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Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager VSM5e and VSM5 ESCON Options
Useful Options for Entry-level Customers
May 13, 2009,
Volume 135, Issue 2

StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager options offer flexibility

A new product, the VSM5e, and a native ESCON to VSM5 are the subjects of this product announcement. The capabilities that the VSM4 provided will now be found in the functionalities of the VSM5. VSM5e is being developed to provide an entry level VSM5 system for cost sensitive customers. Lower tier customers do not always require the full performance plus connectivity of a VSM5 when, for example, a product like this is required for a test environment.

The VSM5e will provide .8 and 1.25TB of effective capacity and offer support for either 16 ESCON or 8 FICON channel interfaces (upgradeable from one to the other with software though these cannot be intermixed). A VSM5e is fully field upgradeable to a VSM5 by simply adding additional disk tray(s) plus increased channel interface capability.

The announcement also adds ESCON channel connectivity to the VSM5 platform, which will allow an intermix of ESCON and FICON channels. This provides customers with the ability to transition from ESCON to FICON in stages. The VSM5 part number provides 16 ESCON channels. The maximum number of ESCON part numbers required will be 2, which would provide 32 ESCON channels. An intermix can provide 16 ESCON channels and 8 FICON. Note that, when 32 ESCON is ordered, no FICON can be added.

Both ESCON and FICON are provided because many customers have successfully transitioned their infrastructure to FICON. The older ESCON channels are required for those who have not. The intermix provides flexibility when a customer migrates from ESCON to FICON. This provides the ability to do the migration in stages.

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