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Selecting Open-Source Software to Develop Web Applications
How to Make an Educated Decision to Avoid Pitfalls
August 4, 2009,
Volume 138, Issue 1

enterprises should ensure open-source software is backed by trusted commercial sponsors, a large and mature community of developers with well-supported libraries

Today's budget constraints are sending more and more organizations toward incorporating open-source software. However, managing and supporting a range of disparate software solutions can be a challenge. Sun has scripted a guide on using open-source software for web infrastructure and introduces the Sun GlassFish Portfolio as a viable option. The open web application platform offers organizations what Sun considers the best variety of open source innovations and enterprise-class support.

When approaching choices in the open-source software market, smart enterprises will select the best product from different categories to make up a complete web application platform. The paper suggest that this may include selecting Apache for a web server, GlassFish or JBoss for an application server, PHP and Ruby for scripting, OpenESB or MuleSource as an Enterprise Service Bus and a portal such as LifeRay.

"Adopting this approach has some significant benefits but also presents its own challenges:

  • Cost/time to integrate the disparate projects together
  • Ability to effectively patch and maintain the disparate projects
  • Support of the product if/when problems arise and who can provide a fix for the product to address business critical issues"

Knowing this, Sun developed the GlassFish Portfolio that includes software based on the work of leading open-source communities, including Apache, Tomcat, lighttpd, Perl,GlassFish, Squid, Liferay and PHP, and Sun supports the entire Portfolio across Linux, OpenSolaris and Windows.

This is a key point because deploying a variety of open-source projects supported by a variety of communities can be a maintenance nightmare.

This 14-page white paper addresses choosing the "right" open source web/application platform while looking at different open source offerings, and provides an overview of open-source projects along with recommendations. It then discusses the Sun GlassFish Portfolio for the web tier. Solutions covered include the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, Web Stack, Web Space Server, GlassFish ESB, Message Queue, Update Center and Enterprise Manager. There is also a section on getting started with Sun's open-source web application platform followed by real customer case studies.

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