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Oracle Database on Sun CMT Hardware Sets New SAP Two-Tier SD Record
Also, Sun T5440 with 1.6 GHz UltraSPARC T2 Plus Delivers Record Performance on Oracle BI EE
Oracle and Sun set a world record four-processor result on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark running the SAP Enhancement Pack 4 for the SAP ERP 6.0 application (Unicode). The system configuration was comprised of a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server equipped with four 1.6 GHz Sun UltraSPARC T2 Plus processors and the Oracle Database running on Solaris 10 for a result of 4,720 SAP SD Benchmark users.
Cut Total Cost of Ownership and Boost Performance per Watt
How Sun Technologies Helped One Customer Do Just That
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise found the solution it required for updating their IT infrastructure with Sun. This particular implementation created a virtual storage solution that can scale to meet new demands; reduced 28 physical servers to six; reduced server support costs by 70%; cut power costs and increased performance per watt; and resulted in 95% system availability.
How to Deploy Amanda Enterprise 3.0 from Zmanda on OpenSolaris 2008.11
On Sun Fire X4500 Server
A BigAdmin feature article demonstrates how Amanda Enterprise takes advantage of Solaris ZFS snapshot technology to improve overall backup performance. Caryl Takvorian describes the deployment of Amanda Enterprise 3.0 from Zmanda on OpenSolaris 2008.11 OS on a Sun Fire X4500 system using ZFS file systems.
"Open HA Cluster on OpenSolaris" by Thorsten Frueauf
White Paper from Open HA Cluster Summit 2009
"Open HA Cluster on OpenSolaris," a white paper by Thorsten Frueauf, technical lead of Sun's Project Colorado, was originally presented at the Open HA Cluster Summit 2009, where the author explained how to set up a system with OpenSolaris, serving as a host for at least two VirtualBox OpenSolaris guests, and shows how to setup a two node Open HA Cluster with them by using technologies like Crossbow and COMSTAR.
Evaluating MySQL Performance on Sun Storage 7110 and 7210
Getting Surprising and Gratifying Results
Curious about how MySQL would perform on the Sun Storage 7110 and 7210, David Lutz found that MySQL performance on the Sun Storage 7000 line is excellent, even on the entry level Sun Storage 7110, adding that, for MySQL on Linux over NFS, performance is great, right out of the box. Lutz also has praise for the capacious addressable memory, most of which is used as cache, available on the Sun Storage 7000 product line.
Cloud Computing
Video Tour of Sun's Cloud at SuperNAP
Highlights the Datacenter's Security, Availability, Energy Efficiency
Sun's open cloud platform is housed at the SuperNAP datacenter run by Switch Communications outside Las Vegas. It resides in custom high-density computing pods known as a T-SCIF (Thermal Separate Compartment in Facility). Take a tour of the Sun installation via a 5-minute video clip that shows the company's operation at the SuperNAP and the cooling systems that manage that density for the Sun cloud platform.
Major Upgrade: Sun Studio 12 Update 1
Includes New Debuggers, Visualization Technology and Support for Parallelism
Sun Studio 12 Update 1 is the latest version of Sun's compilers and performance tools designed for the C, C++ and Fortran developer communities. As we mentioned when it was released in June, this major update delivers new optimizations and features for OpenSolaris, Solaris and the latest Linux operating systems such as optimized compilers with auto-parallelization, multi-thread aware code-level and memory debuggers, a thread analysis tool that identifies race and deadlock conditions in multithreaded code, a performance analyzer, DLight for unified application and system profiling using Solaris DTrace technology, support for OpenMP 3.0 and a next-generation IDE based on the NetBeans project.
Server News Bites
Short Items of Interest on Sun Servers

  • Tape Library on Logical Domains on a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240
  • Sun Fire X2270 Cluster Fluent Benchmark Results
  • Sun SSD Server Platform Bandwidth and IOPS (Speeds & Feeds)
  • The Future for SSD, Flash Technology
  • Comparison of Sun Volume Servers Product Line
  • Sun x86 SNMP Hardware Monitoring Agent
  • Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)
  • 300GB SAS Disk Drives Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000 Servers
  • Memcached on Sun X2270

Quick Start Guide on Using Sun Storage 7000 Systems with VMware ESX Servers
Addresses Both NFS and iSCSI Protocols
"Using Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System with VMware ESX Server" is a Sun BigAdmin white paper written to give administrators a quick overview on how to quickly set up a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System for use with a VMware ESX Server. Both NFS (NAS) and iSCSI protocols are addressed. The white paper assumes the administrator is familiar with both Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System concepts as well as VMware ESX concepts. Ryan Arneson is the author.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 137 Issues 1, 2, 3; Vol 136 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4; Vol 135 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 137 Issue 3, the top 10 articles were:

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Favorite and Funny Code: Part Four of Janice J. Heiss's Series on Developers
    Interviews with Joshua Bloch, Tom Ball, and Masood Mortazavi

    As if to refute the notion that developers have no capacity for humor, Janice J. Heiss caps off her four-part series on developer life with "Favorite and Funny Code," amusing anecdotes from three luminaries in the field: Joshua Bloch, Tom Ball and Masood Mortazavi.

