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2 Feb 2009
US Department of Defense Launches its Own Site for Open Source Development
Open Source Model Validated for Government Use

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has launched a new site - - as its own open source repository. Built on the same technology used by, the project does have an added layer of security to meet DoD standards, including the use of smart cards for system authorization. The early access version of the and collaboration capability is for internal DoD testers only, reports Guy Martin, Open Source Community Manager at CollabNet, but it is a first step in the government's shift toward open source technology.
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2 Feb 2009
OpenMQ 4.3 Product Update
Presentations and Screencasts: Speakers Ed Bratt, Linda Schenider, Sun Microsystems

What's new with the Open Source Message Queue 4.3 (MQ) and the Universal Messaging System REST API presentations included the following: updates, including the Universal Message Service (UMS) background, set up samples, and how to design and build a simple enterprise style application with OpenMQ and some deployment examples.
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