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Intel and Sun: Delivering State-of-the-art Solutions
Find Out More About Some of Their Latest Collaborations
February 12, 2009,
Volume 132, Issue 2

Intel's silicon innovation with Sun's world-class systems and software offers a solution optimized for enterprise customers and partners.

Sun and Intel announced a broad strategic alliance in January 2007 that included joint engineering, design, and marketing with the scope spanning Solaris, Java, and Intel Xeon processors and other enterprise-class technologies. The collaboration of Sun and Intel, including the joint engineering work from both companies, has resulted in state-of-the-art development. Read about some of the latest innovations that have come from this two year alliance:

White Paper: The Solaris Operating System and The New Intel Core Microarchitecture

Solaris on Intel's new Microarchitecture (Nehalem) - a new white paper offers a high-level overview of key features of the new Intel Core Microarchitecture, and the advantages of running the Solaris Operating System (OS) in this environment. The intended audience includes business decision makers, developers and IT professionals.

Get Unprecedented Efficiencies using Hybrid Storage Pools (HSP) with Solaris ZFS and Intel SSDs

Hybrid Storage Pools (HSP) are a new innovation designed to provide superior storage through the integration of flash with disk and DRAM. Sun and Intel have teamed up to combine their technologies of ZFS and high performance, flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) to offer enterprises cutting-edge HSP innovation that can reduce the risk, cost, complexity, and deployment time of multitiered storage environments.

Harness the Power of X86 Server Refresh with Sun and Intel

In an October 2008 IDC white paper, analyst Kenneth Cayton notes that advances in server technology have changed so rapidly that end users can build more flexible and efficient environments with a server refresh and receive more powerful systems while taking advantage of the latest capabilities, such as virtualization to maximize their environment. Cayton examines the growing server market and how the x86-based Sun server line using Intel Xeon processors are designed to meet its future needs.

Sun JVM Optimized on Intel Architecture for World-Class Performance Right Out of the Box

The Sun-Intel alliance has brought about many technical advances between the two companies' technologies. A case in point is the high level of optimizations made to the Sun JVM specifically for the Intel Xeon processor. A 68 percent benchmark improvement on Java performance tuning has been reported by the two firms. JVM enhancements are delivering excellent performance on all current generations of Sun server hardware based on Intel processors right out of the box.

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