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"Deploying Oracle Siebel CRM on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems"
Guide for Installing this Oracle Software on Sun's Open Storage Systems
The Sun BluePrints Online article "Deploying Oracle Siebel CRM on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems" by Abhishek Gupta in ISV Engineering, acts as a guide for installing Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8 software in conjunction with Sun's open storage systems. This article can be used to help customers and Sun technical support engineers create proof-of-concept environments for application testing or benchmarking.
Performance Test of Oracle Weblogic Application Server 10.3 on Sun Blade X6270
Solution Demonstrates Excellent Scalability and Performance

With the recent release by Sun of the Sun Blade X6270 based on intelligent and automatic Intel Xeon X5500 processors, reports of application performance are beginning to surface. The performance of Oracle Weblogic Application Server 10.3 is one such report contained in the weblog of Ramin Moazeni.

Andy Bechtolsheim at Sun (and Elsewhere)
Part-time Is More than Enough When You Do Things as Well as He Does
Even as a part-timer, Andy Bechtolsheim is making his presence felt at Sun, where he now supervises the incorporation of solid-state technology into the company's Intel-based servers, storage packages and networking components. Few players could fill both that role and the job as chairman of Arista Networks, a cloud computing startup, but Bechtolsheim manages both with aplomb, writes Chris Preimesberger in
Sun Rapid Solutions: Sun Managed Virtual Desktop Solution
Service Helps with Deploying, Hosting, Managing, Supporting Virtual Desktop Environments
Sun has packaged its experience, best practices, technology, and services into a complete pre-architected desktop management solution to deploy, host, manage, and support customers' virtual desktop environments. Under Sun Rapid Solutions: Sun Managed Virtual Desktop solution, this service is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining a desktop environment.
Java Technology
Java Education and Development Initiative Program Launched in Vietnam
Nearly 200,000 Students in Emerging Markets Have Benefited
The Sun-sponsored Java Education and Development Initiative (JEDI) program aims to provide high-quality, industry-endorsed IT and Computer Science course materials for free to universities and colleges. In April, Sun along with Vietnam's ICT Department, Ministry of Education and Training, decided to partner in a collaborative project to offer JEDI to Vietnamese IT students and school them on open-source technologies such as Java and OpenSolaris.
Free and Open Source S/W
Making the Best of Open Source is a Two-way Street
Sun, Oracle Benefit and Contribute
Writing in InformIT before Oracle's announcement of interest in acquiring Sun Microsystems, Matthew Sacks sounded out sources at both companies and at on their respective plans for incorporating open source technologies in their product lines. Sacks says that his article is based on information gathered during these interviews that provides a glimpse into what some large enterprises are doing with open source technology, why they're doing it, and their results.
Making Use of Virtualization with Solaris Containers (Zones) and ZFS
OmniTI's Zetaback is Based on ZFS
OmniTI makes use of Solaris Containers (Zones) and ZFS's powerful features to rely upon for virtualization. According to Mark Harrison, author of the article, "Virtualization, ZFS and Zetaback," Zones may be used for virtualization for Solaris.
MySQL 6.0's Pool-of-Threads Scheduler and Its Impact on Throughput
Maintaining Database Connections at What Cost to Database Overhead
"Testing the New Pool-of-Threads Scheduler in MySQL 6.0" is the subject of a Sun blog where timc reports on his investigation into whether the Pool-of-Threads scheduler can provide an operating mode that supports a large number of clients that will be maintaining their connections to the database, without also sending a constant stream of requests to that database.
Upcoming MySQL Webinars
Informative Technical and Not so Technical Live Discussions on MySQL
Multiple live webinars on MySQL topics are scheduled through out the month of May. The following topics are set to be covered:

  • Memcached Technical Deep Dive
  • Scaling MySQL for Data Warehousing with Infobright
  • MySQL and Search at Craigslist
  • Controlling Storage Costs of Rich Media for Web
  • For Commercial ISVs and OEMs: Securely and Seamlessly Deploy MySQL with Your Application
  • Running MySQL Web Services on Sun Systems with Intel Xeon 5500 Processors
  • Guide to Open Source Data Warehousing for Communications Service Providers
  • For Commercial ISVs: The New MySQL Connector/C++

MySQL Applications, Partners and Community Members Recognized
At the Annual MySQL Awards in Conjunction with 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo
Near the conclusion of the seventh annual MySQL Conference & Expo held April 20-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, recognition of the open source database's best customers, partners and open source community contributors was announced. Awards were presented for Applications of the Year, Partners of the Year, and Community Members of the Year.
Download for MySQL Cluster 7.0 Available
April 30th Webinar Explains "What's New"
Sun released the next version of its MySQL Cluster 7.0. This real-time database combines the flexibility of a high availability relational database with the low TCO of open source. MySQL Cluster 7.0 provides new features and management tools.
Cloud Computing
New Cloud Standards Group to Address Management Interoperability
Open Cloud Standards Incubator to Develop Specifications for Cloud Resource Management
The newly formed group entitled Open Cloud Standards Incubator plans on working to develop a set of informational specifications for cloud resource management. Created by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), the Open Cloud Standards Incubator will focus on issues such as creating standards to enable interoperability between private clouds within enterprises and hosted or public cloud providers. Sun is member and on the group's leadership board.
Auto Service Request Software
Find Out if Your Sun Products Qualify for ASR

Automatic Service Request (ASR) is an automatic fault-reporting feature that is included with SunSpectrum service contracts and warranties for selected Sun servers and storage products. When a qualifying Sun product detects a specific set of hardware faults, ASR automatically opens a Sun service request, without anyone having to call Sun service to report the problem. To find out which products qualify for ASR, Sun has created a couple of wiki sites.

Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 Now Support PCI Express 2.0
Provides up to Twice the Speed of PCIe 1.1 Technology
The Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 chassis passive midplanes have been updated to support PCI Express 2.0 (a.k.a. Gen2) technology, which provides up to twice the speed of the PCIe 1.1 technology utilized in the 1st generation chassis midplane. Sun also is introducing an Assemble-to-Order (ATO) process for select HPC configurations of the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System where Sun will ship a customer's chassis with server and I/O modules inserted. Along with these new products, Sun will be retiring the Sun Blade 6000 A90-A, Sun Blade 6048 B22-B Chassis, and select configurations of the Sun Blade X6250 Server Module.
Sun Cooling Door 5600
Capable of Removing 100% of Heat Generated by the Sun Blade 6048
The Sun Cooling Door 5600 System is an energy efficient cooling system for the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System. As a rear door heat exchanger, it removes heat right at the source through the use of refrigerant gas technology and leveraging the Liebert XD system cooling infrastructure. Current Liebert XDP (refrigerant/coolant distribution unit) capacity is 160 kW and it will support up to four Sun Cooling Doors 5600. Minimum load for Liebert XDP operation is 32 kW and the maximum capacity for the Sun Cooling Door 5600 is 35 kW.
Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System Gets Five Stars in ITPro Review
No Hidden Costs, More Standard Features Set Solution Apart from Competitors
The Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System got high marks -- five stars out of a possible six -- from Dave Mitchell, whose review in ITPro praises Sun for making so many features standard on the 7410 and for not introducing hidden costs too late in the deal for customers to back out. The 7410, he writes, comes with unlimited snapshots, integral data compression, iSCSI thin provisioning, virus scanning and even remote replication.
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