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Winners of the Seventh Annual Duke's Choice Awards
The Year's Most Influential Java technology-based Applications
June 4, 2009,
Volume 136, Issue 1

The 2009 winners exemplify Java technology's universal success

-- James Gosling, Sun

The Duke's Choice Awards program recognizes the year's most influential Java technology-based applications submitted by developers and companies from around the world. The winners are chosen by Vice President and Sun Fellow James Gosling, along with a panel of Java technology experts at Sun, and are a featured attraction at the annual JavaOne Conference.

"The 2009 winners exemplify Java technology's universal success, ranging from reducing dependence on petroleum-based fuels to object-oriented programming in education, and from increasing maritime safety to developing open source technologies to help reach the world's poor," Gosling said.


Category: Lifetime Achievement Award, Gold Duke

  • Project: LincVolt
  • Developer: Perrone Robotics

LincVolt is a 19.5-foot, 2.5-ton 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible that is making automotive history with an extended range and miles per gallon ratio that has never been attained in a full size vehicle. Using clean automobile propulsion technology with a vision to significantly reduce the demand for petroleum-based fuels, LincVolt is built with robotics technology created for use across platforms and software that leverages open-source technologies. Java software is used to monitor performance elements from the car. For more on LincVolt, visit:

Category: Java Technology in Education

  • Project: Alice
  • Developer: Carnegie Mellon University

Alice is an innovative teaching tool that provides drag-and-drop style interaction allowing students to construct programs without syntax errors and learn the basic concepts of object-oriented programming. The 3D animation provides a natural program visualization, which helps students understand the execution of programming while catching logical errors that may arise. Alice is a one of a kind program that helps students learn the complete Java programming language and syntax while having fun in the process. Today, it's estimated that Alice is being used in 10 to 15 percent of U.S. colleges and universities, as well as a number of high schools and middle schools. Learn more about Alice by visiting

Category: Best Desktop Game

  • Project: Runescape
  • Developer: Jagex Ltd.

Runescape is one of the largest massively multiplayer online games globally, and is now available in high-definition. Runescape was created by Jagex Ltd., which has now launched the games portal, bringing Java software-based games of genres to consumers. Learn more at

Category: Java Technology for the Environment

  • Project: GSM Cell Phone Monitoring and Alarm System
  • Developer: Sealite Company

Sealite Company's GSM Cell Phone Monitoring and Alarm system utilizes Java technology for real-time monitoring of marine navigational lanterns around the world, which are fitted with specific SIM cards. The GSM system is a low cost, internally integrated system that has reduced maintenance and servicing costs while improving marine safety. To learn more about Sealite Company and its products visit

Category: Java Technology for the Open Source Community

  • Project: Mifos
  • Developer: Grameen Foundation's Technology Center

Mifos is an initiative of Grameen Foundation's Technology Center to build an open source technology platform for the microfinance industry to deliver financial services to the poor and help fight against global poverty. The Mifos Web-based management information system, aims to increase access to technology for all microfinance institutions and utilizes Java Platform Standard Edition 6 (Java SE) in its community-driven platform to address the size, scalability and reliability requirements needed to reach billions of people in need. Visit to learn more.

Category: Java Technology in Network Solutions

  • Project: ND SatCom's Network Management System
  • Developer: ND SatCom, Inc.

ND SatCom's Network Management System performs network planning, resource management and configuration management for defense networks - on the system level. The system is based on an open and hierarchical architecture that uses the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and includes more than 1,000 NetBeans modules. More information on ND SatCom is available at:

Category: Java Technology for Developer Solutions

  • Project: DataBox
  • Developer: ReportMill Software, Inc.

DataBox is an "Instant Rich Application Builder" that provides all the necessary tools to easily build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) and Java applications in just minutes. DataBox is an end-to-end solution with a user-friendly interface for creating database tables, adding browsers, defining queries, visually designing Web pages, forms and reports, and deploying to an applet in any browser. Deployments that used to require multiple tools, a broad range of skills and a substantial amount of time can be accomplished quickly with DataBox. Visit: for more information on ReportMill Software and DataBox.

Category: Java Everywhere!

  • Project: Terracotta 3.0
  • Developer: Teracotta, Inc.

Terracotta 3.0 helps scale a Java application to as many computers as needed. It uses Java technology to cluster Java Virtual Machines (JVM ), which provide a coherent and persistent view of memory and synchronization across multiple JVM instances. Terracotta 3.0 allows applications written in simple Java code to be deployed on multiple application servers for simultaneous high availability and scalability. For more information on Terracotta visit:

Category: Java Technology in Education

  • Project: FIRST Robotics Project
  • Developer: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

WPI has made it possible for FIRST teams to use Java to program their robots. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology. Reportedly 1,683 teams, including 42,075 high-school students from around the world, compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. For more information regarding the FIRST Robotics competition visit

Category: Java Technology Tools

  • Project: Clover
  • Developer: Atlassian

Clover is a Java software code coverage tool with test-level insight, instant IDE feedback, interactive reports and test optimization. It identifies specific tests that cover various lines of code and automatically identifies which tests need to be run to cover any particular changes. It provides insight into user testing by identifying project risks and quick wins. Find out more at

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