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How Sun's Innovations Reduce Customers' Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Implementing Sun Solutions Can Help to Cut Your Operating Costs
Sun Microsystems Italia Senior Systems Engineer Danilo Piccia has created a slide presentation that outlines the benefits to customers of Sun's innovations that contribute to the reduction of user TCO. Among the items he cites are chip multithreading (CMT), open storage, OpenSolaris and xVM.
Project Squawk and the World of Microcontrollers
Slenderizing Java
Eric Arseneau would like to see a proliferation of computers and, just so we won't be tripping all over them, they need to be as small as possible. "I'm trying to go to as small a machine as possible," he told Al Riske in the interview entitled "Go Small or Not at All."
Media & Entertainment Business Switches From Linux to OpenSolaris
I/O Performance of Open Source Solaris Wins Over Startup
By migrating its production storage systems from Linux to OpenSolaris, increased its I/O performance and Web response time. With OpenSolaris, they found a long-term scalable storage solution that was built to handle exponential growth of monthly Web site users.
Greg Papadopoulos, David Douglas on the Citizen Engineer
Sun Execs Discuss Their Recent Book with San Jose Mercury News
Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos would like engineering students, their professors and working engineers to "...think more about what they're doing," or so he told Brandon Bailey, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. Papadopoulos and Sun colleague David Douglas co-wrote the book "Citizen Engineer" hoping to prompt their target audience to that habit of self-examination they feel is essential among modern day practitioners of engineering. Environmental sustainability, intellectual property, economics and their respective roles as citizens in the global community are the concerns the book advances.
Webzzle Selects Sun Microsystems to Enhance “1-Click Web Explorer”
Built with Sun Open Storage infrastructure
Webzzle (General Internet Company "GI") selects Sun to help it build a secure and scalable open source Web infrastructure. With this structure, Webzzle will be able to deliver ever-increasing volumes of explore results and also support the collaborative development and testing of new Webzzle services and applications.
Screencast of OpenSolaris 2008.11 Release
An Overview of Its New Features
If you're not already excited about the capabilities of OpenSolaris 2008.11, then let Roman Strobl, an evangelist at Sun for its distribution, who has created a most informative presentation on the release, stimulate your interest.
OpenSolaris News Bites - NTFS and FAT32 Partitions, SRSS 4.1, Open Source Software Optimization, Third Party I/O Technologies, Microsoft Remote Desktop and VNC Client, Get Xine Multimedia Player
Short Items of Interest to the OpenSolaris Community

  • Mounting NTFS and FAT32 Partitions in OpenSolaris 2008.11
  • Installing and Configuring SRSS 4.1 on OpenSolaris 2008.11
  • Using Open Source Software to Optimize OpenSolaris
  • Third Party I/O Technology Products for OpenSolaris
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop with rdesktop and VNC client with vncviewer available for OpenSolaris
  • Get Xine Multimedia Player for OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris and Intel's Atom Processor
Features Added so OS can Optimize Software and Drivers for Atom
Support for OpenSolaris by the Intel Atom processor has been reinforced with two important Atom features being placed back into the code base of the open source platform: performance counters and support for the MOVEB instruction. These two features optimize drivers and other software to run Atom, Intel's smallest and lowest power processor.
MySQL News Bites - January 7th Webinar, New MySQL Community Blog, Zack Urlocker on 5.1, Tutorial on MySQL and NetBeans 6.5, MySQL Migration Toolkit, MySQL Conference & Expo
Short Items of Interest to the MySQL Community

  • January 7th Webinar: Boost Performance with 5.1 and Query Analyzer
  • New MySQL Community Blog
  • Sun News Radio hosts Zack Urlocker
  • Tutorial: Connecting to MySQL from NetBeans IDE 6.5
  • MySQL Migration Toolkit
  • Register for MySQL Conference & Expo Set for April in Calif.

Marten Mickos: The Ascent of a Skeptic
Databases Were Not Always His First Love
Marten Mickos wasn't always enthusiastic about running a database company. Not even when his friends, who were then running the fledgling MySQL, offered him the job of CEO. He turned it down, as Al Riske discovered, in an interview he conducted with Sun's Database Group Senior VP.
Release of Sun Web Stack 1.4
Enterprise AMP Stack for Solaris and Linux

Sun Web Stack is a fully supported and integrated enterprise-quality AMP (Apache/MySQL/Perl or PHP) stack, offering a collection of some of the most widely used open source applications optimized for Solaris 10 5/08, RedHat Linux Server 5.2, and OpenSolaris 2008.11. Version 1.4 stands as the successor to Cool Stack 1.3.1 and is available free from the Sun Web site.

