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Guidelines for Optimizing the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems for Oracle Databases
Testing Three Models to Determine Optimal Configurations for Each
"Configuring Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems for Oracle Databases" is a Sun BluePrints Online paper by Jeffrey T. Wright and Sridhar Ranganathan that reviews configuration criteria and discusses some important implementation guidelines. Because the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems offer such tremendous configuration flexibility, storage architects face a number of decisions in designing optimal configurations to meet the Oracle database storage requirements.
Blogger Reports Success in Running SysBench for Oracle Benchmarks
Follow the Leader

Rajarshi Chowdhury blogs about "Running SysBench for Oracle benchmarks" in a recent entry. He documents his experience in running SysBench for Oracle benchmarks (which required more than one try).

Doing More With Less - Predicted to be CIOs' Mantra for 2009
Highlights from Sun's Bob Worrall's Article in
Bob Worrall, Chief Information Officer at Sun Microsystems, urges the IT community to evaluate ways to be more cost-effective to address the economic situation, focus on the ecological solutions, check out Open Source opportunities, do the research, and be more hands-on. "Recession or not, we will continue to see more pressures on IT budgets," said Worrall.
Java Technology
JavaFX Seeks to Capture RIA Market Space from Adobe, Microsoft
Java and RIA: Not Just for Developers Any Longer
While developers have for some time been able to work with RIAs using Java technology, the demanding skill set has kept the casual user from that setting. Instead, they have had to rely on Adobe's AIR, Flex and Flash and Silverlight from Microsoft. Now, Jim Rapoza finds the competition for space in the RIA arena heating up with the release of JavaFX.
Free and Open Source S/W
Creating and Using a Web Application with GlassFish and MySQL
Part 3 in a Series
This is the third article in a series of articles on GlassFish and MySQL by Ed Ort and Carol McDonald. Part 3 shows readers how easy it is to convert the controller layer of the Web application -- that is, the layer of the application that performs the CRUD operations -- into a Web service. Readers will also learn how to create a client for the Web service, which uses GlassFish, MySQL and the Java Persistence API. 3.0.1 Generally Available
On the Record Community Update
The Community update for 3.0.1 is now available for download, which addresses a few minor issues that have been reported with the current release.
Video Discussion of ZFS as a Root File System
Fast, Easy and Less Risky than Traditional File Management Methods
In her video presentation on ZFS as a Root File System, Sun engineer Lori Alt, project lead of the ZFS Boot Project at Sun, begins with a look at the characteristics of a root file system, such as requiring a boot capability, having robustness, offering installation support along with swap and dump support, and providing ongoing management capabilities. She then gives an overview of ZFS that highlights how ZFS fills the bill on these requirements.
How to Create a Customized Boot DVD for Solaris OS
Works for Both x86 and SPARC

In a recent blog John Cecere writes about creating a customized boot DVD for Solaris. He says the process is relatively simple and that there are utilities in Solaris to do large chunks of the work. He notes as well that the procedure is essentially the same for SPARC and x86, the only difference being the mkisofs command line used to recreate the ISO image at the end.

End of Life for Trusted Solaris 8 Software
Solaris 10 OS with Trusted Extensions Feature Recommended Replacement

May 1, 2009 is the last order date for the Trusted Solaris 8 software as the 7/03 and 2/04 releases reach their end of life. The last ship date for the software is July 31, 2009, with the end of service life date set for the same day in the year 2014. The suggested replacement product is the Solaris 10 OS which comes with Trusted Extensions.

VDI Solution Demo and Cookbook
Recipe for Getting Started, Architecture & Installation
View the VDI solution demo to learn how the, "Sun VDI Software is the Sun Virtual Desktop Connector which provides seamless integration with the virtualization layer and makes it easy to control the life cycle of virtual machines and assign users to virtual desktop environments."
Tuning Techniques for Best Results on Sun CMT Platforms
Getting Apps to Run Optimally by Increasing Parallelism, Adding Instances of Multi-threaded Processes

Optimizing Sun's CMT platforms (T5220/T5240 and T6320/T6340 blade server modules) is the subject of Amit Hurvitz's blog in which he recommends addressing application parallelism as a first order of business.

