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Sun xVM Ops Center 2.1 Released
Quality Improvements Include Performance Enhancements, Bug Fixes
April 28, 2009,
Volume 134, Issue 5

The focus of the 2.1 release is to improve the quality and user experience.

Sun xVM Ops Center is a data center life-cycle management tool that enables users to discover, provision, patch, manage, and monitor the gear (assets) in one or more data centers from a single console. System administrators can manage hundreds of Solaris Operating Systems, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux from a web browser. Its intelligent knowledge services and smart patching processes are scalable and automated.

Version 2.1 has just been released with multiple enhancements, including power and gear monitoring.

"Individual pieces of hardware as well as groups now have power utilization charts, which can show current and historical data," details Sun xVM Central's Owen Allen. "There's a configuration tab for each gear that shows which Proxy it belongs to and how it's reachable."


Gear Management

  • Power Monitoring Charts: Systems now monitor power consumption; Real-time and historical data is available; System groups provide power consumption of the five highest and the five lowest systems in the group

  • Configuration Data: Each monitored asset now provides a Config tab, which displays detailed information and provides edit capabilities, including the following configurations: Communication protocol; Proxy controller; and Asset reachability

Improved Proxy Management

  • Display the proxy version and status
  • Set and clear the default proxy
  • DHCP configuration is now possible for all of a proxy's network interfaces

Gear Discovery

  • Custom Discovery: Ability to explicitly target default proxy; and Controls what proxy manages what assets

  • Manual Discovery: Model Categorization ~ Select model category for general type and Enter model for detailed identification; Port and MAC address configuration ~ Ability to enter multiple ethernet ports and MAC addresses

Browser User Interface

  • Standardized refresh capabilities on each page and general UI improvements


  • Sun xVM Ops Center product updates
  • Enterprise and proxy controllers provide version and status

Job Management

  • Groups are no longer required to select target systems.

Report Management

  • All report results, including Baseline Analysis Reports, are available for export to CSV.


There are 50 major bug issues that have been fixed in this release.

More Information

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