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Auto Service Request Software
Find Out if Your Sun Products Qualify for ASR
May 1, 2009,
Volume 134, Issue 5

Uses fault telemetry to automatically initiate a service request and begin the problem resolution process as soon as a problem occurs.

Automatic Service Request (ASR) is an automatic fault-reporting feature that is included with SunSpectrum service contracts and warranties for selected Sun servers and storage products. When a qualifying Sun product detects a specific set of hardware faults, ASR automatically opens a Sun service request, without anyone having to call Sun service to report the problem. When Sun receives the fault notice, often the problem is diagnosed and the fault is resolved before you notice any problems, which reduces your downtime.

This feature is available at no cost on servers covered by a Sun warranty or a Sun Spectrum service plan.

Two main components make up ASR:

  • Sun Automated Service Manager (SASM), which is a management plug-in that you install on a system that is running the Solaris 10 OS and is covered either by a Sun warranty or a SunSpectrum service contract. This host collects fault data from the other ASR-enabled systems and forwards the data in encrypted form to Sun support.
  • The ASR Support Infrastructure at Sun, which is software that receives the fault report and ensures Sun personnel open the report. When Sun begins to resolve the fault is determined by the terms of your warranty and SunSpectrum support contract.

More Information

To learn which Sun products qualify for ASR, visit the wiki website for Systems and Sun's Network Services for Storage.

BigAdmin\'s ASR Resources

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