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End of Life for Solaris Express Community Edition (Nevada)
Production Expected to be Discontinued by October's End
August 12, 2009,
Volume 138, Issue 2

multiple OpenSolaris-based distributions available from Sun have created ambiguity, and the goal of this action is to eliminate that ambiguity going forward

-- Dave Miner, Sun

Sun will be discontinuing the Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) and intends for its end of life (EOL) to be complete by the end of October. This move is part of a consolidation of how OpenSolaris and Solaris are distributed.

SXCE is the bi-weekly update of the latest OpenSolaris code in the form of ISO images. SXCE is an unsupported binary release intended specifically for OpenSolaris developers. Known by many under its codename "Nevada," SXCE is built from the latest OpenSolaris source. It includes additional technology which is not yet included in the OpenSolaris source base and is considered to be on the cutting-edge.

Sun's OpenSolaris Product Manager Glynn Foster made the EOL announcement August 10th to the OpenSolaris mailing list and OpenSolaris Forums. He indicated that Sun does plan on continuing the bi-weekly release schedule, but will move towards producing native Image Packaging System (IPS) packages of the latest Solaris packages, allowing users to upgrade from an existing release or pre-release.

In response to comments on his own blog entry regarding the SXCE EOL, Dave Miner, also part of the OpenSolaris team, said the plan is to continue offering OpenSolaris releases on a six-month basis, similar to its current schedule, and provide a longer-term stable release for enterprises branded as Solaris using the same technology base. He indicated that the next OpenSolaris release is targeted for a February 2010 release date.

"We believe that the current situation with multiple OpenSolaris-based distributions available from Sun has created ambiguity, and the goal of this action is to eliminate that ambiguity going forward," Miner explained. "Change is coming, and we're trying to make it clear as early as possible to give you the most time to digest those changes and plan for the next Solaris."

"We recognize that this transition will require some effort for all members of the OpenSolaris development community, and are committed to working with all of you in making that transition a success," Foster wrote in his announcement. "You can expect updated information from us and the communities which manage the consolidations as we further plan the transition schedules."

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