Sun Ray Server Software on OpenSolaris
SRSS 4.1 on OpenSolaris 2008.11

Sun employees Bob Doolittle and Matt Hatley have prepared a dynamic recipe for the installation and configuration of Sun Ray Software 4 10/08 (code name Aker), (SRSS 4.1) which was released in October 2008 in OpenSolaris 2008.11. The ultimate goal for this recipe is seamless, official support of SRSS 4.1 for OpenSolaris.

Sun Servers Product Guide
Single 18-Page Dcoument Cover All of Sun's Servers
Sun brings more than 20 years of systems expertise and innovative thinking to their line of servers. SunÂ’s servers provide the performance, scalability, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness that help meet the business needs in HPC, virtualization, and eco or energy efficiency. With SunÂ’s complete family of servers -- Sun Blade servers, Netra servers, and entry-level, mid-range, and high-end servers -- a truly flexible IT ecosystem is a reality. Sun offers a get a choice of processors -- SPARC, UltraSPARC, AMD Opteron, or Intel Xeon -- and operating systems -- Solaris, Linux, or Windows. When you build your datacenter on a solid foundation of Sun servers, you can expect maximum ROI and minimum TCO.

A compact, comprehensive guide to Sun's servers is now available.

Sun Blade X6240 Server Modules and Options with Enhanced Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors
A Two-Socket System for Four-Socket Workloads
Sun has introduced the enterprise-class Sun Blade X6240 Server Module, which the company describes as a two-socket system designed for four-socket workloads. With this system, based on enhanced quad-core AMD Opteron processors, it is possible to consolidate IT infrastructures or Web service farms at up to half the cost of competing blade servers. And because these blades scale easily, supporting the broadest range of configurations and applications, they provide flexibility that protects customer investments and supports their future business growth. What's more, the Sun Blade X62430 Server Module can provide major savings in cooling and power.
HiCommand Business Continuity Manager 6.1 and Protection Manager 6.1
Sun StorageTek 9900 HiCommand Business Continuity Manager 6.1 and Protection Manager 6.1 for the ST 9900 Product Line.

Sun StorageTek 9900 Software Suite helps users to protect their data and make it highly available and easy to manage. The suite enables a broad range of enterprise functionality, including virtualization, dynamic provisioning, resource allocation, data lifecycle management, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Sun Tape
Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Plus
For Multiple Stacking and Consolidation
The Sun StorageTek Virtual Tape Library Plus software features tape stacking, which allows the VTL user to consolidate multiple virtual tape volumes in one physical tape cartridge. The StorageTek software helps to solve the problem of shrinking backup window due to too much data this is increasing daily.
Application Architecture Responds to Flash
Sun VP Muses on the Impact of Disruptive Technology

Marc Hamilton, vice president of Americas Systems Practice at Sun, blogs on the changes that are in the wings as a result of the introduction of flash technology to uses in computer memory. He notes how the traditional 3-tier cache/main memory/disk model has been subjected to demands for increasing performance by the introduction of cache memory to chips themselves.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 130 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 129 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 130 Issue 4, the top 10 articles were:

  • Sun Unified Storage Simulator on VMware [20966]
  • Virtualization Strategies: Sun Microsystems [20950]
  • Enterprise Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Technology Capable of a Million Write Cycles [21082]
  • "Working With Multiple Boot Environments on the OpenSolaris OS" [20980]
  • What's Open About OpenSolaris? [20991]
  • Sun Fire X4600M2 vs. HP ProLiant DL785 G5 [21021]
  • OpenSolaris's Role Based Access Control (RBAC) [20985]
  • A Catalog of Cloud Computing Solutions and Services from Sun [20998]
  • White Paper: Guide to GlassFish High Availability [21005]
  • Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 [21101]

