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Scott McNealy Takes On Federal View of Open Source as 'Anti-capitalist'
Urges Obama Administration to Appoint Cabinet Level CIO
Open source is very much more than just another business model, Scott McNealy maintains in a continuing effort to persuade the federal government to move toward wider adoption of open source solutions. He further urges the appointment of a cabinet-level CIO, whose office could coordinate federal IT policy in a more comprehensive manner than a federal CTO can. Patrick Thibodeau reports on McNealy's campaign in a recent Computerworld article.
Java Technology
Sun GlassFish Portfolio 2009.02
Delivering Web Applications Predictably and Cost Effectively
The GlassFish Portfolio is an open source platform for a competitive price and performance with feature-rich application development and enterprise-class support. Some of the features and benefits of the Sun GlassFish portfolio will appeal directly to Enterprise IT Executives, Web Application Developers/Project Leads, and Partners (ISVs, SIs). The Sun GlassFish Portfolio provides middleware software and services to deliver web applications throughout the enterprise in a predictable and cost effective manner.
Registration Is Open For the 2009 JavaOne Conference
1,300 Plus Submissions under Review for Sessions
Attention exhibitors and attendees, registration is underway for the JavaOne Conference 2009, so mark your calendars for June 2 to 5 for the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Learn from experts in Java technology, get hands-on experience, network with their peers, and have the opportunity to connect with technology experts and industry leaders.
Free and Open Source S/W
On the Road Toward OpenSSO Enterprise 8.1
Latest Details Outline Release Schedule
The OpenSSO team has released a roadmap toward its next enterprise commercial release of the identity management software. Beginning this coming April with the anticipated Express 7 release, all the way through to the commercial release of OpenSSO Enterprise 8.1 expected in March of 2010, the roadmap offers details on upcoming features and progress.
OpenSSO Supports Massive Verizon Wireless Deployment
Maintains Over 40 Million Users, a Million Logins per Day at a Peak of 4,000 Logins per Minute
What keeps Damodaram Bashyam, director of IT Verizon Wireless, up at night? Security and how to protect his company and its customers. In his presentation given at Gartner's Identity & Access Management Conference in Orlando this past fall, Bashyam presents how Verizon simplified their identity management solution to improve security and the customer experience online by implementing OpenSSO Enterprise with Sun Access Manager 7.0 and Sun Federation Manager 6.2.
MySQL Conference & Expo
Set for April 20th-23rd in Santa Clara, Calif.
Registration is now open for the Fifth Annual MySQL Conference and Expo 2009, which will be held at the Santa Clara, Calif. Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara on April 20-23. Conferees are expected to number more than 2,000 as open source and database advocates come together to consider optimizing the range of solutions available in the MySQL ecosystem.
Sun Role Manager 4.1
Offers High Level Features and Benefits
Version 4.1 of the Sun Role Manager is Sun's solution that provides comprehensive role lifecycle management and identity compliance capabilities to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and reduce costs. Formerly Vaau's RBACx product, the Sun Role Manager has multiple features and benefits including enhancements for identity certification, UI for user access certification, role engineering & administration, and API support; improvements for identity warehouse & custom reporting and integration with Sun Identity Manager; and MySQL support.
Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server with One Dual-core SPARC64 VII Processor
Can Save M3000 Users Money on Oracle Licensing Fees
Customers can save money on licensing fees with the new one dual-core SPARC64 VII processor for the Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server. This latest edition to the M3000 product category, the dual-core, single CPU system reduces the number of Oracle licenses required and allows for greater customer choice and flexibility in managing Oracle licensing costs.
Sun Fire and Sun Blade Servers Now Support 300GB 10K SAS Drives
Includes Sun Fire X4140, X4240, X4440, X4600 M2, and Sun Blade T6320, T6340

The 300GB 10K SAS drives are now available for Sun servers including the Sun Fire X4140, X4240, X4440, and X4600 M2 servers as an X-option or in Assemble to Order (XATO) configurations. The specifications on this drive include an average seek time of 3.5 msec / 4.0 msec, 170 IOPs to 350 IOPS, and a Maximum instantaneous data transfer rate of 300 Mbytes per sec (Dual Port).

The Sun Blade T6320 and T6340 Server Modules now support 300GB 10K RPM 2.5" SAS hard disk drives.

Virtualization for Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers - White Paper
Powerful and Innovative Enterprise-Class Systems
Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers support a variety of tools to create a virtualized environment and simplify management of application and resource isolation. Through examples, this white paper provides insight to the virtualization capabilities provided by Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers. Provided are detailed descriptions of Dynamic Domains, Dynamic Reconfiguration, and Solaris Containers technologies.
Sun StorageTek 9900 High Performance Connectivity for IBM Fibron
For the Sun StorageTek ST9990V and ST9985V System Platforms

Sun StorageTek 9900 Software Suite offers a full suite of software designed to optimize your storage system performance. The Sun StorageTek 9900 High Performance Connectivity for IBM FICON for Sun StorageTek 9900 systems is an enhancement release for the Sun StorageTek ST9990V and ST9985V system platforms.

Controller-based vs. Non-controller-based Arrays on Databases
Workload and Latency Improve for Oracle and MySQL on Controller-based Arrays
The task of designing storage for both Oracle and MySQL databases necessitates taking into consideration the impact of using controller-based storage arrays vs. non-controller-based arrays on IOPS and response time, writes Grant Sleesman in a recent blog. He finds that both databases have greater workload and less latency on controller-based arrays.
Sun's Combination of Flash and ZFS Presents Unique Opportunity
Cache Translates as Cash in this Instance
When it comes to flash storage technology and to its ZFS file system, Sun has placed itself in a so-far unique market niche that allows the company to provide an attractive balance between cost and performance. The competition, on the other hand, is reduced to marketing flash as merely disk replacement, writes Paul Murphy in a ZDNet article on the subject.
OpenSolaris, ZFS, Sun Hardware Deliver Better Performance, Cost Savings to Digitar
Former User of Linux Volume Manager Was Attracted to Open Source by the 'Cost'
The experience of Digitar -- an Idaho-based e-mail processing company that strips customers' e-mail of unwanted spam, virus and other malware before delivering the sanitized e-mail to the addressee -- goes a long way toward providing further validation of Sun's open-source marketing strategy. Following a move from a more costly Linux-based infrastructure to OpenSolaris, Digitar COO and CTO Jason Williams says, "If it hadn't been free, we would never have looked at it, yet it made our I/O and corruption problems go away." Drew Robb reports on the company's experience in an article.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 132 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 131 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 132 Issue 4, the top 10 articles were:

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    Using Multiple Software Instances to Drive Processors to Capacity
    Blogger Tests IBM WebSphere Instances on Several Sun Servers

    The impact of software on processor capacity is the topic Albert Leigh addresses in his blog entitled "Co-locating Multiple Instances of WebSphere on Scalable Sun Servers." He uses the SPECjAppServer 2004 benchmark to discover just how many WAS instances are required to drive various Sun servers to full utilization.

    Sun Sharpens Focus on Identity Management Portfolio
    Reducing Complexity Is Among Sun's Aims
    Sun has plans for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) segment of the market, reports Brian Prince, reporting for Working with Passlogix and ActivIdentity on enterprise single sign-on, Sun is striving to establish deeper technical integration across Sun’s products. Enterprises can expect enhancements to Sun’s identity management offerings around SSO later this year, Prince reports.
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