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Open Source and the Federal Government
Bill Vass Says This is the Year for Adoptions
Bill Vass, president and COO of Sun Federal, sees light at the end of the tunnel, and that light will soon dawn on the federal government opening itself to the improved security, procurement speed, quality and reduced cost available with open-source solutions. He announces in a recent blog that he expects all of this to happen during 2009.
Sun's Cool Database Center: Video
Tour of Sun's Broomfield, Colorado Datacenter
Watch the short CNN video "Cooling down server farms" (about 3 minutes) that tours Sun's Broomfield, Colorado Datacenter. Take a look at how smart designs can significantly decrease operating costs while maximizing efficiency.
An Update on Porting OpenSolaris to the IBM Mainframe
Many Improvements; Work Still Necessary on Certain Issues

What has happened since the prototype port of OpenSolaris to the IBM mainframe under z/VM ("sirius") that occurred several months ago? Jeffrey Savit's blog reports on the developments since then, and reveals what's still in the works.

Solutions for MySQL Database Scalability
Designed with Sun Servers and File Systems in Mind
An analysis of "Improving MySQL Database Scalability" is provided in this online article. Single server databases have evolved the need for scalability by driving software development toward multi-server scaling. MySQL databases can be scaled on an optimized platform that provides massive scaling, lower administrative costs, and datacenter space and energy efficiency.
Disconnected Mode Operation
Using Sun xVM Ops Center Offline
According to Owen Allen's recent blog on disconnected mode, its utility, given that it enables the use of Sun xVM Ops Center without an Internet connection, lies in allowing one to utilize all of Sun xVM Ops Center's features, including up-to-date patching, at sites where Internet connections are not allowed for security reasons.
Sun Java System
Sun Java Mobile Communication 1.0 - Media Kit
Synchronize Contact and Calendar Data on Mobile Devices with Sun Communication Suite Servers
There is now a media kit for Sun Java Mobile Communication 1.0 that will enable users of leading edge phones to synchronize in real time over-the-air with calendar and contact data stored on Sun Communication Suite servers. This solution expands Sun's client spectrum from desktop and webtop to mobile devices. SyncML devices can be configured to accept push updates, and users can manually "pull" the updates from the server as well as send local changes back to the servers.
Software News Bites
Short Items of Interest to the Sun Software Community

  • Sun Studio Express 3/09 & Sun Studio 12 Update 1 EA Program
  • Solaris Express Community Edition build 109
  • Solaris Package Companion Version 0.9
  • Installing a PDF Viewer from Blastwave

Sun Ultra 24 Supports Intel PRO/1000 PT (PCIe) Desktop Adapter
Maximizes System Performance and Increases End-user Productivity
The Intel PRO/1000 PT (PCIe) Desktop Adapter is available as an XATO option for the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation. This adapter can maximize system performance and increase end-user productivity through the use of auto-negotiation technology, which allows the adapter to run at the highest available network speed (10, 100 or 1000 Mbps) while maintaining full bandwidth capacity with the dedicated 2.5-Gbps bandwidth of a PCI Express (PCIe) input/output (I/O) bus.
Consider the Sun Virtual Desktop Solutions
The Savings and Performance Will Surprise You

There have been some recent success stories involving the federal government's use of virtual desktop solutions, writes Sun Microsystems Federal CTO Mark Perkins. His conclusion is that virtual desktop solutions are proving their worth to the federal agencies that have adopted them.

Update 1.1 for Sun Ray Connector for VMware View Manager
Now Certified for Use with VMware View 3
Update 1.1 for Sun Ray Connector for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 1.0 has been released. This update certifies VMware View Client to use Sun Ray as a client device for VMware View 3 and the software is localized into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Sun Ray Connector for VMware View Manager allows Sun Ray users to connect to Windows virtual machines via the VMware View Manager.
New Memory Options for Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server
Helps Customers Match System to Memory-Intensive Applications

There is now a new 32GB (4X8GB) memory Pick-to-Order (PTO) configuration and a new 4x8GB DIMM memory X-option for the SPARC Enterprise M3000 single processor server available from Sun and Fujitsu. This new factory PTO configuration increases the M3000 DIMM density to 32GB (4x8GB) with the ability to add a memory X-option of 32GB (4x8GB) to achieve total system memory of 64GB.

Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000 Servers Double Memory Capacity
Up to 4 Terabytes With New 8GB Memory DIMM

Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 Data Center Servers now offer double the maximum memory capacity with a new 8GB DIMM memory option. Using the new higher density memory CPU/Memory Boards (CMUs) enables customers to double the maximum system memory in the SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 Servers and up to 4 Terabytes of system memory in the largest M9000-64 configuration. New Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000/M9000 CMU boards with the new 8GB DIMM memory options are available now for both new factory configured systems and can be ordered separately and added to existing systems.

32GB SSDs Offered in Nine Sun Blade and Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers
Easily Placed in HDD Slots for Instant Performance Improvements

When compared to traditional hard disk drives, Sun Enterprise Solid-State Drive (SSD) delivers 70 times faster response time, 38% less power/GB, 98% less power/IO, and more shock resistance. Nine Sun server systems now offering 2.5-inch 32GB SATA SSD) include Sun Blade X6250, 6320, 6340, 6450, and Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, T5140, T5220, T5240, T5440. Currently SSDs are available only as X-options and for inclusion in the ATO (assemble to order) process.

