hot Chips 21 Conference held August 23rd-25th at Stanford University had Sun chip designers discussing the company's next-generation multithreaded UltraSPARC T2 processor, codenamed "Rainbow Falls," and a security coprocessor that they say will reduce encryption costs for applications such as VoIP calls and online banking web sites. Rainbow Falls will feature 16 cores, each with its own L2 cache and four Coherency units. The security coprocessor will be included on the same silicon as Rainbow Falls which will virtually eliminate latency.
Sun Microsystems' VDI 3 Offers Strong Appeal
But What Does Oracle Have in Mind for the Solaris OS?

In his InformationWeek review of Sun's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.0, Randy George finds a lot to praise along with a rather significant caveat, which has to do with Oracle's yet unannounced plans for the Solaris OS.

Free and Open Source S/W
Selling the European Market on U.S. Open Source Offerings
Some Suggestions for ISV Marketers
In the article "A Primer on Europe for US-Based Open Source Communities and Vendors," Sandro Groganz, founder of InitMarketing and an acknowledged expert in the field of Open Source marketing, outlines the differences in open source adoption levels between the US and Europe in order to help open source software vendors develop strategies to bridge the gap and begin testing and developing new markets and communities within Europe.
Project Crossbow Enables New Levels of Virtualization in the Solaris Network Stack
Etherstubs Feature Simulates Complete Network Topologies
Thanks to Sun's Project Crossbow, which enables full virtualization of the Solaris network stack, network interface cards (NICs) can now be virtualized into one or more virtual NICs (VNICs). These VNICs can then be individually configured and tuned to take advantage of the physical NIC's in-hardware capabilities and workload needs. So writes Ben Rockwood in his article for Search, "Solaris Project Crossbow Offers Virtualized Network Management."
MySQL Live Webinars for September
To Cover Performance, Dimensional Modeling, Geographic Replication, MySQL Connector/Net 6.1.0
Multiple live webinars on MySQL topics are scheduled throughout the month of September. The following topics are set to be covered:

  • Tuning and Optimizing MySQL for Maximum Performance
  • Kickfire/Kimball Group: Part II: Dimensional Modeling
  • MySQL Cluster: Geographic Replication Deep-Dive
  • For ISVs: What's New in MySQL Connector/NET 6.1
  • Best Practices for Deploying and Scaling MySQL in the Joyent Cloud
  • Advanced Techniques for High Traffic Sites
  • For ISVs: Architecting Embedded Databases for High Performance Applications
  • Open-Source for High Performance Web Applications
  • High Availability Architectures for Online Applications

SWAT and Sun StorageTek Vdbench
Tools Help Assess, Ease Understanding and Reporting of Storage Workloads
Interested in better understanding storage I/O workloads? Then take some time to learn more about SWAT and Vdbench. In two separate BestPerf blog entries, Henk Vandenbergh describes the storage agnostic Sun StorageTek Workload Analysis Tool, known as SWAT, detailing its features and the disk and tape I/O workload generator called Vdbench.
Sun Open Storage for Enterprise Storage Needs
Lower Cost, Greater Flexibility than Proprietary Storage Solutions
The Sun white paper "Sun Open Storage: A Lower-cost, Higher Performance Alternative for the Enterprise" argues that the high cost and inherent lack of flexibility of proprietary enterprise storage solutions lends compelling appeal to Sun's Open Storage offerings. Using industry-standard components and open-source software, open storage enables enterprises to build highly scalable, reliable, and flexible storage systems to fit their growing demands - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional, proprietary storage, the white paper maintains.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 138 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 137 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 138 Issue 3, the top 10 articles were:

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Creating Templates in Writer
    For Ease in Producing Multi-paged Documents
    Learn how to create a customized template using 3 to produce an extensive document of 50 pages or more with Writer. A recently released guide by Sun describes the process of incorporating a template so users can customize a style that remains consistent throughout a large document, such as a thesis, research report, manuscript, etc., and eliminate the need to insert page breaks, resize graphics or adjust fonts.
    Sun's New Network Architecture - VeriScale
    For a Scalable, Elastic, Self-provisioning Datacenter
    Sun's Mikael Lofstrand defines the principles of a new Sun network architecture called VeriScale and demonstrates how it meets the requirements of elasticity, scalability and five other detailed conditions making it ideal for a modern, self-provisioning datacenter. In a soon to be released Sun BluePrints that Lofstrand is authoring and sharing on his blog, he defines the VeriScale architecture including its functional components, its nontraditional method of automation, OpenSolaris Dynamic Service Containers, network optimization and Sun's service delivery network architecture.
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