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Sun's Java Store Revealed, Expected to Open Later This Year
Connecting Developers to Hundreds of Millions of Java Users
June 3, 2009,
Volume 136, Issue 1

The Java Platform reaches more customers than just about any other software platform in the industry

-- Eric Klein, Sun

Sun's Java Store was revealed during the 2009 JavaOne Conference with the company announcing that it plans on opening it up to all U.S.-based Java users later this year. The Java Store is a network service offering a distribution channel for reaching customers and driving new revenue opportunities through the sale of content. This consumer-facing storefront for Java and JavaFX applications currently is being tested in a private beta program.

Consumers can visit to sign up for a chance to participate in the Java Store private beta program and developers can visit to submit applications for the Java Warehouse. Developers can begin submitting Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and JavaFX-based applications to the Java Warehouse for distribution in the Java Store.

Created in JavaFX, the Java Store will automatically be delivered to end users via the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). More than 800 million worldwide desktop Java users will soon be able to discover and purchase Java applications and content through the Java Store. The Java Store will contain personal productivity, business, social graph and entertainment software organized in a simple and intuitive user interface. The Java Store also will allow users to install applications by dragging them from the Java Store directly onto their computer desktop for simple software installation process.

The Java Warehouse is the repository for applications submitted by developers for distribution in the Java Store. It is unique in that it will facilitate the aggregation, management and distribution of Java applications across browsers, desktops, mobiles and TVs. While Sun manages the desktop-focused Java Store, mobile and TV service providers can use the Java Warehouse to acquire applications for their existing, private branded storefronts.

"Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small software startup, your primary need is the ability to reach customers. The Java Platform reaches more customers than just about any other software platform in the industry," said Eric Klein, vice president, Java marketing at Sun. "We're building new business opportunities and are thrilled to launch the Java Store to connect developers with hundreds of millions of Java users. The Java Store will become the destination for the most interesting, useful and entertaining Java software and content."

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