Sun StorageTek Workload Analysis Tool (SWAT) Version 3.02
Comes With the New Sun Flash Analyzer
The Sun Flash Analyzer is a tool that offers users insight into the workload and performance data of their systems to help identify disks/luns that could benefit from solid state devices (SSDs). Recently Analyzer, also known as SSD Configurator, was added to the Sun StorageTek Workload Analysis Tool (Swat) version 3.02. Find out more about how these tools work together and where to go to download them.
Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System Draws High Praise from InfoWorld
Most Bang for the Buck in Its Class
In the eyes of InfoWorld's Paul Venezia, the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System is a winner. The combination of 48 drives, SSD log storage, broad protocol support, ZFS, and amazing GUI make for one great filer, he writes, labeling the solution "a tank in every sense of the word,"... that carves out a niche for itself in a wide variety of infrastructures.
Defining Open Storage
A Useful Perspective on the Technology
"Open storage refers to storage systems built with an open architecture using industry-standard hardware and open-source software," writes Aaron Newcomb in his blog entitled "What Is Open Storage Anyway?" He continues with comments on open source software, open standards and open architecture, all in an effort to address the concerns potential users might have concerning the illusion that reliability is a quality found only in the proprietary realm.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 133 Issue 2, the top 10 articles were:

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    Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000, T5120 Servers Outshine IBM Hardware on Benchmarking Test
    Oracle's PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 Self-service Benchmark Puts Iron to the Test
    Using three Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Servers and a single Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server, Sun conducted a self-service benchmarking exercise involving Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources Management System (HRMS) 8.9 whose results demonstrate superior performance in most considerations over a similar exercise using a configuration involving the IBM z990 2084-C24 and eServer pSeries p690 servers, which was conducted separately. Giri Mandalika blogs on the results.
    Sun and Logica Perform Benchmarking Exercise with Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
    Results Demonstrate 50 Million Payments per Hour Capability

    Logica, a leading IT and business services company employing more than 40,000 people, has run a benchmarking test of its Logica All Payments Solution (LAPS), the company's new payments hub, with the Sun T-series and Sun SPARC Enterprise M-series servers. A report appearing in BusinessWire relates the success of this benchmarking exercise, which provided capability in excess of 50 million payments per hour.

    What's New on BigAdmin
    As of March 19th, 2008
    Patching a Miniroot Image on the Solaris 10 OS

    In this article, a Sun engineer describes how to install the latest Kernel Update patch, or any patch, with a SPARC or x86 miniroot image for the JumpStart installation program. (The Solaris 10 5/08 OS is used here, but the procedure is similar for other Solaris 10 releases.)

    LOFS Mounted Platform-Specific Routine Libraries With CMT UltraSPARC Systems

    The concept of a platform-specific routine (PSR) library, already found with the Solaris 10 OS, is extended on chip multithreading (CMT) systems using UltraSPARC processors. On these systems, PSR capability has been enhanced to support multiple PSR versions: one per processor, per platform. This allows a platform to support multiple processors, and each processor can be optimally utilized.

    Leveraging Sun Identity Manager with GlassFish and MySQL
    A Pathway to Cutting Identity Management Costs
    "Leveraging Identity with GlassFish and MySQL" is a 40-page white paper that shows how to Leverage MySQL and GlassFish in an Identity Manager deployment, building on the earlier announcement of Sun Identity Manager 8 on MySQL. The paper provides an overview of the function of Sun Identity Manager and explains how to install it with GlassFish and MySQL. The combination of the three provides a very compelling value-proposition.
    Comparing StarOffice 9, 3.x and Microsoft Office 2007
    Cost Savings Revealed
    This Sun Whitepaper examines the potential cost savings of StarOffice 9 and over Microsoft Office 2007 by providing a direct cost comparison of an office suite deployment. This study focuses on examining the costs by analyzing an organization with 1,000 desktops with a typical number of documents and Microsoft Office macros.
    Application Scaling on CMT and Multicore Systems
    Weisner Proposes Virtualization as the Quickest Path to Scalability
    An article by Rickey C. Weisner, Sun senior engineer, describes the challenges of enabling legacy applications to scale on Chip Multi-Threading (CMT) architectures, specifically for multicore architectures. He provides possible architectural changes to the application and makes his recommendation as proposing virtual environments as the quickest path to scalability.
    "Unleashing Application Performance with Solid-State Drives and Sun Servers"
    White Paper Explains How SSDs Can Add Value and Savings
    Learn how Sun servers equipped with Flash-enabled solid state drives (SSDs) improve HPC, Web 2.0, and data center application performance in the March 2009 white paper "Unleashing Application Performance with Solid-State Drives and Sun Servers". Sun servers equipped with SSDs can be configured to use fewer HDDs and still deliver the same storage I/O performance, Sun reports, resulting in lower capital and operating expenses.
    Java Technology
    How to Optimize GlassFish Performance
    Introductory Steps: Eleven Tuning Parameters
    This Performance White Paper is designed for users requiring general guidance for initial tuning values in order to improve their application performance on the Sun GlassFish application server v2. Provided are the Introductory Steps to achieving better performance for this application server with descriptions of the Eleven tuning parameters.
    How Sun Approaches Identity Management
    Simple, Open and Proven Identity Solutions
    Sun's BluePrint online addresses the crucial issue of identity infrastructure and whether it can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable way that will offer the best possible return on investment. This paper examines ways for enterprises to build and maintain the identity and access management infrastructure that can support growth for the short and long term.
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