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Sun and Allinea Software Tools Speed Parallel Application Developers - From Desktop to Supercomputing
Allinea DDT – Distributed Debugging Tool and Allinea OPT – Optimization and Profiling Tool are “best of breed” solutions for Multicore and HPC development on Sun Platforms.
February 12, 2009,
Volume 132, Issue 2

This is the first time a lot of academics have had access to a system anything like this

-- Karl Schulz, Associate Director of High Performance Computing at TACC – Home of “Ranger” Supercomputer

Download a No COST trial of Allinea DDT and Allinea OPT

Retooling developers for Multicore HPC and hybrid technology

Allinea’s tools are primarily targeted at developers of parallel High Performance Computing (HPC) applications that use the Message Passing Interface (MPI) for moderate to large numbers of processors or cores. Multicore application development and migration emerges as the new challenge for all businesses. The process starts at the developers desktop for Parallel, Threaded and Scalar application development, supporting the entire development cycle to QA, Product Ship and Support. Allinea tools are critical to delivering software on time and on budget.

Typical users include:

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

  • Academic and government research institutions

  • High Tech industry sectors, including Aerospace, Defense, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Weather forecasting, and Pharmaceutical.

  • New users of parallel and distributed computing include banking, EDA, Consumer Products and gaming Solutions.

Allinea’s current products are:

  • Allinea DDT - Distributed Debugging Tool – a cross platform debugger for large-scale parallel and threaded applications that use multiple threads, OpenMP or MPI.

  • Allinea OPT - Optimization and Profiling Tool – a cross-platform tool that helps developers identify performance bottlenecks and ensure the scalability of their MPI applications.

Solution benefits:

Allinea DDT and Allinea OPT offer a number of benefits for software developers on Sun platforms:

  • Easy-to-use GUIs reduce the learning curve yet offer comprehensive features

  • Transparent support for multiple languages (C, C++ and Fortran) and programming models (Scalar, MPI, OpenMP and multiple threads)

  • Memory debugging capabilities

  • Cross-platform support helps the porting of applications to Sun architectures

  • Innovative licensing model with Academic and Government conditions available

Allinea’s solution on Sun:

Available on Sun SPARC and Intel and AMD platforms, with Linux and Solaris support:

  • DDT can make direct use of Sun’s dbx debugger and is 100% compatible with Sun’s compiler technology.

  • Compatible with other third-party Linux compilers on Sun Opteron and Intel systems.

  • Suitable for parallel application development on Sun workstation, SMP, HPC and Grid platforms.

Business results:

Allinea tools offer a significant ROI by:

  • Minimizing time to market through efficient software development and testing

  • Helping to optimize application performance for end-users

  • Improving the reliability of applications on large numbers of processors/cores, and reducing software support costs

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Download a No COST trial of Allinea DDT and Allinea OPT

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