    Benchmark Assesses Impact on Sun Fire X2270 Sever Performance
    Pits SSDs Against HDDs
    "Sun Fire X2270 MSC/Nastran Vendor_2008 Benchmarks," an article in the Sun Performance and Best Practice series, reports on the results of the I/O intensive MSC/Nastran Vendor_2008 benchmark test suite, which was used to compare the performance on a Sun Fire X2270 server when using SSDs internally instead of HDDs. The effect on performance from increasing memory to augment I/O caching was also examined.
    Performance Testing of the New 1.6 GHZ UltraSPARC T2 and T2 Plus Processors
    With Sun CMT Family of Systems
    Record-breaking performance of the chip multi-threaded Sun SPARC Enterprise systems with newly released 1.6 GHz UltraSPARC T2 and T2 Plus processors have many bloggers examining the reported results and dissecting the numbers. The new processors were tested in the Sun CMT family of systems, including the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, T5220, T5240, T5440 servers and the Sun Blade T6320 server module. Testings considered include SPECint_rate2006, SPECfp_rate2006, SPECjbb2005, SPECjAppServer2004, SAP Standard Sales and Distribution (SD) Benchmark, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BI EE) and Zeus ZXTM HTTPThroughput.
    Education and Research
    Moving from Weblogic to GlassFish
    University of Utah Ports Over 60 Apps onto the Open Source App Server
    Tim Richardson with the University of Utah shared a brief review of the university's recent move from Weblogic to the GlassFish open source application server with GlassFish Evangelist Arun Gupta. The institution has imported over 60 applications onto GlassFish from Weblogic. The free Java EE-based application server is an attractive alternative for many higher education institutions who have to contend with budget constraints while maintaining high quality IT services for its users.
    What's New on BigAdmin
    As of July 23rd, 2009
    Using Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System With VMware ESX Server

    This Quick Start Guide shows how to quickly set up a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System to use with a VMware ESX Server. Both the NFS (NAS) and iSCSI protocols are addressed.

    Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System as Storage Target for Symantec Enterprise Vault

    Learn how to quickly configure and deploy the Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage System as a vault store target, and see how to set up a file system archive (FSA). In this scenario, one Sun Fire X4140 server runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 32-bit, and another server is running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-bit.

    Sun's Open Archive Systems for Digital Repositories
    Sizing Studies on Fedora Repository Software, MySQL, OpenSolaris, Sun Hardware
    Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) is an architecture for storing, managing and accessing digital content in the form of digital objects. Not to be confused with the Linux variant Fedora, this one defines a set of abstractions for expressing digital objects, asserting relationships among digital objects and linking "behaviors" (i.e., services) to digital objects. Sun ISV Engineering has been working closely with the Fedora Repository Project, which implements Fedora abstractions in a robust open source software system central to Sun's Open Archive architectures. A report on sizing and performance testing of Fedora atop OpenSolaris, ZFS and JBODs recently was produced.
    Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center Chooses Sun Ray Thin Clients
    Microsoft White Paper Describes Virtualizing Windows on Sun Ray Thin Clients
    The Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) reproduces customer environments and conducts product validation. To accommodate the constant demand for the EEC, Microsoft has expanded the facility's capabilities and increased the size of the data center. Part of this expansion focused on the integration of two core technologies: virtualization technology from Microsoft and Sun Ray thin client technology from Sun. Learn more about virtualizing Microsoft Windows on Sun Ray thin clients in a Microsoft white paper.
    Java Technology
    Java Platform, Standard Edition For Business Update
    New Pricing Model Introduced
    Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) for Business is a product subscription designed to provide faster access to technology updates and critical fixes, a longer roadmap for support and the offer of enterprise deployment features. A new pricing model for the Java SE for Business offering simplifies the plan by using a per-employee model to gauge the level of support required by enterprises or solution developers. This model is flexible for large and small customers, and pricing can be adjusted as needed for heavy or light Java users.
    Benefits of Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus 2.1
    How Customers Can Improve Their Apps/Projects with GlassFish ESB's Features
    Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) combines stable components from OpenESB and the GlassFish application server as well as the NetBeans IDE, into a free-to-download single binary distribution, for which commercial support is also available from Sun. Released in June, GlassFish ESB 2.1 is ideal for small to medium businesses trying to implement integration solutions and composite applications, or for enterprise customers' departmental projects. It offers enterprise-level support for its core components and lowers the barrier to entry by limiting the capability to the core ESB platform and making the product available in a per-server subscription model.
    Easing the Plan and Process of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    List of Questions, Components to Determine What is Needed for Your Situation
    Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are essential to any IT environment. Frank Wickham, senior architect and security technologies ambassador with Sun, dedicated an entry on his blog regarding DR and BCP, offering up a list of questions to ask yourself or a customer when considering these important IT factors. Definitely worth a read-through to help size up your particular situation or focus a customer on their situation. He also passes on what he appraises are the basic components of a DR plan.
    OpenDS 2.0 and Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0 Now Available
    New Release Significantly Increases Performance Both in Read and Write
    OpenDS 2.0 is now available along with the supported version Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0. OpenDS community manager and architect Ludovic Poitou, who is also a Sun senior software engineer, announced the release of the LDAPv3 compliant Directory Service that is written entirely in Java. Among the many enhancements and features are a graphical administration panel, an administration connector and support for binary transfers.
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