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Sun Data Protection Services Data Erasure Service; Conforms to DOD 5220-22M Standards
    On-site Offering Delivered by Sun-badged Technicians
    Sun Data Protection Services Data Erasure (SDPS-DE) provides an on-site offering delivered by Sun-badged technicians that erases sensitive customer data from the hard disk drives installed in Servers and Arrays. The erasure technology conforms to DOD 5220-22M standards, ensuring non-recoverability of erased data including erasure of locked/hidden sectors such as remapped, DCO, HPA sectors.
    Sun Solutions Cut Customers' Costs, Increase Datacenter Efficiency
    Sun Rapid Solutions Target Specific Network Infrastructure to Meet Evolving Business Needs
    Sun Rapid Solutions is a set of three new services designed to help customers cut costs and increase datacenter efficiency. These solutions are prearchitected and preconfigured products that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. The solution set includes Sun Identity Provisioning, Sun Managed Virtual Desktop, and Sun Compute Cluster.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    Create, Read, Update, Delete: CRUD, in a Word
    GlassFish and MySQL (Assisted by NetBeans) Make It all Possible
    Part 1 of Ed Ort and Carol McDonald's article on GlassFish and MySQL [20849] described the advantages of using GlassFish with MySQL. Now, Part 2 takes the subject further, as the authors show how to develop a create, read, update, delete (CRUD) web application that uses GlassFish and MySQL. The application uses the Java Persistence API implemented in GlassFish to manage data persistence.
    Trim IT Budgets with Open Source Solutions
    John Perez Offers 25 Recommendations for Budget-conscious IT Managers
    Looking for ways to cut your IT budget for 2009? John Perez blogs on the possibility of cutting costs by shifting from legacy enterprise applications to solutions from the world of open source.
    What's New on BigAdmin
    As of December 31st, 2008
    Articles which have been posted to BigAdmin in the last week include:

    • Continue Getting Support for Solaris 8 With Vintage Patch Service
    • Simple Demo for Ruby on Rails With the Solaris 10 OS
    • Script From a Sun Submitter: Measuring Lock Spin Utilization
    • Community-Submitted Article: Migrating Non-Global Zones in the Solaris 10 OS

    "JavaFX in Action" - Early Access Edition
    Tutorial Text Leads Readers Through the Possibilities of Interface Programming with JavaScript
    Simon Morris has written "JavaFX in Action," a book which is described as a hands-on tutorial that introduces and explores JavaFX through numerous bite-sized projects. Through its Manning Early Access Program (MEAP), the publisher, Manning Publications, is making the book available to readers chapter by chapter, online, as each is completed.
    "NetBeans Ruby and Rails IDE with JRuby"
    Excellence Resource for Ruby and Rails Programmers Using the NetBeans IDE
    The new publication "NetBeans Ruby and Rails IDE with JRuby", an officially endorsed NetBeans project book, is written by Chris Kutler and Brian Leonard for Ruby and Rails programmers who want to take advantage of the NetBeans IDE to facilitate their Ruby and/or Rails web application development.
    Sun BluePrints Article: Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture
    Reducing Potential Security Threats
    This document, "Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture," by Joel Weise, Sun Global Systems Engineering Security Office, gives enlightenment in the area of handling security threats that can reduce the functionality, performance, availability, and integrity of IT systems. It treats these systemic qualities as critical, which are typically established into Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    Sun Java Mobile Communications 1
    Gateway to Synchronizing Sun Java Communications Suite Accounts with Mobile Phone
    Sun Java Mobile Communications 1 enables over-the-air (OTA) synchronization support for multiple mobile devices with calendar and contact data stored on Sun Java Communication Suite servers. It supports SyncML based bi-directional synchronization for a variety of mobile devices and real-time access to data stored on Sun Communication Suite servers. Subscriptions are available at Standard and Premium levels.
    Financial Services
    Leading Spanish Bank Caja Madrid Implements Sun Open Suite for SWIFT
    Improves Bank's Messaging Capabilities
    One of Spain's leading savings banks, Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Madrid, or Caja Madrid, has implemented the Sun Open Suite for SWIFT solution platform to serve its approximately 2,000 banking offices and more than 4,600 supermarket locations throughout Spain. Both Sun and implementation partner Grupo Acotel collaborated in assisting Caja Madrid to consolidate its bank-to-bank message flows with the SWIFT suite.
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