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Sun Makes List of Best Corporate Citizens for 2009
New Methodology Causes Debate on What Defines a Corporate Citizen
For the fourth year in row, Sun has been among the Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens on Corporate Responsibility Officer's (CRO) annual list, which claims to be "the worldÂ’s best-known apples-to-apples comparison of Russell 1000 companiesÂ’ performance in environment, climate change, human rights, employee relations, philanthropy, financial and governance." There has been some debate on the manner in which the CRO weighs particular categories in its methodology and also in the methodology itself, which changed during this year's research. Sun's Director of CSR Marcy Scott Lynn is one calling into question what a Corporate Citizen really means.
Schwartz Video Blog #4: Efficiently Connecting Adoption and Commercial Opportunity
Links Consist of Innovation, Open Source, Developers, Software Adoption, Cloud Computing
How does a company like Sun efficiently connect technology adoption and commercial opportunity? That is what Jonathan Schwartz sets out to clarify in the fourth and final video blog in his series explaining the essence and direction of Sun. The company's mission statement - the Network is the Computer - is key, according to Schwartz, who hopes to translate it into Sun's business model.
News Bites
Short News Items of Interest to the Sun User Community

  • Sun Open Cloud Platform at the SuperNAP
  • Drag & Drop Virtual Datacenter Deployment Tool
  • Sun to Keynote Cloud Computing Expo
  • Project Wonderland Discussion in Second Life
  • Implementations of Project Wonderland
  • Latest Sun HPC Newsletter
  • Upcoming Sun HPC Consortium
  • SunSPOTs in Action
  • Third Quarter Fiscal 2009 Financial Results
  • A Culture of Innovation

Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 3 Released
More Virtualization Flexibility, Added Support for OSes & Client Devices, Lower Storage Costs
Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 3 is available for purchase for as low as $40 per user/per year, or a free 90-day trial of the software can be downloaded for a test drive. The latest version of Sun's VDI software is said to offer ground-breaking VDI storage economics, built-in virtualization capabilities, and support for a wide variety of virtual desktop operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, OpenSolaris and Ubuntu.
Internet Archive Migrates to Sun's Open Hardware and Software Platforms
Sun Modular Datacenter to Carry 3 Petabytes of Information for Non-profit Digital Library
As one of the fastest growing digital libraries in the world, Internet Archive decided it needed a more flexible and open storage architecture. The non-profit organization looked to Sun to help with two important technological challenges: storing massive amounts of data and ensuring this data will be preserved in the future. It selected the Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD) platform, comprised of open storage technology like Solaris ZFS and Sun Fire systems, as the basis of its datacenter.
Free and Open Source S/W
The Allure of Open Source: Adding Up the Costs
The Bottom Line Increasingly Drives Decisions to Move Away from Proprietary Solutions
Focusing largely on the increasing number of OpenOffice downloads, Sean Dodson writes in an article for The Guardian, "Open source apps are no small free beer," that was the case concerning open source early on -- "free" meant users were free to do with open source software as they wished, in the view of Richard Stallman -- the more pressing meaning of free these days has very much to do with the cost of doing business. In support of his point, Dodson cites Gartner analyst Bianca Granetto, who says, "Open source has long been an open question, but the economic recession is making it a viable alternative."
The Open Flash Module
Powerful and Interesting Features are Discussed
Blogger Anatol Studler discusses the many advantages of the Open Flash Module, which is now available to developers and the OpenSolaris Storage community. It features enterprise-quality and open standard Flash design. This Open Flash Module allows new levels of server optimization and datacenter efficiencies.
Schwartz's View on the Open Source Horizon
A Successful Business Model That's Here to Stay
In a guest column on Ostatic, Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz appraises the open source market making the point he has made before that many of the Internet's most valuable brands - Amazon, Google, EBay, Skype, Yahoo!, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Baidu - are free and, he contends, the same applies in the technology marketplace with Linux, Java, MySQL, Firefox, Apache, Eclipse, NetBeans,, and OpenSolaris. " is a universal price, requires no currency translation, and reaches the longest tail of the market," he writes. "In the technology world, free and open is the new black."
Upgrading from OpenSolaris 2008.05 to 2008.11
Some Choices on Paths to Follow

A Sun blog on how to upgrade from OpenSolaris 2008.05 to 2008.11 details the processes and commands, the devices and media and the steps involving network connections for this upgrade.

Glenn Brunette on Immutable Service Containers
Building Secure Systems Based on Solaris Zones
Delivering the service by a zone in conjunction with denying write access to the binaries or configurations and vastly locking down the privileges results in a really secure environment -- in a word "Immutable Service Containers (ISC)," writes Sun Distinguished Engineer Glenn Brunette, adding, an ISC embodies at its core the key principles inherent in the Sun Systemic Security framework including: self-preservation, defense in depth, least privilege, compartmentalization and proportionality. In his posting and his pdf Brunette discusses ISCs based on Solaris Zones.
DLight Tutorial Provides Instrumentation for Using DTrace in Solaris and OpenSolaris
Opens Up Debugging and Performance Analysis Possibilities

DLight offers a brand of instrumentation that enables users to take advantage of the Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) debugging and performance analysis functionality in the Solaris 10 OS and in OpenSolaris, writes Ann Rice in the introduction to her DLight Tutorial.

Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System with MySQL Guide
Sun BluePrints Online: Applying Open-Source Operating System Technologies
For businesses requiring a cost-saving solution for delivering fast, reliable information access, Sun's Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems may provide the answer. Being eco-friendly, easy to manage, and scalable this storage system has an open-systems approach. It uses general purpose servers and storage components, along with innovative technologies and storage software.
Cloud Computing
A Guide to Getting Started with Cloud Computing
At Sun, the Cloud Is About Interoperability
There are three elements essential to cloud computing as it is understood at Sun, elements that differentiate the cloud paradigm from its predecessors, such as the grid, for example. This Sun white paper, "Take Your Business to a Higher Level" discusses these distinctions in a discussion of how cloud computing can contribute to higher levels of performance in the business model.
ILM Informatique Recommendation of the Sun Storage 7110
Reviewer Calls Performance 'Brilliant'
In an exhaustive review, ILM Informatique put the Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage System through its paces during a 60-day try-and-buy period and came up with a verdict that should be pleasing to Sun's marketing staff: "The Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage System makes it easier than ever to simplify your storage for less. The easy-to-use appliance is ideal for enterprise workgroups, remote offices or SMBs, and offers enterprise storage at entry-level prices."
Testing File System Compression on the Sun Unified Storage System 7000
It's Free and Part of ZFS So Why Not Use It?
While built-in filesystem compression might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread in blogger Dave Pacheco's view, he does assert that it is far superior to using an external appliance between storage and clients to do the job. In his blog "Compression on the Sun Storage 7000" he presents the results of an experiment that demonstrates the utility of the built-in compression feature of ZFS.
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