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Virtualize the SAP Data Center
With Only 15% Server Utilization, Why Purchase Even More Server Hardware?
January 26, 2009,
Volume 131, Issue 4

Virtualization in the data center is a better approach than buying more server hardware.

Buying more hardware is not the way to maximize data center efficiency, argues Dr. Christoph Brune, Global Technical Account Manager, SAP Sun Microsystems, in a recent blog. Virtualization is a better, more cost effective approach, he contends.

He cites an IDC survey that claims a three-year supply of idle capacity is currently deployed in a market where typical server utilization is in the 10-15% range.

Brune lists the offerings in Sun's virtualized product family that customers can implement in undertaking virtualization. These include:

  • Virtual desktops, manageable from the data center with Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software

  • Consolidated SAP server landscape: multisocket, multicore, multithreaded Sun servers capable of handling the workloads of multiple SAP applications in a consolidated environment

  • Partitioned servers: Using virtualization technologies such as Dynamic Domains, Logical Domains, Solaris Containers and Sun xVM Server, customers can run different types and versions of systems and applications on a single server.

  • Cross-platform virtualization management: Resource management with Sun xVM Ops Center increases server usage to near 85% of capacity.

  • Cost-effective data storage and management: Solaris ZFS and Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage can pool resources to manage storage as a single resource, reducing tape library management operations.

Virtualization, Brune contends, is the path to take, not more server inventory.

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