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IBM's Marketing Machine Skirts Facts
Blogger Reacts to Article Comparing AIX, Solaris, HP-UX
July 6, 2009,
Volume 137, Issue 2

the ultimate marketing machine

An IBM article comparing AIX 6.1, Solaris 10 and HP-UX incites Blogspot host Robert Milkowski, who decides to dissect the piece, to offer his opinion and identify inaccuracies.

According to Milkowski, it's not IBM itself he has issues with, it is the devious methods used in marketing their products, and servers specifically. "Don't get me wrong - I like IBM and I often admire of what they are doing and not only in a server market-space but for science in general," he begins. "It's just that their server division seems to be made of only marketing people and nothing more."


His first point of contention with IBM Technical Writer Ken Milberg is the implication that HP-UX or Solaris are not as tightly integrated with their respective RISC platforms as AIX is. Making a quick note that they of course are, Milkowski then takes the platform idea even further to note that AIX and HP-UX do not even run on the most commonly used platforms x86/x64, as Solaris does.

Solaris Innovations

Another area of misrepresentation in Milberg's article is the lack of Solaris innovations listed in the section with this same name, Milkowski writes. Missing are any indications of DTrace, SMF, FMA, Branded Zones, Resource Management, Intel updates, etc, notes Milkowski, stating: "From the marketing point of view it is very would probably be under impression that there aren't many innovations in Solaris..."


ZFS is the next issue. The IBM article places the general purpose file system alongside IBM's JFS2 and HP's VxFs, which Milkowski can hardly believe as he proclaims the two are total different technologies with ZFS being years more advanced.


Milkowski then examines statements made about AIX. One of these is the claim that "No other UNIX can boast the ability to move over running workloads on a workload partition from one system to another without shutting down the partition." The refuting blogger proclaims: "Well, it is not true. You can live migrate LDOMs on Solaris, you can live migrate xVM guests on Solaris and you can live migrated XEN guests on Linux."

Other areas of the article critiqued: virtualization, networking, performance tuning

"Why is it so hard to find an article from IBM which at least tries to be objective? Why everything they do is an ultimate marketing machine? Maybe because it works in so many cases...," Milkowski queries, concluding, "The plain truth is that AIX was one of the innovative UNIX flavours in a market but it stayed behind many years ago. And while they do try to catch up here and there they no longer lead the market .... The future seems to be with Linux, Open Solaris and Windows."

Kudos are given to IBM's marketing strategy not only by this blog's author but by a couple of the commenters as well. An anonymous commenter affirms IBM's vast marketing skill as he writes: "Anytime I hear someone mention 'we are considering AIX' I look around the table... where is he? I know one of these guys is the IBM consultant...."

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