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Indepth Analysis on the Impact of the Oracle-Sun Merger
Saugatuck Technology Looks at the Potential Reshaping of the IT Industry
Bruce Guptill, managing director for Saugatuck Technology, a research-based market strategy consulting firm, offered an opinion on how the Oracle-Sun merger may impact the IT industry. In an opening statement, Guptill emphasizes how significant this buyout will be to reshaping the IT vendor ecosystem. "We cannot emphasize this enough: Oracle buying Sun changes the shape of the IT industry," he writes, "in effect creating a new, full-line hardware, software and services Master Brand..."
Downloads Now Available for OpenSPARC V1.7 and OpenSPARC T2 Processors
Gives Communities Opportunity to Contribute to Processors' Evolution
The release of OpenSPARC T1 version 1.7 is announced in the weblog of Durgam Vahia, Engineering and Partnership Development Manager in the OpenSPARC group at Sun, who writes, "... with this release, [the] community can port a truly multi-core, multi-thread 64-bit commercial processor design on FPGAs." A download of OpenSPARC T2 is also now available. He adds that OpenSPARC now supports two different FPGA boards of different capacities.
Combining VirtualBox with Solaris Containers
Makes Isolation of Multiple Users on x86 Possible
The question under consideration is whether users of VirtualBox as multiple system guests on an x86 computer can be isolated from one another by combining Solaris Containers with VirtualBox. The answer, as Jeffrey Victor reports in his blog entry "Layered Virtualization," is yes.
MySQL Database Solution for Leading IP-based Provider
Sun Delivers UTStarcom a MySQL Combination on both Linux and Windows
Sun delivers the MySQL Database Solution for UTStarcom, a leading telecommunications IP-based Service Provider for emerging and established world markets. UTStarcom looks to Sun's MySQL as a database solution that provides reliability, scalability, and high availability. UTStarcom employs the MySQL Cluster to reach its high volume customer base with its RollingStream IPTV.
Cloud Computing
Cloud Makes for Open API Opportunities
Hal Stern Interviews Tim Bray on Open Sourcing Sun Cloud APIs
The "Innovating at Sun" episode, "RESTing on the Cloud with Open APIs" was hosted by Hal Stern with guest Tim Bray, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Web Technologies. Together they discussed the topic of open APIs and the Sun Cloud.
Third Annual CommunityOne West Open Developer's Conference
Free Entrance to All on Day One; Students Eligible for Free Full Conference Passes
CommunityOne is a three-day event that will bring together developers, students, and technologists to focus on open source innovation and implementation. Slated for June 1-3, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the third annual developer conference is free the first day that promises an opening day keynote from John Fowler, executive vice president of Systems, and Dave Douglas, senior vice president of Cloud Computing and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sun Microsystems.
Upcoming Webinar: MySQL 5.4 Benchmarks In-Depth
To Present Overview of Scalability, Performance Improvements
Sign up for MySQL 5.4 Benchmarks technical Webinar set to take place May 21 at 6 p.m. E.T./3 p.m. PT/22:00 UTC where presenters Allan Packer, principal engineer, and Jimmy Guerrero, senior product marketing manager, will discuss MySQL 5.4 Sysbench results on CMT and Nehalem systems, an OLTP workload derived from an industry-standard benchmark, and provide an overview of the scalability and performance improvements in this upcoming version of Sun's open source database.
Sun StorageTek Enterprise Library Software 7.0
Combination Package Makes for Simpler Installations
The Sun StorageTek Enterprise Library Software 7.0 (ELS) is covered in the white paper "Introducing ELS 7.0," which provides an overview of the ELS and its components. ELS 7.0 is a simplification of the mainframe software suite of products.
Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager VSM5e and VSM5 ESCON Options
Useful Options for Entry-level Customers
A new product, the VSM5e, and a native ESCON to VSM5 are the subjects of this product announcement. The capabilities that the VSM4 provided will now be found in the functionalities of the VSM5. VSM5e is being developed to provide an entry level VSM5 system for cost sensitive customers. Lower tier customers do not always require the full performance plus connectivity of a VSM5 when, for example, a product like this is required for a test environment.
Who's using Sun's Open-Storage Platform and Why
EasySpeedy, Danish Unmanaged Web Hosting Service Provider
Thanks to Sun's Open Storage, do-it-yourself Web hosting services are being offered to the customers of EasySpeedy, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. EasySpeedy chose to use Sun's Open Storage platform to run its open server hosting because it is flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of their customers, without the proprietary limitations.
Video: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System
Top 5 Cool Features
Who could put it more simply? Here you will find out the top 5 cool features offered by the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems. Watch the video presentation delivered by Constantin Gonzalez and the special appearance by Brendan Gregg, Fishworks engineer, to find out how users can meet their storage needs with Sun's Open Storage Systems.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 135 Issue 1, the top 10 articles were:

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    OpenOffice 3.1 Released
    The Linux Community Registers High Marks for Sun's Open Source Software Suite
    Download the next significant upgrade of Sun's open source software suite, OpenOffice 3.1, which adds improved graphics via antialiased drawings to smooth the edges of graphics, better file-locking support for multi-user environments, replying to notes, improved grammar checking, hyperlink management and sorting, control of slideshow media, macro support for Open Office Base, relative database paths, better internationalization for Hebrew and Arabic plus performance improvements. recently was selected as the Linux Journal Readers' Choice for Favorite Office Program.
    NetBeans 6.7 Beta is Now Available
    Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris
    NetBeans IDE 6.7 Beta is now available for free download. Considered a significant update to NetBeans 6.5, this new release integrates Project Kenai with the IDE so a whole team of developers can work together to create Kenai projects, edit, debug, build, and commit code, all through one interface. Other key updates in Release 6.7: native support for Maven; GlassFish and Hudson integrations; enhancements to Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy and C/C++; support for JavaScript 1.7, SVG Rich Components, and a "Profile Me Now" self-diagnostic tool.
    New Component Subscriptions for Individual Sun Identity Products
    Includes Identity Manager, OpenSSO, Directory Server, and Role Manager
    This announcement introduces individual component product subscription pricing for Sun Identity Manager, Sun OpenSSO Enterprise, Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition and Sun Role Manager. Sales and partners will now have the option to offer their customers either a perpetual license or subscription when selling identity component products.
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