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Dr. Masood Mortazavi Gives Developers Practical Advice: Java, Open-Source
Part 2 of the Series: Meet Sun Software Engineering Manager
March 27, 2009,
Volume 133, Issue 4

Creating and running your first 'hello world' program in a new environment can be much harder than writing your largest piece of code in the same environment. – Dr. Masood Mortazavi, Sun Software Engineering Manager

Part 2 of the series on Masood Mortazavi expands into his experience of managing projects in Open-Source communities and database communities, Java applications, and advice on how to be better developer, handle platform changes, work with Java, and write code using practical guidelines. Article exposes his vast knowledge on these mentioned topics with developer tips. With a sense of humor and a bit of humility, he shares a laugh from his early experiences as a developer.

What makes this article interesting is how Mortazavi's diverse industry knowledge is shared retrospectively. He weaves his experience into this interview by Janice J. Heiss by providing readers with a clear topic overview, genuine industry knowledge, and helpful tips.

Part 1 of this article covers his biography and his initial experiences as being part of Sun's Database Group.


Managing Projects in Open-Source Communities

"Projects are inherently difficult to manage, and projects involving participation in an open-source community have their own special constraints," said Mortazavi.

Open-Source Database Communities

"There's amazing growth in open-source databases, both in terms of variety and community activity," said Mortazavi.

Getting the Most From Java Applications

"My advice is to keep to the standards and to Sun-supported technologies in this area," said Mortazavi.

The Value of the Java EE Platform

"In these areas, Java EE is truly unique," said Mortazavi.


"I have a strong interest in system dynamics of distributed software systems," said Mortazavi.

Advice to Students

"Start simple. Learn the basics of the language, and even before that, make simple modifications to existing, running programs and see what happens," said Mortazavi.

How to Be a Better Developer

"What is beautiful has always reduced stress throughout human history and has made us much more productive in our lives," said Mortazavi.

An Easier Life Through Platform Changes

"The use of the new threading model greatly improves performance and program correctness when compared to the classical uses of the old threading libraries," said Mortazavi.

Funniest Experience as a Developer

Java Surprises

"Finally, a smart programmer with some background in modern math and type theory can reason about a piece of Java code much more easily than they can with code from most other programming languages," said Mortazavi.

The Process of Writing Code

"Creating and running your first 'hello world' program in a new environment can be much harder than writing your largest piece of code in the same environment," said Mortazavi.

Tips for Writing Better Code

"The more internal bookkeeping we do, the more verbose our program becomes, which means the code will begin demanding that we break it up into more classes and methods," said Mortazavi.

Software Problems to Solve

"There's tremendous promise in this area and a great need for social investment," said Mortazavi.

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