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Java's Distribution Power Could Equal Big Revenue for Sun
Project Vector May Turn Java into the World's Largest App Store
At the JavaOne Conference this coming June, Sun will be announcing details on a Java project known as Vector. Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz decided to tantalize readers of his blog with a bit about the project, which he hints will more than likely be officially named the Java Store.
New NEP/OEM Sales & Industries Group
Sun Adds More Distinction to its Communications & Media Industries
To address the ever-changing Communications & Media industry, Sun has decided to create two separate groups within its Communications business: Communications & Media Industry Group led by Greg Calhoun and the Network Equipment Provider (NEP)/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Sales & Industry Group led by Darrell Jordan-Smith, the latter of whom answered some FAQs regarding this change within the company structure.
Video: Sun VDI 3 - From Booting to Shut Down for Supported OSes
Sun VDI 3 Brings OS Choices
Sun VDI Software 3 brings three different supported OS choices as shown in the short, silent video. Users will benefit from a visual how-to boot for OS choices available with VDI 3. The "PC experience" is shown in full from boot to shut down for each OS choice.
Components of Sun's Virtualization Solutions
VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, LDOMs and VDI
Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart writing for The Aquarium provides a brief xVM status update on Sun's virtualization solutions, including VirtualBox, xVM Server, xVM Ops Center, Logical Domains and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and how they interrelate.
Solaris News Bites
Short Items of Interest to Solaris Users

  • Solaris Cluster 3.2 Supports SAMP
  • ZFS Compression Saves Space, Improves Performance
  • Integration of Logical Domains (LDoms) and ZFS
  • Oracle WebLogic Certified for LDoms
  • Directly Upgrade from Solaris 8 SPARC to Solaris 10 OS
  • Download Zonestat 1.4
  • x86 Installation Check Tool for Solaris 10 OS
  • Solaris Express Community Edition (aka Nevada) build 111
  • Solaris Zones: Running a Command From the Local Zone in the Global Zone

Tutorial for MySQL Database Applications with PHP
Four-part Developer's Tutorial Series Available on SDN

This in-depth series of tutorials explore MySQL Database Applications for development with PHP. Broken down into four parts, each tutorial provides useful step-by-step instruction geared towards developers who are new to MySQL database applications with PHP.

Cloud Computing
Sun Exec Sees Many Customers, Many Clouds
Public and Private, Sun Stands Ready to Deliver
Juan Carlos Soto, Vice President for Cloud Computing Marketing at Sun Microsystems, and Paul Miller of Cloud of Data discussed Sun's recent announcement on cloud computing and how Sun can help customers interested in moving to the cloud.
New Enhancements for the Sun StorageTek Virtual Systems Manager (VSM)
Store More into a Shrinking Footprint with Sun's Tape Virtualization
New capacity and performance enhancements have been added to the Sun StorageTek Virtual Systems Manager (VSM) - Sun's tape virtualization storage archive solution. If thinking about migrating, take a look at Sun Services that offer a range of options to make the transition to tape virtualization storage archive solutions easier.
New Configurations for Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage Systems
Enterprise-class SATA Drives Offered As Options
The Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System provides a unified storage solution with up to 46 TB of capacity in an energy-efficient 4U package, and up to 142 TB with support for two J4500 expansion arrays. Two new configurations have been added for customer choice: one offers 48x500GB 7200 rpm enterprise-class SATA drives and the other provides 48x1TB 7200 rpm enterprise-class SATA drives. These options are ideal for customer workloads that do not benefit from having write-optimized SSDs and want to maximize capacity at a lower price point.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 134 Issue s1, 2; Vol 134 Issue 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5 Vol 133 Issue 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 135 Issue 2, the top 10 articles were:

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Sun InfiniBand Dual Port 4x Quad Data Rate PCIe Host Channel Adapters (HCA)
    Available as Low Profile and Express Module HCAs
    Sun InfiniBand Dual Port 4x Quad Data Rate (QDR) PCIe Low Profile Host Channel Adapter (HCA) and the Sun InfiniBand Dual port 4x QDR PCI-E Express Module HCA are built using Mellanox ConnectX silicon, delivering QDR over four times than copper and optical interconnects, Sun reports. Sun's QDR InfiniBand products enable Sun to offer RDMA-based high-performance, low-latency I/O interconnect technology for its blade and rack mount server platforms.
    Introducing the Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand QDR Switched Network Express Module (NEM)
    Also Meet the Sun InfiniBand Dual port 4x DDR PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM)
    Sun is introducing its Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand Quad Data Rate (QDR) Switched Network Express Module (NEM) and the Sun InfiniBand Dual port 4x DDR PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM). Expected to be generally available this summer, what these new upcoming Sun products boast are QDR InfiniBand which delivers up to 80 Gb/s bandwidth (full-duplex) per server connection and the ability to enable Sun Blade server modules to be connected to an in-chassis InfiniBand fabric.
    OpenSSO Honored by Analyst Firm Kuppinger Cole
    Fedlet Project Wins Best Innovation Award At EIC 2009
    Analyst firm Kuppinger Cole decreed the OpenSSO initiative and its project OpenSSO Fedlet as Best Innovation, recognizing that it "has provided a lean solution for the Identity Federation." Awarded its trophy during the European Identity Conference (EIC) 2009 held earlier this month, OpenSSO was one of six winners in a half dozen categories that earned praise.
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