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Sun MD Powers ChinaÂs Earthquake Readiness
Sun Donates Blackbox to CNDRC
Sun donated a Sun Modular Data Center (Sun MD/Blackbox) to the China National Disaster Reduction Center (CNDRC) to help “Chinese officials develop an early warning system for earthquakes, hoping to minimize the impact of temblors like the one that devastated Sinchuan province earlier this year.”
Replacing high-end Unix with enterprise Linux? Not so fast
Some customers are finding that they have a place for both and that Linux isn't necessarily an economic no-brainer
An article appearing in said: "Migrating from high-end Unix-based systems to commodity x86/Linux platforms has been a popular idea for the past few years, at least in theory. But it turns out that not everyone thinks going full-on with Linux is the best solution -- at least not yet."
Slides from November 2008 Solaris/Developer Days
Event Was Held in NYC and in Edison, NJ
Isaac, the UnixMan, Rozenfeld has posted the slides from an, "action-packed day of events held on 2 consecutive days in NYC and in lovely Edison, NJ."

  • Storage Product Update (25 slides)
  • Software Performance and Solaris Observability (11 slides)
  • Solaris 10 10/08 [Update 6] Highlights (60 slides)
  • xVM Server/OpsCenter Update (62 slides)
  • x64 Product Update (33 slides)"
  • xVM Desktop Virtualization (33 slides)
  • Zones & OpenSolaris Update (20 slides)
  • Cloud Computing Initiative (22 slides)

8 Presentations, 266 slides in total.

Solaris Cluster Support for the Netra T5440 and Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000
Solaris Cluster 3.1, 3.2 or 3.2 2/08
The Sun Netra T5440 is Sun's high-efficiency rack server platform based on the second generation of Chip Multi-threaded Technology (CMT) UltraSPARC T2 Plus processor. The Netra T5440 offers extreme reliability and high throughput, at the same time offering processor core, memory and I/O densities to enable expansion and flexibility. This makes is a great platform for mission-critical applications enabled by Solaris Cluster.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server is the latest addition to the M-series portfolio and brings extreme RAS, and extreme performance, in an ultra dense footprint at an entry-level price point. The mainframe-class reliability features of the M3000 and Solaris Cluster makes the combination a perfect solution for mission critical datacenter deployments.

Details of A MySQL Query Analyzer Use Case
How Clickability Obtained A 1.9x Performance Improvement
Jeff Freund, CTO of Clickability, has a success story that he shares with readers in his blog entitled "Details of our MySQL Query Analyzer Use Case."
Deploying MySQL Database in Solaris Cluster Environments
Provides a Mechanism for Fault Monitoring and Automatic Failover of the MySQL Database Service
Increased high availability is attainable, writes Ritu Kamboj, in his Sun BluePrints Online paper entitled "Deploying MySQL Database in Solaris Cluster Environments for Increased High Availability." Kamboj assumes that readers will have a basic understanding of Solaris Cluster and MySQL database installation and administration.
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server High Availability Reference Configurations for a Virtualized Environment
White Paper [pdf, 13 pages, 241kb]
Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2 includes advanced high availability features that enable enterprises to deploy GlassFish in business-critical environments. This white paper provides valuable insights into possible reference topologies that meet a variety of deployment needs from a high availability perspective in a virtualized environment.

IT departments are asked to deliver a continuous stream of new business services into a constrained, if not shrinking, IT budget. GlassFish, together with Solaris 10 Containers and Sun Fire T2000 servers, can enable IT departments to deliver these services under budget. GlassFish offers the cost-efficiency and productivity of open source products, while Solaris 10 Containers on Sun Fire T2000 servers minimize the number of manage nodes.

Sun Offers Enhancements to the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 Servers
Improved Motherboard, Hard Disk Expansion Options, Power Supply, and More
Sun has announced product enhancements to the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 Server platforms based on the Chip Multi-threaded Technology (CMT) UltraSPARC T2 processor. The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 CoolThreads servers based on the UltraSPARC T2 processor continue to enable IT groups to securely, reliably and eco-efficiently serve millions of new customers and communities while saving millions, through a virtualized, environmentally responsible data center infrastructure.
Performance Considerations For Developers Utilizing Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
Sun BluePrint Reviews Characteristics of M-Series; Making the Right Choice Made Easier
Patrick McGehearty has written a Sun BluePrints Online paper on "Performance Considerations for Developers Utilizing Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers."
Understanding ZFS: Compression
Remember the Options, Says Ben Rockwood
In a recent blog Ben Rockwood speaks to practitioners of bulk data archiving about the virtues of the compression capabilities built in to ZFS. His first point is that compression has a contribution to make in the area of I/O, as well as disk space.
Solution Brief: Enterprise Flash Technology
Higher Throughput Rates with a Lower Cost per IOPS
The Sun solution brief "Enterprise Flash Technology: Revolutionizing Enterprise Storage Infrastructure" explains how users can reduce the CPU-to-storage bottleneck by incorporating Flash technology in a new fast, low cost and rugged storage tier that can be combined with hard disk drives into an integrated, hybrid storage pool managed with Solaris ZFS that delivers massive capacity and enhanced performance.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 129 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 128 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, Vol 129 Issue 3, the top 10 articles were:

  • Jonathan Schwartz Video: Sun Aligns Business to Amplify Growth Opportunities (5:40) [20909]
  • Sun Analyst Series (SAS) 2008 - Videos and Slides Available [20898]
  • Success with OpenSolaris + ZFS + MySQL in Production [20874]
  • Jonathan Blogs on The Inside Story (Java, Microsoft and MySQL) [20890]
  • OpenSolaris 2008.11 pre-release [20864]
  • Sun Storage 7000 Management Software [20866]
  • White Paper: Rethink Storage with Sun Storage 7000 Systems [20868]
  • High Availability In The Datacenter [20808]
  • Three Wins for Sun Consellation System and Lustre File System [20906]
  • StarOffice 9 Software Release Includes Major Updates, Native Support for Mac OS X [20905]
    The Complete BuyerÂs Guide For Identity Management
    49-Page Guide
    Released in October 2008, the COMPLETE BUYER’S GUIDE for IDENTITY MANAGEMENT provides the information and tools to help you make the right decision when evaluating identity management solutions. Section one of the guide provides a business primer which examines the role of identity management. Section two provides decision-making tools for business needs and the technology environment.
    Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture (20-page Blueprint)
    Principles and Characteristics of a New Architectural Approach -- by Joel Weise
    Sun has posted a new Blueprint by by Joel Weise. The intro says, "Security threats can reduce the functionality, performance, availability, and integrity of IT systems. These systemic qualities are critical — so much so that they are typically instantiated formally into Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In IT environments, the desire is to reduce potential security threats at least to the degree by which SLAs can be satisfied. This article discusses the principles and characteristics of a new architectural approach -- adaptive security -- which is based in part on the concepts and principles of complex adaptive systems."
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