Solaris Cluster Support for the Sun Fire X4250 Server
Get Higher Service Levels at Lower Service Level Costs With Reduced Risk
Solaris Cluster 3.1 8/05 and 3.2 now support the Sun Fire X4250 Server. This enterprise-class server is fast, expandable, and energy efficient, making it ideal for Web infrastructure, large single-app implementations, and multi-app consolidations. Since those environments need High Availability, the Sun Fire X4250 is a great platform to combine with Solaris Cluster for customers to deploy mission-critical solutions with high performance and service levels.
SAM-QFS: Tool for Cost Efficient, Reliable, Long-term Storage
The Answer to Declining IT Budgets and Accelerating Demands on the Data Center
Providing cost efficient data management and fast access to large volumes of data in the face of eroding budgets are the principal challenges announced by Harriet Coverston, Sun Distinguished Engineer, in her webinar, "Sun QFS and Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM)."
Sun StorageTek ST 9900 Encrypting Backend Director
Encrypts Data as it is Written to Disk, Decrypts as Data is Read from Disk

The Sun StorageTek ST 9900 Encrypting Backend Director (BED) is a disk adapter to which disk drives are attached and encrypted as data is written to disk and decrypted as data is read from disk. Only for the ST 9985V and ST 9990V, the ST 9900 encrypting BED allows disks written with encrypted data to be removed from these systems with no readable customer data. There is no other competitor that offers an encrypting BED to protect data at rest, Sun reports.

"Storage in the Cloud" - Video Presentation by Ben Rockwood, Joyent
Storage Summit September 2008
Ben Rockwood, the Director of Systems at Joyent, presents at the Open Solaris Summit on the topic: Cloud Computing. His talk is made up of two parts: 1) What is the cloud and 2) Storage and Virtualization.
Sun in the Open Source Storage Market
A Look at the New Options for Storage Customers
According to Carol Sliwa, author of the article "Open-source Storage Explained," written for, the rather haphazard manner in which enterprises acquire open-source storage software and then implement storage systems has created a perfect marketing climate for the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems. It is the combination of industry-standard hardware and a software stack that features open-source technology that gives the Sun solution this advantage, Sliwa asserts.
First Open Source Standard for Storage Encryption Solutions Released by Sun
Securely Handle Encryption Keys Without Additional Licensing

The first open source generic communication protocol between a Key Manager and an encrypting device has been released by Sun, enabling partners to adopt this protocol to securely handle encryption keys without additional licensing. The protocol is implemented as a complete toolkit and is downloadable from OpenSolaris under the project name Crypto KMS Agent Toolkit.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 132 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 131 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 130 Issues 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 132 Issue 2, the top 10 articles were:

  • "Best Practices for Running Oracle Databases in Solaris Containers" [21265]
  • Leaving Linux for OpenSolaris [21312]
  • An Introduction to Sun xVM Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.0 [21255]
  • Barclays Global Investors Bank on Sun [21348]
  • Jonathan Schwartz Explains Sun's Role in Current Sagging IT Market [21319]
  • Measuring VDI Performance and Scalability on the Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers [21277]
  • Sun's Sharper Focus on Storage Makes for Tough Competitive Position [21264]
  • SysAdmin News Bites - Space Calculator Tool, Disk Analysis Tool, Identity Manager & MySQL, Identity Management & Desktop Virtualization, How-tos on Desktop Virtualization & Solaris [21330]
  • A Two-part Guide to Tinkering with MySQL Cluster [21271]
  • Build It and They Will Come? [21248]

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Protecting Applications With OpenSSO and Policy Agents
    Article Series Addresses Securing Web Apps and Using Same-Domain SSO
    In Part 1 of a three-part article series on "Protecting Java EE Applications with OpenSSO Policy Agents," the authors deal with the basic steps of the process: installing and configuring Policy Agents to enforce authentication, single sign on (SSO) and authorization. Part 2 begins with an overview of the three types of SSO and demonstrate how to achieve same-domain SSO. Part 3, which has not been released, will show how access to predefined resources can be restricted to only certain users.
    Developer News Bites - Sun Studio & Parallel Computing, Free GUI for HDR Imaging, "Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce", VisualVM 1.1, Sun Certified Solaris Associate, SF PHP Meetup, Drupal Theme Wizard, Ruby on Rails with Apache and MySQL on OpenSolaris
    Short Items of Interest to the Developer Community

    • Video on Sun Studio and Parallel Computing
    • Open Source Graphical User Interface Application for High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging
    • Sample Chapter of "Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional"
    • New Command-line Options in VisualVM 1.1
    • Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS)
    • SDN on the Road PHP Palooza Part 2: SF PHP Meetup
    • Wizard for Developing New Drupal Themes
    • Ruby on Rails with Apache and MySQL on OpenSolaris

    NetBeans Partner Program Merges into Sun Partner Advantage Program
    Sun Also Announces New Third-party Support for the NetBeans IDE
    Sun announced it will be merging the NetBeans Partner Program with the Sun Partner Advantage Program, providing more support for the NetBeans partner community. Along with this reveal, Sun also named new third-party support for the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which will enhance the productivity and choice that developers have with the NetBeans platform.
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