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Sun Fire X4275 Sets Performance Record with Sybase IQ TPC-H 1000GB
Non-clustered Server Easily Beats Out HP Contenders
May 4, 2009,
Volume 135, Issue 1

Top price performance mark with Sun Fire X4275 Server, Sybase IQ Database

The Sun Fire X4275 Server, powered by 2 Quad-core 2.93 GHz Intel Nehalem X5570 processors and using only 12 internal disks (SAS 300GB 15K RPM), achieved a QphH@1000GB of 23,365 with a price performance of $2.41 in tests running the Sybase IQ Database. Reported by BM Seer, in his blog on this instance of World Record Price Performance, Non-Clustered,.

The result is the best price/performance among all TPC-H results at 1000GB, 70% better than the previous best (Sun Fire X4500) and 75% better than the previous second best, the HP DL585. It is the best 2-chip or 2-socket server result, even better than many 4-sockets servers, Seer writes.

For further perspective on this result, Seer points out that the best non-Sun single server submission at 1000GB was the HP Superdome, which achieved a QphH of 69,999 (about 3 times the Sun Fire X4275 performance). But, he notes, in order to post this result, it required almost 100 times the number of disks, more than 35 times the price and 8 times the number of cores when compared to the Sun Fire X4275 configuration.

Once again, Seer claims, the Sun/SybaseIQ combination has produced a self-contained (i.e., a server without any external storage or external processing engines) data warehousing solution. Only Sun has the hardware and expertise to produce such TPC-H results. To date, Sun has published self-contained TPC-H results for each of the 100GB, 300GB, 1000GB and 3000GB scale-factors.

An extremely compact solution requiring only 2 rack units in total, the Sun Fire X4275 Server's results contrast with the HP Superdome, using 97 storage arrays at 3 RU each plus a 48 inch cabinet for the server. Peak power consumption throughout the entire benchmark run was 825 Watts with an average consumption of 750 Watts.

Seer presents tabulated results for the Sun Fire X4275, the Sun Fire X4500, the HP DL585, the HP Superdome and the Bull Novascale 3045. The Sun Fire X4275 is the clear performance leader.

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