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Green Tech Predictions for 2009
Ted Samson Surveys Industry Leaders for InfoWorld
Here's an interesting collection of projections assembled by Ted Samson and published in InfoWorld that reflects the views of several industry leaders concerning what they expect to see happen during 2009 in the area of green IT.
Java Technology
A Glance at the Future of JavaFX
Sun VP Jeet Kaul Answers Some Pressing Questions
The release of JavaFX has created considerable excitement and raised some questions about its future direction. Sun VP for Client Software Group Jeet Kaul blogs on the answers to some of these queries.
Free and Open Source S/W
White Paper: Guide to GlassFish High Availability
Solaris Containers, GlassFish Provide Key to Keeping Services Under Budget
This white paper considers possible reference topologies that meet a variety of deployment needs from a high availability perspective in a virtualized environment. The chief of these is the combination of the Solaris Containers within the Solaris 10 Operating System and the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (GlassFish). This combination can deliver secure application environments with extremely low memory and CPU overhead. GlassFish offers centralized administration, record-setting performance, and 99.999% availability.
Details on MySQL 5.1 from a DBA's Perspective and MySQL Query Analyzer
White Papers Cover Key Features in the Latest Release of the Open Source Database
If you are wanting to learn more about MySQL 5.1, two white papers have just been released that offer specifics on the new product. "Inside MySQL 5.1: A DBA's Perspective" offers a technical overview of MySQL and a detailed look at its new features. "MySQL Query Analyzer: Overview" describes how the Query Analyzer can be used to tune and optimize SQL code during development and then to monitor applications after they are promoted to production.
List of Recent Sun Videos on Some of its Latest Technologies
All Titles Hot-linked for Your Convenience
There is a handy, one-stop list (with hot links and organized by topic) to videos from Sun on various of its products and services. Readers will find it at Storage Stop blog with thanks to Deirdre Straughan.
Sun Blade X6440 Server Modules with Four Enhanced AMD Quad-Core Opteron Processors
Ideal for Enterprise and High Performance Computing Deployments
The Sun Blade X6440 is the first four-socket Server Module with enhanced Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors for use in the Sun Blade 6000 and 6048 Modular Systems. It offers up to double the memory (32 DIMM slots) and up to 2.5x the I/O capacity (142Gbps) of competing servers and is capable of easily handling compute, memory, and I/O intensive workloads such as HPC, virtualization, and enterprise class databases.
Sun Unified Storage Simulator on VMware
Configuration Walkthrough for Host Based Networking (PC and Mac)
If you have an interest in configuring the Sun Unified Storage Simulator for host based networking, then have a look at the Sun wiki on that subject. The page provides all the necessaries for installing and configuring the simulator using VMware Player for Windows (XP or higher) or VMware Fusion for Macintosh. As of 11/08, the simulator also will work with a future release of Virtual Box.
OpenSSO and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Two SDN Articles Address Single Sign On For SugarCRM and Salesforce CRM
Two separate SDN articles examine single sign-on (SSO) in Sun's open-source Web access management project OpenSSO and two customer relationship management (CRM) softwares - SugarCRM and Salesforce CRM. The first article explains a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based integration of OpenSSO and simpleSAMLphp, which is the front end for SugarCRM. The second article demonstrates how to federate Salesforce for SSO with OpenSSO.
Develop and Run JavaFX Applets and Apps Offline
The Eight How-to Steps for Debugging and Testing
These are the eight steps for developing and running JavaFX applets and applications for debugging and testing purposes. The basic requirements are that users must have Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 6 Update 10 (or later) installed on the local machine.
Two New Sun BluePrint Articles
Oracle's Siebel CRM 8 & Sun xVM VirtualBox
In early December, Sun released two new BluePrints. The first article describes the proof-of-concept solution and the scalability testing performed for Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 8 software. The second article introduces Sun xVM VirtualBox, highlighting key product features and benefits.
OpenSolaris's Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
RBAC Demystified
The "Understanding RBAC" blog provides a "Closer Look at Using OpenSolaris" by defining those "moving pieces" that can sometimes make Role Based Access Control or RBAC of OpenSolaris somewhat hard to comprehend.
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